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This is a chronologic listing of Bathing scenes that appeared in anime, manga and other related media in the year 1989.

January 1st, 1989 "Top wo Nerae! episode 4"
Gunbuster 4 4.png
There is a Shower Room scene showing Kazumi Amano, Jung Freud and other unnamed girls in Shower Stalls. Noriko Takaya is seen exiting the shower room in a Towel implying that she had a Shower Off Screen.
February 5th, 1989 "Crusher Joe OVA episode 1"
Crusher Joe OVA 3.png
While Alfin is swimming, she unofficially Skinny Dips when her Swimsuit gets pulled off by Ricky which then she covers her breasts and gets mad at him.
March 15th, 1989 "Dragon Ball episode 149"
Dragon Ball 149 7.png
Uranui Baba has an Onsen scene which Chi-Chi attempts to join.
April 15th, 1989 "Ranma ½ episode 1"
Ranma 1 10.png
There is bathing scenes with Genma Saotome, Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo.
April 21st, 1989 "Doraemon (1979) episode 1022"
Shizuka Minamoto has a Bath scene.
April 22nd, 1989 "Ranma ½ episode 2"
Ranma Saotome and Genma Saotome have a Bath scene.
April 28th, 1989 "Cleopatra D.C. episode 1"
Cleopatra DC 1 2.png
Cleopatra Corns has a Furo scene with Suen.
May, 1989 "Uncanny X-Men chapter 244"
Uncanny X-Men ch 244 1.jpg
Betsy Braddock takes a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub but Ororo Munroe falls through the window and lands clothed into the Bathtub with her.
May 3rd, 1989 "Dragon Ball Z episode 2"
There is a Flashback Bathing Scene of Son Goku as a baby is shown as he is struggling while his adopted grandfather Son Gohan tries to bathe him in a small Washtub.
May 6th, 1989 "Ranma ½ episode 4"
Ranma 4 18.png
Ranma Saotome has a Dream Sequence Bathing scene where Tatewaki Kuno and Genma Saotome end up appearing in bathing.
May 20th, 1989 "Ranma ½ episode 6"
Ranma 6 1.png
Akane Tendo has a Bath.
June 17th, 1989 "Ranma ½ episode 9"
Ranma 9 7.png
Ranma Saotome has a Furo scene with P-chan who is revealed to actually be Ryouga Hibiki.
June 28th, 1989 "Hades Project Zeorymer episode 2"
There is a Bath scene.
July 1st, 1989 "Ranma ½ episode 10"
Ranma 10 8.png
The bathing scene between Ranma Saotome and Ryouga Hibiki continues from the previous episode.
July 5th, 1989 "Dragon Ball Z episode 10"
Son Gohan is seen Skinny Dipping in a messy lake during a rain storm to catch a fish to eat.
July 7th, 1989 "Top wo Nerae! episode 5"
Gunbuster 5 1.png
Noriko Takaya takes a Bath.
July 15th, 1989 "Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone"
Son Goku has a Skinny Dipping scene.
July 15th, 1989 "Mobile Suit SD Gundam's Counterattack"
SD Gundam Counterattack 5.png
Haman Karn has a Bath scene.
July 15th, 1989 "Ranma ½ episode 11"
Ranma 11 3.png
Soun Tendo takes a Bath and is joined by Ryouga Hibiki. Later on Akane Tendo takes a bath.
August 2nd, 1989 "Dragon Ball Z episode 14"
Dragon Ball Z 14 2.png
Son Goku bathes in a Hot Spring at the palace of the Snake Princess. The snake princess who was planning to eat him had her minions in a control room increasing the temperature of his bath to boil him alive but it wasn't enough to take him out and finished his bath by walking out naked causing her too blush noting that he has an excellent body.
August 14th, 1989 "Ahiru no Quack episode 20"
Franz Ferdinand has a Bath scene.
September 28th, 1989 "Megazone 23 episode 3"
There is a Shower scene.
November 10th, 1989 "Doraemon (1979) episode 1053"
Shizuka Minamoto has a Furo scene.
November 14th, 1989 "The Little Mermaid"
Ariel takes a Bubble Bath.
November 24th, 1989 "Cleopatra D.C. episode 2"
There is a Skinny Dipping scene.
December 1st, 1989 "Ranma ½ episode 24"
There is a Bath scene between Ranma Saotome and Shampoo. Later on, Shampoo has a Furo session in front of him revealing that she has a transformation curse.

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