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Elfen Lied is a series about Diclonius, females with psychic powers manifested in bony horns that come from their heads. One of them, named Lucy, escapes from a facility, loses all memory, and is found by two cousins named Kohta and Yuka Kado, who name her Nyu.

Elfen Lied (manga)

Chapter 22

There is Mixed Bathing and Breast Grabbing.


Elfen Lied (anime)

Episode 1

25 July 2004

There is a bathing scene in which Yuka chastises Nyu for urinating on the floor.


Episode 4

15 August 2004

There is a bathing scene with Mayu and Nyu, the latter paddling her legs, then washing the former's back. Later, Nyu runs out of the bath, leaving Mayu alone.


Episode 6

29 August 2004

Yuka had finished taking an Off-Screen Bath.


Episode 9

19 September 2004

In a flashback, a young Lucy takes a Shower in the house of a family she killed.

Elfen Lied Special

21 April 2005

Nyu (Kaede/Lucy) lovingly assaults Silpelit #7 (Nana) while Mayu observes.

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