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"After taking a bath and playing piano without clothes on, you feel as if a magical tale is about to happen."
~Elf Yamada (Eromanga-sensei chapter 7)
Elf Yamada
山田 エルフ
Gender Female
Series Eromanga-sensei
Taken 2 Baths (off screen)
Bathed In Onsen
Bathed with {{{Bathed with}}}
Situations Off Screen Bathing
Immodest Exit
Accessories Used Spa Robe
Towel Headband

Elf Yamada (also known by her real name Emily Granger) is a character from Eromanga-sensei.

Bathing Accessibility

The western style mansion she lives in has atleast a Bathtub of some kind in it but it has never been shown. Her family owns a beach resort which has a Shower Room and an Onsen (or Rotenburo in the anime).

Bathing Habits

After having Baths she normally wanders around her house stark naked and plays the piano in her living room. Despite this happily immodest nature she has at home, she does not like being seen naked by males.

Bathing Scenes

Eromanga-sensei (manga)

Chapter 7

She takes an Off Screen Bath and plays piano naked afterwards. The scene starts in chapter 6 but the bathing context isn't revealed until 7.

Chapter 31

She is seen wearing a Spa Robe meaning she possibly bathed in the Onsen she was staying at Off Screen.

Eromanga-sensei (anime)

Episode 3

Elf Yamada takes an Off Screen Bath and plays piano naked afterwards. Later we see an illustration from one of her novels of a girl getting Peeped on during a Bath.

Episode 9

She bathes at a Rotenburo Off Screen and is seen wearing a Spa Robe and a Towel Headband.


  • She has written a novel where there is a scene where a woman was Peeped on during a Bath.

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