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Fairy Tail 155 1.png
Official English Title
Kanji Title 花咲く都・クロッカス
Rōmaji Title Hanasaku Miyako Kurokkasu
Release date November 3rd, 2012
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Studio or Magazine Satelight & A-1 Pictures
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Fairy Tail episode 155 is the 14th bathing scene in the Fairy Tail anime.


Erza Scarlet has a Bubble Bath in a strange flower shaped bathtub while Singing and crossing her legs at the sleeping quarters of the Honeybone Lodge.

Post Scene Events

After her bath, she inspects the rest of the room in only a Towel to see if there is anything suspicious about the room. Later on Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki is seen wearing a Bathrobe in his hotel room implying that he had an Off Screen Bathing scene.

Adaptation Differences

This bath scene adapted from the 265th episode of the anime. The differences between the anime and manga version was the anime version seemed to have zoomed in more on Erza in the bath showing less of the bathtub's surroundings. What is seen of the rest of the bathroom in the anime adaptation is that there lacks bathing accessories which are seen in the manga version. There also is no sign of Erza singing in the anime adaptation while the manga implies it with a musical note coming out of a speech bubble. The anime reveals that the flower bathtub is colored purple with the petal edges are pink and that the towels and bubble bath are white. The moment of Ichiya in a Bathrobe implying his off screen bathing was exclusive to the anime.


  • Hiro Mashima - Writer


This episode first aired in Japan on November 3rd, 2012 on TV Tokyo.






  • This is the only bathing scene in the anime with Erza that has no voice acting.
  • This is the last female bath scene in the Fairy Tail anime as the remainder of the female bathing scenes in the anime are Showers.
Gemini transformed as a toweled Lucy mentioning an off screen bath that took place in this episode's timeframe
  • Episode 159 reveals that Lucy Heartfilia took an Off Screen Bath in the Honeybone Lodge's bathtub with Gemini during the time frame this episode took place in. It is implied that Lucy's bath took place right when she got to the room since when we first see her back at the room at night time and she is already in her Pajamas and seems to be ready for bed when Erza gets mad at the others for being back late just before they got forced into the preliminary game for the Grand Magic Games. The fact that Gemini copied Lucy in a towel which may possibly imply that Lucy took a bath wearing a towel which isn't strange for the anime adaptation since she is commonly shown Towel Bathing.
  • This is the first Bubble Bath scene in the Fairy Tail anime as the one with Ultear Milkovich from chapter 102 was left out of the anime. This is also the only bubble bath scene in the anime to have a female character as the other one in episode 168 has Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki who is a male character.


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