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The 2008 anime series based on a 2006 manga series based on a 2005 light novel series.

Kanokon (anime)

Episode 2

Kouta Oyamada is seen bathing by himself 16m15s into the episode. He is reflecting on what Nozomu Ezomori had said to him earlier and how Chizuru Minamoto was upset about it.

Then he hears someone call out that they're coming in. The door is slide open and feet are seen. Chizuru walks in and Kouta stands up in surprise, causing her to blush and gawk, as she is wearing a towel, but he is not.

She asks him to come out of the bath, and he shakes his head, getting some slightly less warm water on her. Complaining about getting a cold, she dips a bucket in his bath water and pours it on herself, causing Kouta to blush and gape more heavily.

She then climbs into the bath with him. He attempts to get out, saying it's cramped, but Chizuru holds him and prevents him from exiting, saying he'll get a cold. Suddenly the door is heard opening again and the patter of small feet as a pair of legs are seen framing Chizuru and Kouta in the distance.

As a drumroll plays a military marching theme, Nozomu Ezomori is standing there, shrouded in steam (and not wearing any towels as Chizuru was). Responding to Chizuru's accusations about her nudity, Nozomu accuses them of being in an obscene situation, to which Chizuru replies that this is to be expected.

Chizuru is eventually so angered by Nozomu's comments that, her towel falling off as she exits the bath, the fox girl attacks the wolf girl, and Kouta is disturbed by their battle. They argue about who has the best appearance and try to get him to settle the argument, but he has passed out, blowing bloody bubbles in the bath as he passes out.

and then Kouta died

Episode 3

A bath scene with Chizuru Minamoto opens the episode. Nozomu paying an unexpected visit to Chizuru’s house. Since Chizuru is in the bath, her brother Tayura answers the door.

Episode 11

Chizuru Minamoto has a Shower.

Kanokon Specials

These were a series of 13 short videos bundled with the DVD release of the TV series.

Episode 5

The first short bundled with the third DVD

This focuses on Akane Asahina and she is seen withour her usual Glasses while taking a bath with a Rubber Duck (in a fixed shot) as well as having a Furo session (in a shot that pans from bottom to top)

Episode 7

The first short bundled with the fourth DVD

This is a hot spring short featuring 2 unidentified black-haired girls in kimonos. They are then shown crouching holding buckets for the hot spring, and the taller one chases the shorter one around (probably sisters)

The older woman is probably Tamamo (short for Tamamo-no-Mae) who is Chizuru's mother. She never appeared in the TV series but was introduced in the third volume of the novels where she manages the Tama no Yu hot springs. She is also mother to Chizuru's little brother Tayura Minamoto.

The girl with her is not Chizuru though, as Chizuru and Tamamo (in their blonde-haired fox forms) are seen along with her at the end. She is probably an employee at the hot springs.

Her name is Hanadai Yukino but that is an alias and her real name is Yukihana. She is a snow ninja woman.

Episode 9

The first short bundled with the 5th DVD

This focuses on the red-haired Nanao twins (sisters Ren Nanao and Ai Nanao) and they are shown bathing under a Waterfall halfway through it. The one with her ponytail on her left side (the right side of the picture) is standing and holding her stomach (which is saying "Guu!" indicating hunger) with both hands, while the one with her ponytail on her right side (on the left side of the picture) is crouching over in the water with her right arm supporting her while holding her stomach with her left arm.

They are then shown Skinny Dipping underwater with fish and then getting dressed back up in their ninja garbs. As the picture scrolls left, the fish they were swimming with can be seen roasting over the fire pit.

Episode 11

The first short bundled with the 6th DVD

This one focuses on a few of the lesser known student characters in the anime.

53 seconds in the Nanao ninja twins are seen bathing in a hot spring with three other girls. They are Nozomu Ezomori (short grey hair, actually a wolf spirit), Mio Osakabe (a petite girl with cropped short neat black hair, actually a frog spirit), and a larger (in many ways) girl with messy black hair who may be Chizuru. As the shot pans out, 3 more girls are seen. The girl in the long black hair about to get in is. The girl with the glasses is Akane Asahina. There is also a girl with short red hair who is one of the major focuses.

Names are missing for many of these minor characters. It is difficult to identify them at present as the Wikia project for Kanokon is still under progress.

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