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This is a chronologic listing of bathing scenes that appeared in anime, manga and other related media in the year 1987.

January 7th, 1987 "Maison Ikkoku episode 41"
There is a Public Bath scene.
January 14th, 1987 "Dragon Ball episode 46"
Son Goku goes Skinny Dipping in the Ocean.
January 16th, 1987 "Doraemon (1979) episode 899"
There is a Shower scene with Shizuka Minamoto.
January 21st, 1987 "Dragon Ball episode 47"
Son Goku goes Skinny Dipping in the Ocean.
March 21st, 1987 "Laughing Target"
Laughing Target 2.png
There is a Bubble Bath scene and a Shower scene.
March 29th, 1987 "Hiatari Ryoko! episode 1"
Their is a Furo scene.
April 10th, 1987 "Doraemon (1979) episode 911"
There is a Bath scene with Shizuka Minamoto.
May 6th, 1987 "Dragon Ball episode 61"
Taopaipai takes a Bath.
May 21st, 1987 "Project A-ko 2: Plot of the Daitokuji Financial Group"
B-ko has a fantasy about C-ko playing in her mansion's bath, doing some Bubble Blowing and playing with a Rubber Duck.
May 25th, 1987 "City Hunter episode 8"
There is a Shower scene at the end.
June 13th, 1987 "Saint Seiya episode 33"
Shunrei goes Skinny Dipping in a river.
June 17th, 1987 "Maison Ikkoku episode 62"
There is an Onsen scene.
June 28th, 1987 "Black Magic M-66"
The star character Sybel is introduced while getting out of the shower.
July 1st, 1987 "New Cream Lemon episode 5"
Bunny approaches a river clothed. She spreads her arms in joy and it cuts away to a guy with animal ears wearing cool shades. When it cuts back to Bunny, her hands are initially seen scooping water out of the stream. As the shot widens, it shows she has removed her suit and is Skinny Dipping in the river. She then throws the water up in the air, Splashing it up into a shower that falls down on her.
July 31st, 1987 "Appleseed chapter 16"
There is a Public Bath scene.
August 5th, 1987 "Ranma ½ chapter 1"
Ranma Saotome has a Furo scene.
August 5th, 1987 "Maison Ikkoku episode 69"
Kyoko Otonashi has a Skinny Dipping scene.
August 12th, 1987 "Ranma ½ chapter 2"
Akane Tendo has a Furo scene.
September 6th, 1987 "Red Photon Zillion episode 17"
Zillion 17 3.png
A hotel gets shot at in an attack by the Nohza and a Clawfoot Bathtub that an unnamed female was taking a Bath in falls to the ground. The girl frightened from the passing Nohza mechs, screams and runs out of the tub completely naked fleeing the battlefield.
October 4th, 1987 "Red Photon Zillion episode 21"
Zillion 21 1.png
The episode begins with Champ taking a Shower.
October 7th, 1987 "Dragon Ball episode 82"
Son Goku goes Skinny Dipping.
October 30th, 1987 "Sanjushi episode 4"
Sanjushi 4 4.png
Aramis takes a Bath in a Washtub.
November 1st, 1987 "The Samurai"
There is a Bath scene.
November 28th, 1987 "Relic Armor Legaciam"
Relic Armor Legaciam 7.png
Alcia Grace takes a Bath in a Flat Slipper Bathtub.
December 4th, 1987 "Sanjushi episode 8"
Sanjushi 8 5.png
A baby is given a Bath in a Washtub and later on Aramis bathes in a washtub.
December 5th, 1987 "Saint Seiya episode 57"
Saga Gemini takes a royal Bath.
December Unknown Date, 1987 "Lupin III: The Fuma Conspiracy"
There is an Onsen scene with some unnamed female bathers.

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