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List of Bathing Scenes from 1997

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This is a chronologic listing of bathing scenes that appeared in anime, manga and other related media in the year 1997.


January 5th, 1997 "Hana Yori Dango/Episode 17"
Hana Yori Dango 17 04.jpg
There is a Bubble Bath scene.
January 7th, 1997 "Martian Successor Nadesico episode 15"
There is a Steam Bath scene.
January 10th, 1997 "Eat-Man/Episode 1"
Eat-Man 1 2.png
Culenne Garbo takes a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub.
January 10th, 1997 "Adventures of Kotetsu/Episode 2"
Adventures of Kotetsu 2 23.png
Adventures of Kotetsu 2 44.png
At an Onsen, Tatsuya Mikado is seen bathing on the males side of the Hot Spring. Over on the girls side, Linn Suzuki is bathing in the hot spring with Miho Kuon. While messing around and annoying Miho, Kotetsu gets Bath Kicked by her which causes her to stumble back and accidentally break the barrier separating the males side where she ends up appearing naked in front of Mikado who ends up getting a nosebleed from it causing him to pass out with an erection.

Later that night, he gets back in the hot spring where Kagari disguised as Kotetsu begins to seductively bathe with him. The real Kotetsu gets into the hot spring over on the girls side where she meets back up with Oni Azami. Kotetsu and Azami end up seeing the fake Kotetsu over the fence to find that it is really Kagari who then reveals her true form ending up clothed in the bath and then pushes Mikado to the side where he once again gets a nosebleed and passes out with an erection. Kotetsu gets a spa robe on a begins to battle Kagari throughout the whole resort.

January 15th, 1997 "Rurouni Kenshin/Episode 35"
Rurouni Kenshin 35 1.png
Makoto Shishio has a Bath in a Hot Spring.
January 21st, 1997 "Master of Mosquiton/Episode 3"
Master of Mosquiton 3 2.jpg
Inaho Hitomebore takes a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub.


February unknown date, 1997 "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Girlfriend of Steel"
There is an Onsen scene.
February 11th, 1997 "Saber Marionette J episode 19"
Saber Marionette J-39.jpg
There is a Bath scene.
February 21st, 1997 "Master of Mosquiton episode 4"
Master of Mosquiton 4.jpg
Inaho Hitomebore takes a Bath.
February 21st, 1997 "Hurricane Polymar: Holy Blood episode 2"
Hurricane Polymar Holy Blood 2 3.png
There is a Shower scene and a Skinny Dipping scene.
February 23rd, 1997 "Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo episode 29"
There is a Public Bath scene.
February 25th, 1997 "Martian Successor Nadesico/Episode 22"
There is a Public Bath scene.


March 4th, 1997 "Martian Successor Nadesico/Episode 23"
There is a Bath scene.
March 21st, 1997 "Zenki OVA"
There is a bathing scene.
March 21st, 1997 "El Hazard: The Magnificent World 2 episode 1"
El Hazard Magnificent World 2 1 1.png
There is a Skinny Dipping scene in the ending credits.
March 23rd, 1997 "Hana Yori Dango/Episode 28"
Hana Yori Dango 28 09.jpg
There is a Bubble Bath scene.
March 26th, 1997 "Jungle de Ikou! episode 1"
There is a Bath scene.
March 28th, 1997 "Idol Project/Episode 3"
Idol Project 3 11.jpg
Corvette Hiyards is shown Skinny Dipping in a lake and then taking a Bubble Bath and a Shower at the same time. She was apparently doing some sort of bath commercial due to the fact that there was a crowd with camera's shooting and it was a set. Her bath was crashed into by Mimu who was using a jetpack which pushed the bath high into the sky. Mimu was then shown with her face in between Corvette's breasts and tried to escape the bath but Corvette kept holding onto her until Mimu used the jetpack again to escape.


