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Fairy Tail 097 07.png
Official English Title Best Partner
Kanji Title ベスト パートナー
Rōmaji Title Besuto Pātonā
Release date September 17th, 2011
Media Anime
Studio or Magazine Satelight & A-1 Pictures
Scene Type Shower & Bath
Sex Focus Female
Length 22 seconds
(00:03 - 00:25)
1 minute 2 seconds
(01:55 - 02:57)
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Fairy Tail episode 97 is the 10th bathing scene in the Fairy Tail anime series.


Lucy Heartfilia is at her house at night Shampooing her hair in the bathroom while humming and then turns on the shower. While Lucy is having a Shower she says out loud that it is great to be relaxing at her own house again, where she hears Cana Alberona's voice say that she has a great place here which Lucy agrees and then suddenly gets freaked out and sees that Cana is bathing in her Undermount Bathtub naked.

After the opening credits, the scene resumes to Lucy looking surprised at Cana having a Bath in Lucy's tub Leg Stretching and complaining that Lucy doesn't have any booze in her house. After a brief flashback Lucy has giving a monologue about who Cana Alberona is showing previous scenes in the series that involve her, the scene now shows that they are both in the bathtub together both Leg Curling to fit into it. Lucy and Cana then start conversing and Cana brings up that she might be leaving the guild and stands up in front of Lucy.

Adaptation Differences

The manga version of this scene.
Main article: Fairy Tail/Chapter 201

This bath scene adapted from the 201st chapter of the manga. In the manga version Lucy is already showing while in the anime she was first shampooing her hair and then turns the shower on to rinse it. When Lucy discovers Cana is in her bathtub, the manga shows Lucy frightened and covering her breasts and crotch while the anime shows just her face looking over at Cana shocked. Though the water is not see through in the manga, the scene reveals more of their bodies.



This episode first aired in Japan on September 17th, 2011 on TV Tokyo.






  • This is the first time in the anime where Lucy is seen taking a Shower.
  • This is the most revealing bathing scene in the TV anime as it is also the first time in the anime where Lucy Heartfilia is seen taking a Bath in her bathtub without wearing a towel and instead bathes completely naked.
  • This is the first and only time in the anime where a female character who isn't Lucy is seen bathing in her bathtub.
  • This is the only bathing scene to start at the beginning of the episode before the opening credits and still continue afterwards.
  • Lucy's bathtub is depicted a lot smaller in this scene than in any other bathing scene.
  • It's unknown if Cana was already in the tub when Lucy entered the Ofuro and Lucy was just oblivious when she started showering or if Cana snuck into Lucy's tub after Lucy started showering.


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