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Dragon Ball Z/Episode 158

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Dragon Ball Z/Episode 233

Dragon Ball Z 158 26.png
Official English Title I'm So Distraught!! Kuririn's Handiwork in Destroying No. 18
Krillin's Decision
Kanji Title オレ悩んじゃう!! クリリンの18号破壊工作
Rōmaji Title Ore Nayanjau!! Krillin no 18 Gou Hakai Kousaku
Release date September 23rd, 1992
Media Anime
Studio or Magazine Toei Animation
Scene Type Bath
Sex of Bathers Male
Timestamp or Pages
Segment Episode

Dragon Ball Z episode 158 is the 26th bathing scene in Dragon Ball anime series and specifically the 12th in Dragon Ball Z.


Son Goku and Son Gohan share a Bath together in a Flat Bathtub when they take a break from their accelerated training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. They have a Splash Fight.


Appearing Tropes


Dragon Ball Z 158 1.png Dragon Ball Z 158 2.png Dragon Ball Z 158 3.png Dragon Ball Z 158 4.png Dragon Ball Z 158 5.png Dragon Ball Z 158 6.png Dragon Ball Z 158 7.png Dragon Ball Z 158 8.png Dragon Ball Z 158 9.png Dragon Ball Z 158 10.png Dragon Ball Z 158 11.png Dragon Ball Z 158 12.png Dragon Ball Z 158 13.png Dragon Ball Z 158 14.png Dragon Ball Z 158 15.png Dragon Ball Z 158 16.png Dragon Ball Z 158 17.png Dragon Ball Z 158 18.png Dragon Ball Z 158 19.png Dragon Ball Z 158 20.png Dragon Ball Z 158 21.png Dragon Ball Z 158 22.png Dragon Ball Z 158 23.png Dragon Ball Z 158 24.png Dragon Ball Z 158 25.png Dragon Ball Z 158 26.png


This episode was first aired in Japan on September 23rd, 1992.

Manga Differences

This scene does not happen in the manga series.


  • In the english dub, Goku says "pretty toasty huh" and Gohan responds with "Ya, it feels like one of mom's baths". This phrase possibly implies that Chi-Chi likes her baths really hot or could be referring to the baths that she draws for them.

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