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Dragon Ball/Episode 006

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Dragon Ball/Episode 005

Dragon Ball/Episode 018 (in series)
Dragon Ball/Chapter 070 (in franchise)

Dragon Ball 6 5.png
Official English Title Keep an Eye on the Dragon Balls
Kanji Title 真夜中の訪問者たち
Rōmaji Title Mayonaka no Houmonsha-tachi
Release date April 2nd, 1986
Media Anime
Studio or Magazine Toei Animation
Scene Type Shower
Sex of Bathers Female
Length 1 minute 6 seconds
Timestamp or Pages 05:53 - 06:59
Segment Episode

Dragon Ball episode 6 is the fourth bathing scene in the Dragon Ball anime series.


While camping out in the Diablo Desert in Bulma Brief takes a Shower inside the Unit Bathtub of Oolongs house wagon. In the shower she is seen washing her leg. She then shuts the water off and starts shampooing her hair. Unknown to her Yamcha is outside thinking that he is next to a window to a room Goku and Oolong in but instead end up seeing Bulma naked. Bulma then turns around and hears Yamcha shouting and looks out the window naked but doesn't see anyone and then just heads back to her shower.


Appearing Tropes


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Ocean Dub censorship

The Ocean Dub of this episode as well as the English TV airing of the episode removed the shots focusing on Bulma's breasts and buttocks and had larger beams of light covering her breasts when she was looking out the window.


This episode was first released on April 2nd, 1986. The first English airing of it was on October 14th, 1995.

Manga Version

Manga version of this scene
Main article: Dragon Ball/Chapter 009

This episode was adapted from the 9th chapter of the Dragon Ball manga series. The anime doesn't show the scene of Bulma about to strip for her Shower like the manga did but the anime added a bunch of scenes of the Shower Head being on a Bulma washing her leg. The manga does show much more of Bulma's naked body including many shots of her nipples which are covered by light beams in the anime.

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