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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Chapter 081

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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Chapter 054

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Chapter 131

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ch 081 2 Color.jpg
Official English Title The Insidious Demon!
The Remains Lurk, Part 1
Kanji Title 忍び寄る魔!
忍びよる残骸 その①
Rōmaji Title Shinobiyoru Ma!
Shinobi Yoru Zangai Sono 1
Release date July 25th, 1988
Media Manga
Studio or Magazine Weekly Shonen Jump
Scene Type Bath
Sex of Bathers Female
Timestamp or Pages
Segment Chapter

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure chapter 81 (also known as Jojo's Bizarre Adventure part 2: Battle Tendency chapter 37) is the second bathing scene in the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure manga series.


Lisa Lisa strips off her dress and gets into a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub on her balcony as her servant Suzy Q is asking her which blouse she would like to wear after the Bath. Suzy Q leaves Lisa Lisa as she bathes and tells Joseph Joestar to wait in Lisa Lisa's room while she gets out of bath but instead Jojo peeps on her through the keyhole. He ends up seeing her sitting on the rim of the Bathtub but suspiciously finds that Suzy Q is in the bathroom when he just saw her downstairs and also notices a strange goo on the door handle. Lisa Lisa notices that her powerful necklace the Aja is gone and asks Suzy Q where it is but then reveals that she is possessed by AC/DC as his last attack. Lisa Lisa covers her breasts and grabs hold of a White Towel. The scene continues into chapter 82 where Lisa Lisa is already out of the bath and still naked holding a towel while Jojo jumps in the room to confront the possessed Suzy Q along with Caesar.


Appearing Tropes



Chapter 81

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ch 81 1.png Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ch 81 2.png Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ch 81 3.png Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ch 81 4.png

Chapter 82

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ch 82 1.png Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ch 082 2.jpg

Digital Color

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ch 081 1 Color.jpg Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ch 081 2 Color.jpg Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ch 081 3 Color.jpg Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ch 081 4 Color.jpg

Chapter 82

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ch 082 1 Color.jpg Jojo's Bizarre Adventure ch 82 2.png


  • Hirohiko Araki - Writer & Artist


The scene first released in Japan on February July 25th, 1988 in Weekly Shonen Jump (1988) #33.

Anime Differences

Anime version of this scene
Main article: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Episode 18

Lisa Lisa's bathtub is changed to a Slipper Bathtub in the anime and doesn't have a Towel Rack on it. The anime also extends Lisa Lisa's bath scene making it significantly more gratuitous.


  • This is the first bath scene in the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure franchise.
  • While this isn't the only time Clawfoot Bathtubs have appeared in the Jojo manga series, this is the only time bathing has been shown in one.

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