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Eri Shinkai

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Bather Info
Eri Shinkai
Sex {{{Sex}}}
Series Agent Aika
Home Bathing Facility {{{Home}}}
Bathing Stats
Taken 3 Baths
Bathing Environments Used {{{Facilities}}}
Bathtubs Used The Ocean
Unit Bathtub
Bathed with Karen Minamino
Aika Sumeragi

Eri Shinkai is a character from the Agent Aika series. While taking Baths, she seems to always rest her right arm on the side of the bathtub. While in the privacy of the bath, she seems to have no sense of modesty as she likes to spontaneously stand up in the bathtub without covering herself when she gets excited and ends up having her private area in front of Aika Sumeragi who gets annoyed by it.

Aika Zero

Episode 1

Main article: Aika Zero episode 1

Eri has a Furo session with Karen Minamino and Aika Sumeragi in the bathroom at Karen's house. She is seen sitting in the bathtub resting her arm while briefing Aika who is outside of the tub getting her back scrubbed by Karen on the details for their mission. After telling Aika, Eri stands up in excitement exposing her naked body and points up in the air saying that their mission is the most mysterious mystery. Aika who is still having her back scrubbed calmly asks Eri how old she is since she seems to think Eri is acting childish which Eri answers 19 and then Aika tells Eri to atleast cover herself up as she is standing with her bare crotch in front of Aika's face.

Episode 2

Main article: Aika Zero episode 2

During another Furo session meeting in Karen Minamino's bath, Eri stands in front of the Mirror naked washing her arm with a Sponge as she is Conveniently Censored near her bottom with soap suds as she mentions that its great that they can do the rest of their mission in the open which she then squeezes the sponge in excitement while both Aika Sumeragi and Karen are in the bathtub. Eri gets right in Karen's face and tells her that they can now go in and finish this mystery. As Aika tells Eri that she had a machine gun installed in her plane, Eri gets excited and bends over where both her and Aika get a devious look on their faces and laugh because they want it to be fired once. At some point off screen, Eri gets into the bathtub with Karen trading places with Aika. As Eri is in the bathtub with Karen who is Overheating, she is resting her arm on the side as Aika is outside of the tub washing her arm with a green sponge telling Eri that its ok if she feels like quitting since its dangerous work. Eri gets a mad look on her face and she starts yelling at Aika frightening her which she then stands up in the bath where her crotch ends up in front of Aika's face which Aika then says that she gets it and just wants Eri to cover up her front.

Episode 3

Eri in episode 1's bath scene shown in the ending credits

Recycled footage of Eri in episode 1's bath scene is shown during the ending credits where it shows the part where she stands up in the bath and points up while her breasts are exposed.



  • Chronologically in the series timeline of the series continuity, Eri is the first character to have been shown bathing which was in artwork from the Aika R-16 series also making her the only character to have been shown bathing during that era.
  • Even though she has no modesty in the bath, she seems to have it on the outside as she is seen distressed and trying to cover her breasts as the top of her Swimsuit got stolen while on the beach in the Aika R-16 artwork.
  • In all of the bathing scenes she is in, Eri has had the most dialogue out of any of the other characters in it as well as providing the most nudity out of them.
  • Despite that Aika Sumeragi has bathed with Eri in all of their Furo scenes in the Aika Zero series, Eri and Aika have never been seen in the bathtub together although both of them have been in it with Karen.
  • In Aika Zero episode 2, the Rubber Duck that was in the bathtub when Aika was in it wasn't seen once Eri switched places with her.
  • Technically Eri is the only character to be seen bathing in all 3 episodes of Aika Zero although the third episode only shows recycled footage of her in the first episode's bath scene.

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