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Official English Title Contact with the Black Organization: Negotiation Chapter
Kanji Title 黒の組織との接触(交渉編)
Rōmaji Title Kuro no Soshiki to no Sesshoku (Koushou Hen)
Release date February 10th, 2003
Media Anime
Studio or Magazine TMS Entertainment
Scene Type Furo
Sex Focus Female
Length 2 seconds
Timestamp or Pages 08:27 - 08:29
Segment Episode

Detective Conan episode 309 is a bathing scene in the Detective Conan anime series.


Hiroshi Agas tells Conan Edogawa that Ai Haibara bathing Off Screen. Conan says that's great news and Agas gets suspicious towards him thinking he wanted to peep on her where Agas then has a Dream Sequence of Ai covered in Soap Suds and Shampooing her hair. Later on we see her drying her hair with a White Towel.


This episode first aired in Japan on February 10th, 2003.


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