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Hokuto no Ken (known in english as Fist of the North Star) is a 1984 anime series by Toei Animation based off of a Weekly Shonen Jump manga series by Buronson and illustrated by Tetsuo Hara.

Hokuto no Ken (anime)

Episode 10

A bunch of unnamed slave girls are shown having Baths and getting prepared to be auctioned off.

Episode 11

Jackal is seen having a Bubble Bath.

Episode 24

Mamiya has a Furo scene with Lin.

Episode 35

In a Flashback, Kenshirou has a Waterfall Shower in a Towel and is saved by Toki from a falling log.

Episode 83

Bugal monopolizes an entire towns water supply for his constant clothed Baths.

Episode 90

Juza playful jumps into a Public Bath that is filled with many unnamed females that hes rescued and playfully chases them around.

Hokuto De Ou Ken

Aired April 23rd, 2018

live-action commercial has an unnamed man getting forcefully bathed by Kenshirou's furious washing of himself.

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