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Intimate Bathing is the act of two people showing physically affection towards each other while they are in a bath or under a shower.

List of Intimate Bathing scenes

Date Anime Episode or Movie/Manga Chapter
October 27th, 1995 "Golden Boy episode 1"
Golden Boy 1.png
In a Dream Sequence, Kintaro Oe is shown having intercourse with an unnamed female bather at a Soapland with it being conveniently censored by soap suds.
January 10th, 1997 "Adventures of Kotetsu episode 2"
Adventures of Kotetsu 2 44.png
Kagari disguised as Linn Suzuki bathes in a Hot Spring with Tatsuya Mikado and seduces him by pushing her breasts against his back while hugging him. It is also shown from where Kagari's hands are that she is possibly giving him a hand job.
September 20th, 2001 "Noir episode 25"
While Skinny Dipping together, Chloe and Kirika Yumura get really close and hug each other.
June 26th, 2006 "Strawberry Panic! episode 13"
While taking a Bubble Bath together in a Clawfoot Bathtub, Kaname Kenjo and Momomi Kiyashiki make out with each other which then is implied to go further as the camera zooms out of Momomi on top of Kaname through a silhouette seen through the closed Shower Curtain.
July 10th, 2006 "Strawberry Panic! episode 15"
Kaname Kenjou and Momomi Kiyashiki make out with each other during a bath together in a Clawfoot Bathtub. Like their previous bath scene together it is implied they were going further although this time Kaname is on top and there is no Shower Curtain closed covering the view of them.

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