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Karin is a series also known as Chibi Vampire in North America. It is about a girl named Karin Maaka who is a vampire.

Karin (anime)

Episode 14

Karin Maaka and Maki Tokitou bathe together. Anju Maaka suddenly appears in the Bath with them telling them that their mother made dinner.

Episode 16

There is a Bubble Bath scene between Karin Maaka and Elda Maaka.

Episode 18

Episode 20

Karin Maaka takes a Bubble Bath with Anju Maaka and Shampoos her hair.

Episode 23

Karin Maaka takes a Shower and Elda Maaka takes a Bubble Bath afterwards.

Episode 24

Elda Maaka has a Mandi Bunga.

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