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Cleao Everlasting

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Cleao Everlasting
Cleao Everlasting.jpg
Kurīou Ebārasutin
Sex {{{Sex}}}
Series Orphen
Taken 6 Baths
1 Shower
Bathed In Lake
Clawfoot Bathtub
Bathed with Licorice Neilson
Accessories Used Filth
Bubble Bath
Shower Curtain

Cleao Everlasting is a character from Orphen.

Orphen (manga)

Chapter 25

She goes Skinny Dipping and is Peeped at.

Orphen (anime)

Episode 4

She trips and falls into a puddle getting dirty and goes Skinny Dipping to wash up. When she finds out that Majic Lin was using his illusionary magic to see her bathing from a distance, she comes out wearing a pink Towel and attacks him for Peeping.

Episode 12

While staying in an abandoned hotel, she finds a Clawfoot Bathtub that has collected several spider webs and decides to clean it off screen so she can use it. While Cleao is looking at the tub, Leki manages to turns the Shower on getting him and Cleao briefly puts her hand under the shower to turn it off.

Later at night, she takes a Bubble Bath in the tub with her hair tied up and stretches her leg while humming. Hartia the Black Tiger who was riding a bull on the roof of the hotel ends up falling through right into the bathroom that Cleao was bathing in and breaking the Bathtub. Cleao is seen holding the other half of the clawfoot tub using it cover herself gets mad at Black Tiger calling him a pervert thinking that he was trying to Peep and sneak in the tub with her and starts throwing various accessories at him such as Shampoo Hats, Shampoo bottles, Soap bars and lastly throws the half of the bathtub that she was covering herself with. She chases him out of the bathroom wearing a pink Towel and grabs a scythe.

Orphen Revenge

Episode 7

After getting Filthy, her and Licorice Neilson take a Bath together in a Clawfoot Bathtub behind a Shower Curtain while both wearing Towels on their heads. Cleao is Back Washing Licoris with Soap while telling her to stop calling her Ms. Cleao and to start just calling her Cleao.

Orphen Max

Chapter 1

She goes Skinny Dipping.



"What I wouldn't give for a great big bathtub filled with 98 degree water"
~Cleao Everlasting (Orphen episode 4 english dub)
"Since when did my bath time become a spectator sport"
~Cleao Everlasting (Orphen episode 4 english dub)
"How dare you try look at me while I'm bathing, what do you think your doing have you no shame! Do you think you can just waltz in here with your cape and your bull and slip into the tub with me, is that you what you think!"
~Cleao Everlasting (Orphen episode 12 english dub)
"A bath after work is definitely the best"
~Cleao Everlasting (Orphen Revenge episode 7)
"I think a bath after a hard day's work is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself"
~Cleao Everlasting (Orphen Revenge episode 7 english dub)


  • She has more bathing related scenes than any other character in the Orphen franchise.
  • Both her and Licorice Neilson are simultaneously the last two anime characters to have a Clawfoot Bathtub scene and the last two to have a Bubble Bath scene in the year 1999.
  • Orphen Revenge episode 7 is the only time she has bathed with another humanoid and the only bathing scene where she didn't get peeped on.

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