April 19th, 1997 "Jigoku Sensei Nube/Episode 40"
Izuna Hazuki has a bath scene.
April 23rd, 1997 "Maze episode 4"
There is a Skinny Dipping scene.
April 25th, 1997 "Hyper Police episode 4"
Hyper Police 4 4.jpg
There is a Bath scene.
April 25th, 1997 "Agent Aika/Opening Credits"
Agent Aika Intro.png
Aika Sumeragi is shown naked Skinny Dipping in the ocean while Standing with the wind blowing in her direction. At first it shows a blank night sky but then a lit city appears in front of her.
April 25th, 1997 "Agent Aika/Episode 1"
Agent Aika 1 2.png
At night in Aika Sumeragi's trailer, she is seen taking a Shower panning from her buttocks all the way up to her head where she has her eyes closed and hands on her hair. She then opens her eyes and puts her hand out to turn the shower off. She comes out of the bathroom wearing a pink Towel and then sits on her bed with her legs crossed. She then gets up and opens her closet where she goes up to the ultranate golden bustier in there and then drops her towel as the screen fades to black.
April 30th, 1997 "Haunted Junction episode 5"
Haunted Junction5.jpg
At the end of the episode, everyone looks at a picture showing what Haruto Houjou (the protagonist) was doing the other night to that kept him from sleeping. He apparently was watching something on TV that a girl is Leg Stretching while taking a Bubble Bath. It is likely this may have been a bath commercial of some sort.


May 16th, 1997 "Kodomo no Omocha episode 58"
Kodocha58 3.jpg
There is an Onsen scene.
May 17th, 1997 "Cutie Honey Flash/Episode 11"
Cutie Honey Flash 11 1.png
There is a Shower scene.
May 21st, 1997 "Knights of Ramune episode 1"
There is a Shower scene.
May 25th, 1997 "El Hazard: The Magnificent World 2 episode 2"
El Hazard Magnificent World 2 2 3.png
There is a Skinny Dipping scene.


June 14th, 1997 "Cutie Honey Flash/Episode 15"
Cutie Honey Flash 15 3.png
Honey Kisaragi has an accidental clothed Shower scene.
June 15th, 1997 "Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo episode 45"
There is a Public Bath scene.


July 6th, 1997 "Hana Yori Dango/Episode 43"
Hana Yori Dango 43 18.jpg
There is an Onsen scene.
July 12th, 1997 "Cutie Honey Flash: The Movie"
Cutie Honey Flash Movie 5.png
Honey Kisaragi has a Shower scene.
July 16th, 1997 "Maze episode 15"
There is a Hot Spring scene.
July 19th, 1997 "End of Evangelion"
End of Evangelion 14.png
Rei Ayanami has several bathing-like scenes.
July 23rd, 1997 "Revolutionary Girl Utena/Episode 17"
Revolutionary Girl Utena 17 1.png
Juri Arisugawa takes a Shower of Angst.
July 24th, 1997 "Voogie's Angel/Episode 1"
Voogie's Angel 1 03.jpg
Merrybell takes a Bubble Bath.


August 2nd, 1997 "Tenchi the Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness"
There is a Bath scene.
August 5th, 1997 "Perfect Blue/Film"
Perfect Blue 2.png
There is a Bath scene with Mima Kirigoe.
August 13th, 1997 "Dragon Ball GT episode 55"
Vegeta takes a Shower.
August 19th, 1997 "Tenchi In Tokyo episode 21"
There is a Flashback Bathing Scene of Ryoko Hakubi, Mihoshi Kuramitsu and Kiyone Makibi.
August 26th, 1997 "Pokémon/Episode 022"
Pokemon 022 5.jpg
Satoshi searches an abandoned house's Ofuro and ends up seeing a woman taking a Bubble Bath in the Drop-In Bathtub. He turns away and apologizes but Pikachu points to the Mirror and notices that the lady is really a doll. Kasumi and Takeshi come into the Changing Room to tell Satoshi that they are in a dollhouse just as Natsume pulls off the roof of the dollhouse and tries the grab the group just as the run off.


September 1st, 1997 "Kindaichi Case Files episode 22"
Kindaichi Case Files 22 6.png
Natsuyo Ogata is seen dead in a Blood Bath Clothed inside of a Clawfoot Bathtub.


