Chibiusa Tsukino

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Chibiusa Tsukino
Chibiusa Tsukino.jpg
Gender Female
Series Sailor Moon
Taken 4 Baths
Bathed In Unit Bathtub
Bathed with Usagi Tsukino
Situations Underwater Bubble Blowing
Bathtub Sharing
Bath Bonding
Beginning Bathing Scene
Edge Leaning
Ending Bathing Scene
Towel on Head
Arm Resting
Hair Down Bath
Immodest Exit
High Towel Wearing
Accessories Used Shower Cap
Colored Bathwater
Bubble Wand

Chibiusa Tsukion (also known as Sailor Chibi Moon, Rini or Sailor Mini Moon in the English Dub) is a character from Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon (anime)

Episode 60

Episode 113

She is seen bathing with Usagi Tsukino at the beginning and end of the episode.

Episode 123

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