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Izetta 08 1.png
Official English Title A Cruel Fairy Tale
Kanji Title 残酷なおとぎ話
(Das grausame Märchen)
Rōmaji Title Zankokuna otogibanashi
Release date November 19th, 2016
Media Anime
Studio or Magazine Ajia-do Animation Works
Scene Type Bath
Sex Focus Female
Length 14 seconds
Timestamp or Pages 10:55 - 11:09
Segment Episode

Izetta: The Last Witch episode 8 is the third bathing scene in the Izetta: The Last Witch anime series.


"I'm sorry we don't have a bath in your room but if you ask, we'll provide a tub full of hot water"
~Inn Keeper

Rickert Bisterfelt who was staying in a rural Inn is told by Lotte's sister who runs it that they don't have bathrooms and that they could provide a Washtub with some hot water to take a Bathif needed. Later on, he stands outside of Bianca's room hesitating to knock on her door and almost decides to forget about it but then hears her scream and decides to barge in worried. When he opens the door he ends up seeing her naked while receiving a Bubble Bath in a washtub by the Servant Lotte. Bianca screams and throws a small bucket full of water at him that she was intending to rinse off with. Rickert shuts the door apologizing while Lotte runs over to the door saying she forgot to lock it and the scene ends with Bianca covering her breasts and crying of embarrassment.


This episode first aired on November 19th, 2016.


Appearing Tropes


  • This is Bianca's only bathing scene.
  • This is the only time in the Izetta: The Last Witch franchise where a Bath happens in a Washtub as well as the only one where Bubble Bath, Bath Buckets and a Scrub Brush are shown. This is also the only scene in the franchise where a male ends up Peeping on the female bather.
  • This is the last bathing scene in the series to show butt crack as every bathing scene before this one has shown it and none after it does.
  • This is the last episode in the series to depict actual formal bathing on screen as everything bathing related scene that happens afterwards in the series are Tube Baths in episodes 9 & 10 and Off Screen Bathing implied in episode 12.


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