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Dirty Pair (ダーティペア Dāti Pea) is a science fiction light novel series written by Haruka Takachiho and illustrated by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko that spawned into an anime franchise by Sunrise, a western comic series by Adam Warren published by Dark Horse Comics and a manga series by Hisao Tamaki that ran in Monthly Comic Ryu.

Bathing Scenes

unknown date after 1984 "Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Artwork"
Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Onsen Illustration.jpg
There is an Onsen scene with characters from Dirty Pair, Crusher Joe, Mobile Suit Gundam, and other Sunrise works Yoshikazu Yasuhiko was involved in. Both Yuri and Kei are having a Bath in the Hot Spring naked. Kei is Standing In The Bath while holding her gun and being splashed at by Alfin from Crusher Joe and Yuri is sitting in the hot spring holding a Wash Cloth with one hand and grabbing onto Kei's arm with the other hand stopping Kei from using the gun.
August 5th, 1985 "Dirty Pair/Episode 04"
Dirty Pair 4 5.png
Romeo takes a Shower and gets Peeped on accidentally by Yuri.
August 12th, 1985 "Dirty Pair/Episode 05"
Dirty Pair 5 2.png
Kei has a Shower scene.
September 9th, 1985 "Dirty Pair/Episode 09"
Dirty Pair 9 1.png
Yuri takes an Off Screen Bath in a Hotel Bathroom and then while wearing a Yellow Towel she talks to Kei who is in a separate hotel wearing a Pink Towel after she bathed off screen.
October 14th, 1985 "Dirty Pair/Episode 13"
Dirty Pair 13 1.png
Yuri has a Shower to wash off the stench after trying to deal with a problem in the sewers.
November 18th, 1985 "Dirty Pair/Episode 18"
Dirty Pair 18 2.png
Kei and Yuri break into the hotel room of an unnamed male they are looking for who is in a Bubble Bath using a Scrub Brush. The male breaks out a shotgun and starts to go after them in a Bathrobe but in the end wasn't the right person they were looking for.
December 2nd, 1985 "Dirty Pair/Episode 20"
Dirty Pair 20 2.png
Yuri has a Shower scene.
December 9th, 1985 "Dirty Pair/Episode 21"
Dirty Pair 21 1.png
Kei bathes Off Screen and comes out wearing a Pink Towel.
December 20th, 1985 "Dirty Pair: Affair on Nolandia"
Dirty Pair Affair on Nolandia 5.png
Kei has an Accidental Skinny Dipping scene. In a few Flashbacks, Missiny as well as a few other unnamed characters are shown in Tube Baths.
December 23rd, 1985 "Dirty Pair/Episode 23"
Dirty Pair 23 3.png
As Yuri is scaling a building, she stops and hangs nearby a bathroom window to talk to Kei through her watch while an unnamed woman comes in and takes a Bath and Showers at the same time.
December 26th, 1985 "Dirty Pair/Episode 24"
Dirty Pair 24 2.png
Yuri has a Shower scene.
November 28th, 1986 "Dirty Pair: Project Eden"
Dirty Pair Project Eden 19.png
In some colorful artistic Dream Sequence like animations shown in the opening credits of the film, an unnamed naked female is seen in many situations where she is touching or inside of water.

While the Lovely Angels, Kei and Yuri are exploring an old spaceship as part of their mission, they stumble upon the old ship's Shower Room. Being Filthy, they turn the lights on a start to Sing as they both Strip to take Bubble Baths in Neighboring Bathtubs. While Kei is laying in her bathtub Leg Stretching she has a discussion with Yuri who is Shampooing her hair over in her bathtub. As Kei is Arm Resing, she discusses that the last time she had a bath during a mission was an Off Screen Bath where to perverted old men named Jekyll and Hyde saw her.

