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Kalifa / Califa
Gender Female
Series One Piece
Taken 2 Baths
Bathed In Bathing Pool
Bathed with {{{Bathed with}}}
Situations Bubble Bath Blowing
Leg Arching
Hair Down Bath
Leg Stretching
Leg Crossing
Arm Resting
Bath Cleavage
Standing In The Bath
Getting Out
Towel Drying Hair
Water Scooping
Arm Washing
High Towel Wearing
Clothed Bathing
Accessories Used Bubble Bath

Kalifa (spelled as Califa in the English release) is a character from One Piece.

Bathing Accessibility

Her room in the Enies Lobby tower had a large stone Bathing Pool in the center of it but it was destroyed in her fight against Nami and she no longer is affiliated with Enies Lobby after its destruction.

Bathing Habits

Kalifa ate a devil fruit known as the Bubble-Bubble Fruit (アワアワの実 Awa Awa no Mi) which turned her into a Soap human making it so she can produce soap bubbles from her body and every Bath she takes becomes a Bubble Bath. Since she is a devil fruit user she can't swim. She keeps her hair down when she takes baths.

Bathing Scenes

One Piece (manga)

Chapter 407

One Piece (anime)

Episode 288

when Nami comes in the room kalifa starts undressing herself completely.

Episode 293

Continuing from her Stripping in episode 288, She takes a Bubble Bath in a Bathing Pool in front of Nami who is prone on the ground unable to attack her.

One Piece Party

Chapter 2

Sanji Vinsmoke has a Dream Sequence of Kalifa taking a Bubble Bath and Kalifa is shown wearing a Towel after her real Bath was Off Screen.


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