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This is a list of bathing facilities that have appeared in works from the Fairy Tail franchise.

Lucy Heartfilia's Magnolia Apartment

Lucy Heartfilia's apartment in the town of Magnolia contains an Ofuro that starts with a Changing Room and contains an Undermount Bathtub and a Shower Head outside the tub. This is the most recurring bathing facility in the entire series as well as the only ofuro to be in a private residence. This bathing facility was destroyed by Brandish in chapter 457.

Manga Version


Lucy's Ofuro in the manga

In the manga, Lucy's Bathtub has a wooden paneling along the tubs outer side while the rim and inner base of the tub are made of stone tiles. The bathtub is directly built between three sides of the walls and is in front of a window that always has the curtain closed. The tub is a bit small just having enough room for one person to comfortably bathe in it but cramped if two get in. It is unknown how the bathtub gets water drawn as no faucets are visible around all four corners of the tub with the Shower being the only source water can be seen to come from. The Shower Head is right next to the tub over a Mirror which has a row of the shelves on the corner of the wall its next to which holds accessories such as Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner along with a Towel Rack which is on the wall it curves into. There is a plant hanging high above the same side of the tub that is next to the shower. When entering this Ofuro it seems the shower is the first thing in front with the tub being against the left side of the room.

Changing Room

File:Fairy Tail ch 4 2.jpg
Lucy's changing room in the manga

The Ofuro and the Changing Room are seperate by a double glass door. The changing room has a sink with a tall rectangular mirror. In a later appearance the sink seems to have been changed to be lower and the mirror is taller and has a single light bulb above it. The other side of the wall in the changing room has a basket where the clothing stripped off and used Towels are placed.

Anime Version

Lucy's Ofuro in the anime.

In the anime, Lucy's bathtub is a large square cobblestone bathtub that draws water from a big steel pipe that goes up through the side of the wall. The bathroom has light blue walls and a large window at the center of the bathtub. The bathtub is infront of a window that unlike the manga counterpart has no curtain covering it making the inside visible from outside. The Changing Room is separated by a blue curtain.


File:Fairy Tail 97 3.png
The Shower Head
  • Towels - Atleast two white towels. In the early bathing scenes of the anime, Lucy would wear a towel while taking a bath.
  • Soap - A white bar of soap that is in a blue soap tray. Never seen used only seen in the background. In the manga she has a darker colored soap tray with a bar of soap in it sitting on the rim of the bathtub against the wall.
  • Bath Stool
  • Shower Head
  • Shampoo
  • Sponge
  • Mirror
  • Wash Cloth
  • Conditioner


Ur's House

File:Fairy Tail ch 37.jpg
The accessories surrounding the bathtub.

Ur's log cabin that is out in a snowy mountain region has two places to take a Bath with them being a Hinoki Bathtub inside of it and an Oil Drum outside. Both bathing facilities have only appeared one time.

Indoor Bath

Ur's hinoki bathtub in the anime

This bath only appears in Fairy Tail chapter 37 and its anime adaptation in Fairy Tail episode 15. The bathroom has grey stone walls and a Hinoki Bathtub in it. Their is a Towel Rack on the wall to the left of it. Their is a cup with their tooth brushes in it behind the tub and a shelf containing various other items that possibly have no connection to bathing. The bathtub seems somewhat small but two children could fit. If Ur who is a grown woman took a Bath, nobody else would be able to fit in it with her. In the anime adaptation it is revealed that this tub gets used for Cold Baths as part of ice training.

Outdoor Bath

The outside oil drum bath.

An Oil Drum that is occasionally placed in front of the house to take Baths outside. The drum would be put over a fire and Ur would heat up for Gray and Lyon to bathe in. Since Ur seems a bit to big for the hinoki tub indoors its possibly that this is where she took most of her baths and possibly the reason why she owns this second bath when she already has one inside the house. This bath is only seen on the cover of Tale of Fairy Tail: Ice Trail chapter 4 and isn't seen on any other appearance of the front of her house so this bath may only be brought out on special occasions.



Tomekko's Bathtub

The outside oil drum bath.

Tomekko's Bathtub is a Barrel Bathtub from Fairy Tail that is owned by Tomekko. It is shown in only one panel of the 6th omake chapter where Tomekko is seen bathing in it and saying that her used bathwater from it is what is used in her soup which apparently tastes really good if the one eating it is unaware of its origin. She seems to also keep a Rubber Duck and a Bath Bucket and Wash Cloth nearby.


Fairy Tail Guild Shower Room

Hosenka Onsen


Ultear Milkovich's Bathtub

Magnolia Public Bath

Fairy Hills Dormitory Bath

Bickslow and Freed Justine's Hot Spring

Tenrou Island

Juvia Lockser's Dorm Room

Fairies' Training Camp Onsen

Honeybone Lodge

Fairy Tail ch 282 4.png

The Honeybone Lodge is a hotel in Crocus with a western style bathroom. The only one seen is the one in the room that Fairy Tail Team A stays in during the Grand Magic Games arc. The bathroom has a Shower Tub Combo with a purple flower shaped Freestanding Bathtub Bathtub behind a blue Shower Curtain.


Grand Magic Games Shower Room

Mermaid Heel's Hotel

Hills Hotel

Fairy Tail Movie 7.png

The Hills Hotel is a hotel seen in Fairy Tail: The Phoenix Priestess that has bathrooms with a Shower Tub Combo with a Clawfoot Bathtub surrounded by a turquoise Shower Curtain and a bathmat right outside the tub. The only bathroom of this hotel seen is the one in Lucy Heartfilia and Eclair's room.


Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki's Bathtub

Ryuzetsu Land

Crocus Gardens

Fairy Tail ch 324.jpg

Crocus Gardens is a hotel in Crocus that the members of Sabertooth stayed in during the Grand Magic Games arc. The only bathroom in it shown is the one in Sting Eucliffe and Lector's room on the chapter 324 cover. The bathroom has a Shower Tub Combo with a Slipper Bathtub behind a Shower Curtain. This is the only bathing facility in the Fairy Tail universe to not been shown being used by anyone.


Fairy Tail Guild Bath

Warrod Sequen's Hot Spring

Hell's Core

Heartfilia Mansion

Lucy Heartfilia's Dream Bath

Yoshino's Residence


Wild Hot Spring

Lucy Heartfilia's Crocus Apartment

Blue Pegasuses Onsen

Mermaid Heel Onsen

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