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Guest Bathing

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Guest Bathing is when a character is visiting someone else's residency and given the hospitality of using their bathing facility. In Japanese culture it is very common to bathe at night so when someone is staying the night, it is polite to let them be the first to bathe if they don't end up bathing together. Another circumstance is that a character could end up getting Filthy at or near someone else's house and they end up having clean up at this person's house.


This is a list of all scenes where a character bathes at someone else's residency on or off screen.

Date Anime Episode or Movie/Manga Chapter
August 23rd, 2000 "FLCL episode 3"
FLCL 3 1.png
Eri Ninamori ends up having a Furo session when spending the night at Naota Nandaba's house. Kamon Nandaba using a polite gesture of offering her a Shampoo Hat as an excuse to peep on her.
unknown date, 2007 "Fairy Tail chapter 47"
Due to a recent attack on the Fairy Tail Guild, the members were to stay together in groups making Lucy Heartfilia's House a place for Erza Scarlet, Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster to stay the night at. Erza tells Gray and Natsu that they need to take Baths because they smell but they refuse and Erza forces both of them to take a bath with her just like they used to do when they were younger and borrow Lucy's Undermount Bathtub for an Off Screen bath.







Notes / Details

Eri Ninamori Female FLCL 1 Anime ep. 3 Naked, Ofuro, Furo, Night Bathing
Erza Scarlet Female Fairy Tail 1 Manga ch. 47, Anime ep. 21 Naked, Off Screen Bathing (Ofuro, Undermount Bathtub)
Gray Fullbuster Male Fairy Tail 1 Manga ch. 47 Naked, Off Screen Bathing (Ofuro, Undermount Bathtub)
Natsu Dragneel Male Fairy Tail 3 Manga ch. 47, Omake 20, 419, OVA ep. 4 Naked, Filth, Off Screen Bathing, Ofuro, Undermount Bathtub, Clawfoot Slipper Bathtub

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