Flip Flappers

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Flip Flappers.jpg
Kanji Title: フリップフラッパーズ
Genre: Comedy, Science-Fiction
Original Creator: Yuniko Ayana
Anime series
Directed by: Kiyotaka Oshiyama
Studio: Studio 3Hz
Original Run: October 6, 2016 – current
# of Episodes: 13

Bathing Scenes

Flip Flappers

Episode 3

There is a Bathing Pool scene.

Episode 4

Papika and Cocona Kokomine take Neighboring Showers in Washtubs.

Later on they take a Bath together in a small container on a beach.

Chapter 5

Cocona Kokomine and Papiki Unconscious Bathingwake up in a Bubble Bath in a school dorm's Clawfoot Bathtub after being outside in the rain and covered in blood.

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8


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