October 1st, 1997 "Revolutionary Girl Utena/Episode 27"
Revolutionary Girl Utena 27 1.png
Nanami Kiryuu takes a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub.
October 9th, 1997 "Those Who Hunt Elves II episode 2"
There is a Public Bath scene.
October 14th, 1997 "Rurouni Kenshin episode 63"
Rurouni Kenshin 63.png
There is a Waterfall Shower scene.
October 15th, 1997 "Berserk episode 2"
In a Nightmare that Guts has, Gambino is seen naked and blood bursts out of him giving both Guts and himself a Blood Shower while Guts gets attacked by a demon.
October 24th, 1997 "Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge/Episode 3"
Night Warriors 3 5.png
Morrigan Aensland has a Skinny Dipping scene.
October 24th, 1997 "Welcome to Pia Carrot episode 1"
There is a Shower scene.
October 25th, 1997 "Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team/Episode 07"
Gundam 08th MS Team 7 4.png
Aina Sahalin and Shiro Amada bathe together in a Hot Spring.
October 25th, 1997 "Battle Athletes episode 3"
Battle Athletes02-07.jpg
There is a Bath scene.
October 28th, 1997 "Pokémon/Episode 031"
Pokemon 31 2.png
Kasumi Yawa, Takeshi and Satoshi bathe in a Hot Spring wearing Swimsuits. Kasumi says that she can't understand why the Pokémon wouldn't come out of their Poké Balls. Pikachu points to one of the Diglett, who had just stuck its head out of the ground, and Satoshi, Kasumi and Takeshi stand up in their swimwear.
October 29th, 1997 "Berserk/Episode 04"
Berserk 4 2.png
Griffith is seen having a Furo session by pouring buckets of water from a well on himself and later engages in a playful Splash Fight with Guts.
October 29th, 1997 "Revolutionary Girl Utena/Episode 31"
Touga Kiryuu takes a Shower. Nanami Kiryuu mentions to herself when she used to take Baths with him.


November 7th, 1997 "Starship Troopers"
There is a Mixed Bathing Shower Room scene.
November 8th, 1997 "One Piece/Chapter 013"
One Piece ch 13.jpg
As Chouchou is being beaten up protecting his deceased owner Hocker's pet food store from an attack by the lion Ritchie of the Buggy Pirates, he has several Flashbacks of his memories with Hocker running the pet food store. One of the moments was a panel of both of them taking a Bath together in a wooden Barrel with Wash Cloths on their heads with Hocker resting both his arms on the edge happily saying that they sold 100 boxes of food today.
November 11th, 1997 "Rurouni Kenshin/Episode 66"
Rurouni Kenshin 66 1.png
Kamiya Kaoru has a Bath scene.
November 19th, 1997 "Revolutionary Girl Utena/Episode 34"
Revolutionary Girl Utena 34 2.png
The shadow girls are seen sharing a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub.
November 21st, 1997 "Photon/Episode 1"
There is a Mixed Bathing scene with Keyne Acqua and Photon Earth.
November 22nd, 1997 "Superman: The Animated Series/Episode 37"
Superman TAS 37 2.jpg
Maxima is tended to by her Servants while she bathes in a Jacuzzi.


December 1st, 1997 "Detatoko Princess episode 1"
Detatoko Princess-02.jpg
There is a Bath scene.
December 2nd, 1997 "Master of Mosquiton '99/Episode 11"
Master of Mosquiton 99 11 08.jpg
Inaho Hitomebore has a Milk Bath in a Flat Bathtub.
December 10th, 1997 "Revolutionary Girl Utena/Episode 37"
Revolutionary Girl Utena 37.png
Utena Tenjou takes a Shower.
December 11th, 1997 "Cho Mashin Hero Wataru/Episode 11"
Cho Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru 11 14.jpg
There is a Hot Spring scene.
December 17th, 1997 "Dr. Slump episode 4"
Dr. Slump 1997 4 6.png
There is a Bubble Bath scene with Gatchan, Senbei Norimaki and Arale Norimaki.
December 18th, 1997 "Sakura Taisen: Ouka Kenran episode 1"
Sakura Shinguji has a Furo scene where she is pouring water from the Hinoki Bathtub onto herself while wearing a Bathing Gown.
December 22nd, 1997 "Photon/Episode 2"
There is a Mixed Bathing scene with Keyne Acqua and Photon Earth. Later on, Aun Freya takes a Bath in a well.
December 24th, 1997 "Berserk/Episode 12"
Berserk 12 11.png
Griffith does Skinny Dipping Angst Bathing after he becomes a prostitute to make money, clawing at his arms until they bleed when washing himself. He only stops when Casca tearfully embraces him from behind.


Before April 1997 "Excel Saga/Chapter 004"
Excel Saga ch 4 2.jpg
Hyatt wakes up in a Bath clothed.
June unknown date, 1997 "Pokémon Picture Book/Volume 4"
Pikachu's Day.jpg
After eating dinner, Pikachu takes a Bath before going to bed.
Before August 8th, 1997 "Pocket Monsters Special/Chapter 010"
Tentacool bathing.png
A newspaper Red is reading mentions a story where A takes an Off Screen Bath with her Tentacool and claims that is the last bath she will ever take with it since she got shocked.
November unknown date, 1997 "Cotton 2: Magical Night Dreams"
Cotton 2 Magical Night Dreams.jpg
Among the various pieces of artwork seen during the games ending credits, one of them is of Nata de Cotton holding a tea Cup that Silk is bathing in.

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