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Final Fantasy is a series of video games which has also had several manga and 3d anime film adaptations, including Kingdom Hearts.

Bathing Scenes

Final Fantasy VII

Cloud Strife takes a bath in the Honeybee inn with several gentlemen. This includes Mukki

In the retail version of Final Fantasy VII the player can choose between two rooms to have two different scenes; one where Cloud collapses due to his subconsciousness emerging and asking what is he doing in a place like the Honey Bee Inn, and another where Cloud has to bathe with a number of men in a small bathtub.

Unused text from the game indicates that there would have been a third scene, that is a combination of the other two scenes. The girl Cloud goes to a room with would want to bathe with him and ask him to undress, leading Cloud to try and remember when he last had a bath, and how he "likes to keep his hair natural". The girl and Cloud would have gone into the bath together, but Cloud would then have passed out and been in danger of drowning, a scene that would have led to voices talking in Cloud's head, as seen in the final game."

If the player enters the Honey Bee Inn and goes to the "Group Room", Cloud will be forced to bathe in a spa with Mukki and several other men. Cloud is uncomfortable during the encounter, with Mukki attempting to get him to stay and join his "Young Bubby's group". After Cloud manages to get out, Mukki gives him a pair of Bikini Briefs, as a "memento of their time together".

Later on in the game at Costa Del Sol, there is an unnamed girl who is Johnny's girlfriend taking a Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub in his house. When you first enter the house you see that he is trying to peep on her. She is in the bath for the entire game.

When you purchase the Villa that is for sale, Cloud Strife takes a Bath in it's clawfoot tub Off Screen everytime you sleep at it. During the brief portion of the game when Cloud is missing and Tifa Lockhart is the leader of the group which you control, she can bathe in the tub off screen if you stay at the villa. The same thing can apply for the part when you take control of Cid Highwind.

Final Fantasy X-2

Yuna, Rikku and Paine bathe in a Hot Spring wearing Swimsuits.

Final Fantasy XII (manga)

Chapter 2

Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca takes a Bath in a Bathing Pool standing up and washing her arm.

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