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Dragon Ball Z/Episode 049

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Dragon Ball Z/Episode 042

Dragon Ball Z/Episode 061 (in series)
Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might (in franchise)

Dragon Ball Z 49 6.png
Official English Title Dodoria Dies by Explosion! Vegeta's Fearsome Shockwave
The Prince Fights Back
Kanji Title 爆死ドドリア!ベジータの恐るべき衝撃波
Rōmaji Title Bakushi Dodoria! Bejīta no Osoru Beki Shōgekiha
Release date May 23rd, 1990
Media Anime
Studio or Magazine Toei Animation
Scene Type Bath
Sex of Bathers Female
Timestamp or Pages
Segment Episode

Dragon Ball Z episode 49 is the 21st bathing scene in the Dragon Ball anime series and specifically the 7th in Dragon Ball Z.


Bulma Brief takes a Bubble Bath in the Flat Bathtub in her capsule house. She is crossing her legs while talking to Dr. Brief on a radio. When Dr. Brief tells her about Goku coming on his way to rescue her and the others on Planet Namek, she gets excited and throws the radio in the air and stands up. The radio falls into the bathtub and she still talks to him while bending over naked with her explicit areas covered with Soap Suds.


Appearing Tropes


Dragon Ball Kai/Episode 22

The footage from this bath scene was reused in the compilation remake of Dragon Ball Z known as Dragon Ball Kai being one of the few filler scenes kept in. The beginning scene of her in the bathtub Crossing her legs being seen in the reflection of a bubble was reanimated. The rest of the scene had slightly altered colors and thicker lines. The soap suds from the Bubble Bath were more darkened and detailed and the water on Bulma's body is more visible. The last part of the original scene where she is shown bending over was removed most likely for both the reasons of its subliminal nature and for minimizing of filler.



The scene was removed from the ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z which had several episodes worth of content removed, but the scene was kept in FUNimation's dub. The Dragon Ball Kai version of the bath scene was still kept on the Nicktoons and CW4kids Toonzai broadcast of the episode but Bulma's cleavage is covered up by extra digitally animated bubbles.


This episode first aired in Japan on May 23rd, 1990.

Manga Differences

This scene is completely anime original and isn't in the manga.


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