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Kodomo no Jikan is a series that began in manga form in 2005, the manga has amassed 11 volumes and is still ongoing.

It was first animated in late 2007, with a September OVA episode titled "Recess Time '~The Thing You Gave to Me". A 12-episode first season that ran from October to December. The OVA episode was later detailed as having taken place between episodes 4 and 5, making it episode 4.5.

In 2008, a 1.5 compilation summarizing the events of the first season, called "Rin's Classroom Diary", was released to depict the events in a condensed format to prepare for an upcoming sequel.

Another OVA ("Kuro-chan and Shiro-chan") was released in January 2009, preceding the 2nd season trilogy.

Animation continued in 2009, with the second season of the anime having only 3 episodes this time. The episodes were released in February, April and July. The January OVA takes place between the first and second episode of season 2.

In 2011, one more OVA was also released called "Kodomo no Natsu Jikan" (summer time).

Not counting the summary movie, this means there are 18 unique animated adaptations: 13 (1+12) in season 1 and 5 (1+3+1) in season 2.

A light novel adaptation was also released in 2012.

Kodomo no Jikan (manga)

Chapter 5

2 pages at the end of ch5 - rin

Chapter 10

last half of ch10 - all 3

Chapter 11

mid ch11 - rin reiji

Chapter 20

ch20 cover, but nothing else:

Chapter 24

mid ch24 - kagami dream?

Chapter 31

end of ch31 - rin reiji

Chapter 38

ch38 bath house - all 3

Chapter 43

mid ch43 - kagami

Chapter 44

end ch44 - rin showerhead

Chapter 56

mid ch56 - hoin chika

Chapter 57

ch57 - shirai

Chapter 60

ch60 - rin color

Chapter 63

mid ch63 - rin aoki

Chapter 64

ch64 - rin kagami

Chapter 71

end ch71 -rin

Chapter 74

ch74 - rin aoki hotel

Chapter 76

ch76 - rin

Chapter 77

ch77 - everyone - onsen

Kodomo no Jikan (anime)

OAD 1 (Episode 4.5)

At 11:20 in the September 2007 OVA, the star character Rin Kokonoe's elder cousin Reiji Kokonoe suggests that Usa Mimi have a bath after milk is accidentally spilled on her. Rin and their friend Kagami Kuro bathe with her.

Rin wants to shampoo Mimi's hair, but they are out of shampoo, so Rin asks Reiji for some, carelessly opening the door so he can see everything.

The trio of friends then goof around, playing pretend in the tub through creative use of their manes of long hair.

Episode 2

At 21:05 Rin Kokonoe is taking a bath, and she opens the door and Reiji Kokonoe sees her.

Episode 6

8:15 has a flashback of Rin Kokonoe and her elder cousin Reiji Kokonoe bathing with one another while Rin's mother Aki Kokonoe overhears Reiji protesting Rin's curious actions. Once out of the tub, Reiji is seen with a towel around his neck.

Episode 7

Daisuke Aoki's fellow teacher Kyouko Houin plans an outdoor field trip for several of the classes. In the second half of the episode (11:45), the students and teachers are shown taking a Group Bath, segregated by gender.

Kuro proposes the idea of going to peep on Aoki-sensei and the boys (mostly for Rin's benefit).

Meanwhile in the boys' bath, a couple of the boys are discussing plans to go peep on Houin-sensei (nicknamed "Boing sensei" because of her generous pectoral endowments). Aoki-sensei catches them in their plotting though. Reflecting on how boys tend to peep, he goes to put his towel away and comes across the three girls.

Rin escapes first, with Kuro in close pursuit. Mimi lags behind, being the slowest, and trips on the way out.

Episode 9

At 7:26 during a short scene, Rin is bathing (but not playing) with her Rubber Duck while thinking about Houin-sensei. Staring at fog on the glass, she wipes it off with her hand to look at herself. She is sad and self-conscious because she is not as endowed as Houin is. Then it cuts back to the rubber duck floating there by itself, and cuts to black. In previous bath scenes, Rid would be holding her duck, thus her letting go of it may signify her discomfort with what it represents in her, and how that aspect is perceived to interfere with what she wants.

OAD 4 (Episode 18)

18:43 Houin surprises Chika Aoki in the bath. Due to Houin having drunkenly kissed her in bed the previous night (though only Chika seems to remember), she is quite unsettled by the freaky city girl Houin's intrusion.

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