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Emma (series)

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Kanji Title: エマ
Romanji Title: Ema
Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance
Original Creator: Kaoru Mori
Manga series
Published by: Enterbrain
Oriringal Run: January 2002 – May 2006
Volumes: 7
Chapters: 52
Emma - A Victorian Romance
Written by: Mamiko Ikeda
Directed by: Tsuneo Kobayashi
Studio: Studio Pierrot
Original Run: April 2nd, 2005 – June 18th, 2005
# of Episodes: 12
Emma Bangaihen
Published by: Enterbrain
Oriringal Run: September 2006 – March 2008
Volumes: 3
Chapters: 20
Emma - A Victorian Romance: Second Act
Directed by: Tsuneo Kobayashi
Studio: Ajia-do Animation Works
Original Run: April 16, 2007 – July 2, 2007
# of Episodes: 12

Emma is a historical romance series by Kaoru Mori.

Franchise History

Emma started as a manga series written and illustrated by Kaoru Mori that started publication on January 2002 in Monthly Comic Beam and ran all the way through May 2006 where after a few months break, was sequeled into a Emma Bangaihen which ran from September 2006 to March 2008. An anime adaptation under the title Emma - A Victorian Romance was made by Studio Pierrot and ran in 2005 from April 2nd through June 18th. The anime was given a second season in 2007 but by a different studio, Ajia-do Animation Works which ran from April 16th through July 2nd and was under the title Emma - A Victorian Romance: Second Act.

Brief Plot Overview

The series is set in the late 1800s starring Emma a maid who faces social ostracization.

Bathing Scenes

Emma (manga)

Chapter 39

Main article: Emma chapter 39

Dorothea Mölders has a Bath.

At the end of the chapter, Erich Mölders and Ilse Mölders are seen while they are given baths.

Chapter 50

Main article: Emma chapter 50

Maria and Adele switch off taking Baths in a metal Washtub.

Emma - A Victorian Romance

Episode 8

Emma gives her boss Kelly Stownar a Sponge Bath in her bed via a moistened towel to rejuvenate her waning energy.

Emma Bangaihen

Chapter 13

Main article: Emma Bangaihen chapter 13

Emma takes a Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub after getting bruised up from falling off a bicycle.

Emma - A Victorian Romance: Second Act

Episode 4

When the Jones sisters, Grace and Vivi go bathing with Eleanor, Eleanor's older sister Monica shows up in a giant contraption that Eleanor describes as a "bathing machine".

Later when Monica invades the Jones mansion to confront William (who Eleanor claims to be in love with) she instead happens upon Hakim. She had ridden unsheltered on horse through the rain to get there, causing him to comment "you bathe with your clothes on?"

Episode 10

Main article: Emma - A Victorian Romance: Second Act episode 10

Nanette speaks to Emma who is putting on her dress, likely indicating that Emma had just finished an Off Screen Bath and that Nanette got in after her.

Episode 11

Main article: Emma - A Victorian Romance: Second Act episode 11

Emma gives Bubble Baths to Erich Mölders and Ilse Mölders in small neighboring Slipper Bathtubs with a Sponge while another maid washes Erich's pet squirrel Theo.

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