Ling Xiaoyu

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Ling Xiaoyu
Rin Shaoyū
Gender Female
Series Tekken
Taken 1 Shower
Bathed In Public Bath
Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub (stood in for shower)
Bathed with {{{Bathed with}}}
Situations Angst Bathing
Turning Off Shower
Towel Drying Hair
High Towel Wearing
Accessories Used Filth
Shower Head
Shower Curtain

Ling Xiaoyu is a character from the Tekken franchise.

Bathing Scenes

Tekken 4

During her opening story, one of the still images was of her in a Public Bath after training.


Tekken: Blood Vengeance

While staying in a room in Lee Chaolan's mansion, she is seen depressed taking a Shower behind a Shower Curtain that is over a Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub.

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