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Time Bokan

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Time Bokan (タイムボカン) is an anime franchise by Tatsunoko Production.

Bathing Scenes

January 1st, 1977 "Yatterman/Ending Credits"
Yatterman ED.png
Doronjo is seen taking a Bubble Bath in a Freestanding Bathtub that is being carried by Boyacky and Tonzura and covering her breasts. The song being played is "Tensai Doronbo" by Noriko Ohara, Jouji Yanami and Kazuya Tatekabe.
January 29th, 1977 "Yatterman/Episode 05"
Yatterman 005 2.jpg
Doronjo is seen getting ready for some Off Screen Bathing.
February 26th, 1977 "Yatterman/Episode 09"
Doronjo has a Shower but then leaves to check out the window.
March 5th, 1977 "Yatterman/Episode 10"
Doronjo is seen taking a bubble bath while holding a Scrub Brush and wearing a towel on her head as the vehicle she is bathing aboard shakes making her get out of the tub to complain to Boyacky and Tonzura. While out of the bath, she comes out wearing a red Towel and then accidently drops it when she yells at them.
May 28th, 1977 "Yatterman/Episode 22"
Doronjo goes Skinny Dipping in a lake wearing nothing but her panties but then realizes the lake was a mirage in the desert and she was really in sand.
July 30th, 1977 "Yatterman/Episode 31"
After the Doronbo Gang is shot with a bunch of bubbles from a crab, Doronjo is seen naked by bathed in a Furo session by Boyacky and Tonzura as her Servants.
October 1st, 1977 "Yatterman/Episode 40"
Doronjo has a clothed bath as she quickly runs to the bathroom and strips to her bra and panties and jumps into her bathtub in attempt to cool off from the heat but instead she finds it hot as well.
October 15th, 1977 "Yatterman/Episode 42"
Boyacky Peeps at an unnamed female bather that was taking a Shower and seemed like an attractive woman from the silhouette through the Shower Curtain but ends up being an unattractive lady who yells at him.
November 5th, 1977 "Yatterman/Episode 45"
The Doronbo Gang open up a Bath House as one of their scams which many unnamed bathers attend to. The many luxuries it included end up going wrong and the gang is called on a mission. After they receive there mission, a swarm of bubbles end up swarming them and Doronjo, Boyacky and Tonzura end up being bathed as they were stripped by the bubbles.
November 19th, 1977 "Yatterman/Episode 47"
Doronjo takes a Shower but ends up getting Filthy from at as coal dust coming out instead of water and later burning coals fall from a hole created in the wall causing Doronjo to panic.
December 17th, 1977 "Yatterman/Episode 51"
Doronjo ends up having to take a bath with a talking frog which she seems uncomfortable bathing with. She panics when it jumps onto her back. Later on when the Doronbo Gangs mecha starts being destroyed, Boyacky put her in the shower clothed to clean up but instead it gets her more filthy.
May 6th, 1978 "Yatterman/Episode 71"
Yatterman 71 2.jpg
Doronjo is Smoking while she has a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub and then comes out wearing a Pink Towel.
May 20th, 1978 "Yatterman/Episode 73"
Two unnamed female bathers are seen bathing in a Public Bath that was another one of the Doronbo Gang's scam and are frightened when they find that there are animals in the bath.
September 2nd, 1978 "Yatterman/Episode 87"
Doronjo takes a Bath in a small Washtub and has a shower at the same time while fanning herself off.
September 30th, 1978 "Yatterman/Episode 91"
In a Dream Sequence, Doronjo ends up taking a bath in a Hot Spring in a Swimsuit with Boyacky and Tonzura who are Towel Bathing and some other unnamed female bathers in swimsuits as well. Doronjo then wears a Towel and dances with the other two member of the Doronbo Gang outside of the water.
February 3rd, 1979 "Zendaman/Ending Credits"
Zendaman ED.jpg
Muujo is seen taking a Shower.
March 31st, 1979 "Zendaman/Episode 09"
Zendaman 9 2.jpg
Muujo has a Skinny Dipping scene.
April 14th, 1979 "Zendaman/Episode 11"
Zendaman 11 6.jpg
Muujo has a Shower scene.
