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Hinamatsuri (anime)

Episode 1

Yoshifumi Nitta takes a Shower. Later on, Hina Nitta bathes Off Screen and comes out with her hair dripping wet causing Yoshifumi to grab a Hair Dryer to dry her hair. In the post credits scene, Yoshifumi is seen wearing a Towel after some off screen bathing and accidentally gets stuck in the pod Hina showed up in and when he finally gets out, his towel drops.

Episode 2

Hina Nitta and Anzu bathe Off Screen and leave all their clothes on the Changing Room floor. Later on, Yoshifumi Nitta takes a Shower.

Episode 7

Anzu has a Furo scene.

Episode 8

There is a Bath scene.

Episode 10

There is Off Screen Bathing.

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