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Love Hina

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Love Hina is a manga series by Ken Akamatsu that was serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine with an anime series by the studio Xebec.

Bathing Scenes

October 21st, 1998 "Love Hina/Chapter 001"
Love Hina ch 1 5.jpg
Keitaro Urashima decides to take a bath in the Hot Spring in the back of Hinata House as he was trying to look for his grandmother. While he bathes in the hot spring with a Wash Cloth on his head, Naru Narusegawa appears for the first time stepping into the hot spring naked while holding a Towel. As Keitaro first meets her, Narusegawa mistakes Keitaro for being Mitsune Konno since her vision wasn't good since she had her glasses off. Naru then tries to bond with Keitaro thinking its Mitsune, and discuss that her breasts are getting bigger and then playful grabs Keitaro but then feels his erection noticing that she is not with Kitsune. Narusegawa then puts glasses on to see that Keitaro is a man and then screams while Keitaro quickly runs out of the hot spring putting a towel on. As Keitaro runs back into the changing room, he runs face first into Mitsune Konno's breasts while she was wearing a towel on getting ready to head into the hot spring. Afterwards, he runs into a laundry basket and runs out of the changing room where he gets chased by all the girls through Hinata House.
October 28th, 1998 "Love Hina/Chapter 002"
Love Hina ch 002 12.jpg
There is an Onsen scene.
November 11th, 1998 "Love Hina/Chapter 004"
Love Hina ch 004.jpg
Keitaro Urashima has a flashback of the time he saw Shinobu Maehara naked while Bathing in the Hot Spring back in chapter 2. This specific shot wasn't in the actual scene he was flashbacking to and was previously an Off Screen moment only he saw.
November 25th, 1998 "Love Hina/Chapter 006"
Love Hina ch 006 6.jpg
There is an Onsen scene with Motoko Aoyama and Kaolla Su.
Before April 16th, 1999 "Love Hina/Chapter 012"
Love Hina ch 012 06.jpg
There is a Mixed Bathing Onsen scene with Swimsuits.
Before April 16th, 1999 "Love Hina/Chapter 014"
Love Hina ch 014 1.jpg
There is an Onsen scene with Shinobu Maehara and Naru Narusegawa.

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Love Hina (anime)

Opening Credits

Keitaro Urashima falls off of a Mecha-Tama while Clothed into the Hot Spring that Mitsune Konno, Kaolla Su, Naru Narusegawa, Shinobu Maehara and Motoko Aoyama are bathing in. Keitaro is seen trying to apologize to Shinobu who is running away but gets hit by the wind blast from Motoko's sword, then gets kicked by Kaolla Su and then finally punched into the sky by Naru.

Episode 1

When Keitaro Urashima finds that the Hinata Apartments has a Hot Spring he decides to start bathing in it while only wearing a Towel. In the bath he ends up meeting Naru Narusegawa who doesn't have her contacts on and mistakes Keitaro for her friend Mitsune Konno. When Naru finds out that shes actually bathing with a guy, she freaks out dragging Keitaro around the Hot Spring and eventually kicking him into the changing room where Mistune is shown in only a towel intending to take a bath but then helps Naru chase Keitaro out instead. Later on after the girls are aware that he is the new manager, Keitaro does various chores around the house to try to make them appreciate him while one of them was cleaning the outdoor bath. While cleaning the outdoor bath he is daydreaming that Naru is coming out in only a towel likely to get ready to bathe. At the end of the episode Keitaro is seen bathing in the newly found males bath of the Hinata Apartments which is a wooden bathtub on a balcony on the side of the building. Keitaro looks out the balcony and is able to see the Hot Spring which Naru happens to be bathing in at the time. She gets mad at Keitaro for Peeping at her and manages to hit him from that far away sending him flying off.


Mitsune Konna, Shinobu Maehara, Naru Narusegawa, Kaolla Su, and Motoko Aoyama are shown bathing in a Hot Spring while wearing pink towels.

Episode 2

Haruka Urashima, Mitsune Konno and Naru Narusegawa are bathing in a Hot Spring while wearing Towels. When Mitsune gets out, Haruka looks over and sees that Naru is looking at Keitaro Urashima's sketch book.

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  • This episode is unaired and only included on DVD releases.

Love Hina Christmas Special

Love Hina Again

Opening Credits

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Love Hina: Special Project


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