April 21st, 1979 "Zendaman/Episode 12"
Zendaman 12 3.jpg
Muujo is seen taking a Bubble Bath.
August 4th, 1979 "Zendaman/Episode 27"
Zendaman 27.jpg
Muujo takes a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub.
August 11th, 1979 "Zendaman/Episode 28"
Zendaman 28.jpg
Muujo has an Off Screen Shower.
August 18th, 1979 "Zendaman/Episode 29"
Zendaman 29 2.jpg
Muujo has a Steam Bath scene.
January 26th, 1980 "Zendaman/Episode 52"
Zendaman 52 3.jpg
Muujo and her minions end up transporting into ancient Egypt in the bathroom of Cleopatra VII Philopator while she was having a Bath in her Bathing Pool.
February 9th, 1980 "Time Patrol-Tai Otasukeman/Episode 02"
Otasukeman 2 11.jpg
Atasha has a Bubble Bath scene.
June 28th, 1980 "Time Patrol-Tai Otasukeman/Episode 22"
Otasukeman 22 05.jpg
Atasha has a Bubble Bath scene from her accidentally falling in while wearing an Orange Towel.
September 20th, 1980 "Time Patrol-Tai Otasukeman/Episode 34"
Otasukeman 34 01.jpg
Atasha has a Shower in a Shower Room's Shower Stall.
January 10th, 1981 "Time Patrol-Tai Otasukeman/Episode 49"
Otasukeman 49 1.jpg
There is a Bath scene.
June 27th, 1981 "Yattodetaman/Episode 21"
Yattodetaman 21 02.jpg
There is a Bath scene.
December 19th, 1981 "Yattodetaman/Episode 46"
Yattodetaman 46 2.jpg
There is Off Screen Bathing.
April 10th, 1982 "Gyakuten! Ippatsuman/Episode 07"
Ippatsuman 07 4.jpg
In a Dream Sequence, Mun-Mun is transformed into a cat and given a Bubble Bath.
June 26th, 1982 "Gyakuten! Ippatsuman/Episode 20"
Ippatsuman 20 4.jpg
There is a Bath scene.
January 29th, 1983 "Gyakuten! Ippatsuman/Episode 50"
Ippatsuman 50 1.jpg
There is a Skinny Dipping scene.
February 12th, 1983 "Gyakuten! Ippatsuman/Episode 52"
Ippatsuman 52 03.jpg
There is a Skinny Dipping scene.
April 9th, 1983 "Itadakiman/Opening Credits"
Yan-Yan takes a Shower.
May 28th, 1983 "Itadakiman/Episode 07"
There is a Shower Room scene.
June 18th, 1983 "Itadakiman/Episode 09"
There is a Bubble Bath scene.
July 30th, 1983 "Itadakiman/Episode 13"
There is a Bath in a Unit Bathtub.
September 10th, 1983 "Itadakiman/Episode 17"
There is a Furo scene.
May 10th, 2000 "Time Bokan 2000: Kaitou Kiramekiman/Episode 6"
There is a Mixed Bathing in a Teppouburo.
May 5th, 2008 "Yatterman (2008)/Episode 12.5"
Doronjo takes a Shower.
June 30th, 2008 "Yatterman (2008)/Episode 17"
Tonzura, Doronjo and Boyacky bathe in an Onsen.
September 8th, 2008 "Yatterman (2008)/Episode 24"
There is a Shower scene with Doronjo twice.
December 1st, 2008 "Yatterman (2008)/Episode 26"
Yatterman 2008 26 6.png
Doronjo is shown taking a Bubble Bath in an Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub which then both Majo and Atasha end up coming into her bath causing them all to fight and Bath Kick each other.
December 8th, 2008 "Yatterman (2008)/Episode 27"
There is a Public Bath scene.
March 7th, 2009 "Yatterman/Film"
Doronjo has a Bubble Bath scene while wearing a Towel on her head.
August 23rd, 2009 "Yatterman (2008)/Episode 56"
Yatterman 2008 56 2.png
Doronjo is seen taking a Money Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub.
January 1st, 2024 "Doronjo-sama wa Tensei shite mo Akuyaku Reijou no Mama datta/Chapter 1"
Doronjo-sama wa Tensei shite mo Akuyaku Reijou no Mama datta ch 1.jpg
Doronjo takes a Floral Bath in a Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub.

Yatterman: Shin Yatter Mecha Daishūgō! Omocha no Kuni de Daikessen da Koron!

Time Bokan Pachinko

Majo is seen taking a Bath in a Slipper Bathtub in some sequences.

Yoru no Yatterman

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 6

Episode 8

Time Bokan 24

Episode 1

Bimajo has a Dream Sequence where she is taking a Bath in a Hot Spring.

Episode 7

Bimajo has a Dream Sequence where she is taking a Bath.

Episode 9

Time Bokan: The Villains Strike Back

Episode 9

There is a Bath scene.

Episode 11

There is a Bath scene with Napoleon Bonaparte.

Episode 13

Episode 22

There is a Shower Room scene.


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