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Inuyasha/Episode 003

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Inuyasha/Chapter 139

Inuyasha/Episode 016

Inuyasha 3 5.png
Official English Title Down the Rabbit Hole and Back Again!
Kanji Title 骨喰いの井戸からただいまっ!
Rōmaji Title Honekui no Ido kara Tadaima!
Release date October 30th, 2000
Media Anime
Studio or Magazine Sunrise
Scene Type Bath & Furo
Sex of Bathers Female
Length 53 seconds
29 seconds
30 seconds
Timestamp or Pages 01:41 - 02:34
04:53 - 05:22
21:39 - 22:09
Segment Pre-Title Card
Episode Cliffhanger

Inuyasha episode 3 is the first bathing scene in the Inuyasha anime series.


Kagome Higurashi is seen Skinny Dipping in a lake just outside Kaede Village at the very beginning of the episode. While in the Lake, she is shivering while complaining that there are no hot Baths in feudal Japan. Kaede who is sitting at a fire place outside the lake is telling Kagome that she will catch a cold if she stays in there. Kagome disagrees with Kaede and tells her that she has to bathe since her hair is covered with blood and dirt. Kagome dives Underwater and swims where she has flashbacks of the events that happened in the previous two episodes. When she rises up to the surface and gets ready to get out, she spots that Inuyasha is in a tree on top of a cliff watching her. Kagome quickly reacts by dropping back down into the lake and telling him to SIT BOY! causing him to fall off the cliff. While he is face flat on the ground, Kagome is getting dressed behind a bush. Later on after Kagome manages to get back to her home in the modern day, she takes a hot bath in her Ofuro's Unit Bathtub filled with Green Bathwater. The episode ends with a Juxtaposition of Inuyasha fleeing from a battle with Yura of the hair, the scene cuts back to Kagome still bathing and now outside the tub happily rubbing Shampoo in her hair.


Appearing Tropes




"You've gotta be kidding! Even if it is Feudal Japan... There's no hot baths?!"
~Kagome Higurashi
~Kagome Higurashi
"Kagome, don't force it. Come on out."
"No! I'm all bloody and dirty and I can't stand my filthy hair!"
~Kagome Higurashi
"Shame on you! Spying like that!"
~Kagome Higurashi
"Happiness at last."
~Kagome Higurashi
"It feels good"
~Kagome Higurashi


"I can't believe this! How can they not know what a bath is?"
~Kagome Higurashi
"Ugh cold"
~Kagome Higurashi
"Come child, you'll catch sick if you don't get out"
"I can't! I'm covered with blood and dirt! and I feel like my hair hasn't been washed in a week!"
~Kagome Higurashi
"It serves you right for spying on me you peeping Tom"
~Kagome Higurashi
"uh, I must be in heaven, uh"
~Kagome Higurashi
"uh shampoo, it's a good thing"
~Kagome Higurashi

Outside Appearances

"Bath Time" card for the Inuyasha Trading Card Game.

The first shot of the Skinny Dipping was used in the preview for this episode that was shown at the end of the second episode. The shot of Kagome sinking back into the water and yelling "SIT BOY!" to Inuyasha was used as the artwork for the "Bath Time" card in the Inuyasha Trading Card Game.


This episode first aired in Japan on October 30th, 2000.

Manga Differences

Manga version of this scene
Manga version of this scene
Main article: Inuyasha/Chapter 006
Main article: Inuyasha/Chapter 007

This episode is an adaptation of the 6th and 7th chapter of the Inuyasha manga series. The manga version of the Skinny Dipping scene which was from chapter 6 reveals more of Kagome's body and even shows her nipples which were never seen in any part of the anime. In her modern day bath scene at the end of the episode was from chapter 7 which in the manga shows that she is sitting on the same side as the faucet of her Unit Bathtub.


  • This is the only time in the series where Kagome (or anyone) has bathed twice in the same episode although these bath scenes were in two separate chapters in the original manga version.
  • This is the only time in the series where Kagome takes a cold bath and also the only bathing scene where Kagome swims underwater.
  • Kagome's mention of hot baths not existing yet gets contradicted later on in the series as she finds Hot Springs to bathe in as well as other villages that have hot baths.
  • When Kagome is applying Shampoo to her hair at the end of the episode, it actually resembles the way anime character apply Conditioner. While this could be seen as an error, it could also still make sense since the act of putting conditioner in her hair implies that she already put Shampoo in her hair and is just reminiscing about it. The specific quote mentioning it being Shampoo is also only in the English dub.
  • While the next episode doesn't show Kagome bathing, it does show the aftermath of her bath at the end of the episode which shows her using a Hair Dryer while having a Blue Towel over her head.
  • This scene is very similar to the bathing scene of an earlier Rumiko Takashi work known as Fire Tripper.

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