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Fairy Tail/Episode 031

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Fairy Tail/Episode 029 (in series)
Fairy Tail/Omake Chapter 18 (in franchise)

Fairy Tail/Episode 042

Fairy Tail 31 8.png
Official English Title The Star That Will Never Return to the Sky
Kanji Title 空に戻れない星
Rōmaji Title Sora ni Modorenai Hoshi
Release date May 24th, 2010
Media Anime
Studio or Magazine A-1 Pictures
Scene Type Bath
Sex of Bathers Male & Female
Length 3 seconds
37 seconds
Timestamp or Pages 04:05 - 04:07
04:22 - 04:59
Segment Episode

Fairy Tail episode 31 is the sixth bathing scene in the Fairy Tail anime series.


During a cutaway transition, Happy is shown taking a Bath in a Hot Spring. While staying at a hotel in the Spa Town of Hosenka, Lucy Heartfilia is seen bathing in the Onsen which has red bathwater. When she looks behind her, she sees that Erza Scarlet is behind her Standing In The Bath but she is wearing her armor. Lucy tells Erza that she is supposed to be naked while in the bath and Erza then decides to ex-quip out of her armor. As Lucy sees Erza's naked body she compliments her by saying she looks amazing naked, which Erza responds that she should probably start walking around the guild naked if her body is that amazing, shocking lucy.

Later on, at the Magnolia Public Bath, Elfman Strauss is seen exiting the building after an Off Screen Bath saying "public baths are manly". Next Lucy is seen leaving the building holding a pink Bath Bucket filled with bathing accessories saying that its nice to use the public bath once in a while despite having her own private bath in her house.


Appearing Tropes



  • Masashi Sogo - Writer


The scene first aired in Japan on May 24th, 2010 on TV Tokyo.

Manga Differences

Manga version of this scene
Main article: Fairy Tail/Chapter 071

This bath scene is an adaptation of the 71st chapter of the Fairy Tail manga series. Despite having the same setting and taking place in the same part in the story, the scene had a significant amount of alterations. The bathing scenes plot was changed from a more casual scene of Lucy thinking about Loke and Erza was already in the bath naked from the start and has no dialouge. The environment also changed as in the manga it is a traditional hot spring setting surrounded by nature, the anime changed it to a giant hot spring surrounded by Japanese buildings and giant statues. The anime also made the hot spring's bathwater red.


  • In the series this bath scene is part of the "Loke arc".
  • This episode reveals that Elfman Strauss has to use the Public Bath as he means of bathing. This implies that Mirajane and Lisanna have to take their baths at the public bath too because they live together and that there house doesn't have a bath.
  • Plue is shown in a Bathrobe even though he wasn't present in the bath scene with Lucy.
  • This scene shows that Lucy sometimes uses the local Public Bath in magnolia for fun.
  • The males side of the Magnolia public bath is shown in episode 44, the female side has never been shown in the franchise.

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