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Dragon Ball/Chapter 002

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Dragon Ball/Chapter 001

Dragon Ball/Chapter 009

Dragon Ball ch 2 12.jpg
Official English Title No Balls!!
Kanji Title 球ボールがない!!
Rōmaji Title Booru ga nai!!
Release date November 27th, 1984
Media Manga
Studio or Magazine Weekly Shonen Jump
Scene Type Shower & Bath
Sex of Bathers Male & Female
Length 4 Pages
Timestamp or Pages Pages 5 - 8
Segment Chapter

Dragon Ball chapter 2 is the second bathing scene in the Dragon Ball manga series.


Bulma Brief gives Son Goku a Shower in her capsule house's Unit Bathtub because he stinks and doesn't know what a Bath is. Later on, Bulma lounges in a Bubble Bath crossing her legs while talking to herself. Bulma then closes her eyes and lays on her side and when she opens them back up she see's Goku standing there looking at her. Bulma screams and quickly submerges herself deeper in the water so only her head is sticking out of the bath water while Goku makes a comment about her breasts thinking that girls have an extra butt on their chest. After Bulma finds out that Goku is closer to her age when she asked how old he is, she begins to start throwing several bath accessories at him to make him leave.


Appearing Tropes


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Anime Differences

The anime version of this scene
Main article: Dragon Ball/Episode 002

This chapter was into the 2nd episode of the anime. In the anime, Goku is actually shown getting Showered with the shower head rather than having an Off Screen implication like in the manga. In the manga, Goku was standing up close to the bathtub Bulma was bathing in while in the anime, he was at a distance. Bulma's reaction to Goku watching her take a bath is different as well. In the manga she is surprised when she hears Goku's voice and slips deeper in the tub but in the anime she sees that Goku is watching her and she covers her breasts while dunking her head under the water. Also in the anime, after Goku ran out from Bulma throwing stuff at him, a shampoo bottle hits him in the forehead.


The scene first released in Japan on November 27th, 1984 in Weekly Shonen Jump (1984) #52.

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