Fuuka Akitsuki

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Fuuka Akitsuki
Fuuka Akitsuki.jpg
秋月 風夏
Gender Female
Series Fuuka
Taken 3 Baths
Bathed In Public Bath
Steam Bath
Bathed with Unnamed Females
Aoba Hinokami
Fuuka Aoi
Sara Iwami
Situations Leg Curling
Bath Cleavage
Getting Out
Skinny Dipping
Standing In The Bath
Convenient Censoring
Bath Bonding
Back Washing (washer)
High Towel Wearing
Towel Dropping
Accessories Used Bath Stool

Fuuka Akitsuki is one of the title characters to Fuuka.

Bathing Accessibility

She bathes frequently at the local Public Bath and gets to bathe for free she since helps clean it.

Bathing Scenes

Fuuka (anime)

Episode 2

She has a Bath at a Public Bath with other unnamed women.

Episode 6

She has a Public Bath scene.


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