GAINAX Stripping Instrumentality Project

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Official English Title GAINAX Stripping Instrumentality Project
Kanji Title
Rōmaji Title
Release date 1999
Media Artbook
Studio or Magazine Gainax
Scene Type Bath
Sex Focus Male & Female
Length 3 Pages
Timestamp or Pages Pages, 21, 40 & 53
Segment Book

GAINAX Stripping Instrumentality Project is an officially published artbook by Gainax that feature fanservice artwork from Neon Genesis Evangelion and Top wo Nerae!


There is an illustration of Tatsumi Tashiro taking a Sitz Bath in a wooden Washtub. A later page shows an illustration of Noriko Takaya taking a Bath that looks similar to her bath scene in Top wo Nerae! episode 5. The final bathing illustration in the book is an Onsen scene of Ritsuko Akagi, Asuka Langley Soryu, Misato Katsuragi and Rei Ayanami bathing in a Hot Spring and getting Peeped at by Toji Suzuhara and Shinji Ikari. Asuka is the only one of the girls angry about this and throws a Bath Bucket at Toji.


This episode first aired on December 6th, 1995.


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