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This is a chronologic listing of bathing scenes that appeared in anime, manga and other related media in the year 1974.

Date Anime Episode or Movie/Manga Chapter
January 5th, 1974 "Cutie Honey episode 13"
Cutie Honey 13 8.png
Honey Kisaragi is seen bathing in a Hot Spring.
January 17th, 1974 "Dororon Enma-kun episode 15"
Dororon Enma-kun 15 2.png
Enma-kun is given a Bath in a Barrel by Yukiko-Hime.
February 9th, 1974 "Cutie Honey episode 18"
Cutie Honey 18 2.png
Danbei Hayami bathes in a Hot Spring near the bottom of a volcano during Honey Kisaragi's fight against Coral Claw. When Coral Claw heats up the volcano more, Danbei gets too hot and flees the volcano naked. Later during the fight, Honey ends up going into the hot spring clothed.
February 23rd, 1974 "Cutie Honey episode 20"
Cutie Honey 20 1.png
Danbei Hayami is shown Skinny Dipping.
March 7th, 1974 "Dororon Enma-kun episode 22"
Dororon Enma-kun 22 6.png
Tsutomu ends up having a clothed Shower and Yukiko-Hime has a Bath.
March 14th, 1974 "Dororon Enma-kun episode 23"
Dororon Enma-kun 23 2.png
There is a Hot Spring scene.
April 1st, 1974 "Cutie Honey volume 2"
Honey Kisaragi has two Skinny Dipping scenes and two bath scenes.
April 15th, 1974 "Majokko Megu-chan episode 3"
Majokko Megu-chan 3 6.png
Megu Kanzaki has a Reverse Furo scene where she is first seen taking a Bubble Bath and then has a Shower. After she weighs herself on the bathroom scale in a Towel and then gets Peeped at by Rabi Kanzaki, which causes her to accidentally drops her towel.
May 26th, 1974 "Science Ninja Team Gatchaman episode 87"
There is a Shower scene.
September 2nd, 1974 "Majokko Megu-chan episode 23"
Majokko Megu-chan 23 17.png
Chou has a Shower scene. Later on he rigs Megu Kanzaki's Clawfoot Bathtub with wheels just before she comes home to take a Bubble Bath in it. As she has a Bath in it, the tub starts shaking and then rams out of the bathroom wall and automatically drives through the street while Megu is still in it naked where a few people end up seeing her. As it bumps on a corner, Megu drops her bar of Soap. Non Hibiki who happened to be around, uses some magic to get a Swimsuit over to Megu. After she gets it on, all the bathwater is out of the tub which it then rams into Non, getting her into the tub as it continues along leading to Chou's lair.
September 30th, 1974 "Majokko Megu-chan episode 27"
Majokko Megu-chan 27 3.png
In a Flashback Bathing Scene, Mammi Kanzaki is having a Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub, when Apo Kanzaki attempts to get in with her but is rejected by Mammi.
October 18th, 1974 "Hurricane Polymar episode 3"
Hurricane Polymar 3 2.png
Teru Nanba takes a Shower.

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