Meanwhile above them through the air vents, Carson D. Carson is watching them during their baths but then accidently breaks the vent startling the ladies and falling into Yuri's tub. As Carson fell clothed into Yuri's bath, the water made a big enough splash that it rinsed the shampoo out of her hair but then when she sees Carson she quickly covers her chest and screams following by a swift bath kick launching him out of the tub. As Carson flies out of Yuri's bathtub, he then falls into Kei's tub landing face first right into the area of Kei's crotch. When getting up, Kei gets angry and threatens him as he is seen grabbing her breasts. While back over in Yuri's bathtub, she is seen covering her breasts with one hand and attempting to grab the orange towel hung on the rack right outside the tub but Carson who was punched by Kei flys by quickly startling her. As Carson is knocked on the other side of the room, both of the ladies are seen out of their tubs with Yuri wearing an orange Towel and Kei wearing a green Towel Bikini.

After they have a discussion, alien creatures come and put them into a Bathing Fight. During the commotion, Yuri who is still wearing a towel hangs onto a pipe above the tubs but its gets broken causing her to fall back into one of the bathtubs where she ends up Towel Bathing. She quickly backs out while panicking as the alien thats after her puches the bathtub over. For the majority of the film, Yuri remains in the orange towel after turning it into a Towel Bikini.

Later on, Professor Wattsman is seen having a strange Bath in a tub full of pink balls. After the film ends, both of the Lovely Angels are seen Neighbor Bathing once again but in Wine Glasses for the entirety of the ending credits.

December 21st, 1987 "Dirty Pair OVA/Ending Credits"
Dirty Pair OVA ED 2.png
Ella can be seen in a Towel and a Shower Cap through a window after an Off Screen Bathing scene. As the camera moves up more putting her into the main frame she quickly looks over at the viewer and closes the curtain with an annoyed look on her face.
February 21st, 1988 "Dirty Pair OVA/Episode 6"
Dirty Pair OVA 6 1.png
Yuri takes a Shower behind a Shower Curtain in the bathroom of a hotel room she was staying in.
January 25th, 1990 "Dirty Pair: Flight 005 Conspiracy"
Dirty Pair Flight 005 Conspiracy 4.png
Kei and Yuri listen to a conversation going on in the next room through the a wall of a luxury Hotel Bathroom. Kei ends up standing in the Empty Platform Slipper Bathtub while it is surrounded by the mattresses from the beds.
October unknown date, 1990 "Anime Shower Special/Issue 1"
Anime Shower Dirty Pair Art.jpg
Screenshots from Dirty Pair: Project Eden are featured in the magazine and there is an original piece of artwork by Adam Warren which features the american comic versions of Kei, Yuri and Mughi taking a Shower while Kei is Singing and Yuri is about to turn the shower valve.
December unknown date, 1992 "Anime Shower Special/Issue 2"
Anime Shower Dirty Pair Art 2.jpg
There is an original piece of artwork by Adam Warren featuring Shasti taking a Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub while listening to a walkman and holding a Rubber Duck.
May 24th, 1994 "Dirty Pair Flash/Episode 5"
Dirty Pair Flash 5 2.png
Yuri has a Shower scene.
July 1st, 1995 "Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2/Episode 2"
Dirty Pair Flash 2 2 3.png
There is a Furo scene between Yuri and Kei.
August 2nd, 1995 "Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2/Episode 3"
Dirty Pair Flash 2 3 4.png
Kei and Yuri go Skinny Dipping in a Hot Spring as well as Calbee.
September 1st, 1995 "Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2/Episode 4"
Dirty Pair Flash 2 4 2.png
There is a Public Bath scene between Kei and an Unnamed Female Bather.
October 1st, 1995 "Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 2/Episode 5"
Dirty Pair Flash 2 5 2.png
Yuri and Kei take an hour long Off Screen Bath at a Public Bath.
March 1st, 1996 "Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3/Episode 3"
Dirty Pair Flash 3 3 1.png
After some intense volleyball training, Yuri, Kei and some unnamed female bathers have Showers in Shower Stalls. As a montage plays of Yuri and Kei's volleyball training, some of the parts of of Yuri and Kei in the showers exhausted.
April 1st, 1996 "Dirty Pair Flash: Mission 3/Episode 4"
Dirty Pair Flash 3 4 5.png
Yuri has a Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub that is inside of a doll house designed for an android version of her. Later on Julian takes a Shower and then Yuri has one right after but gets mad because he won't peep on her.


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