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Charles / Charlotte Dunois
Charlotte Dunois.jpg
Gender Female
Series IS: Infinite Stratos
Taken 2 Showers
6 Baths (1 off screen)
1 Furo
Bathed In Stand Up Shower
Public Bath
Freestanding Bathtub
Bathed with Ichika Orimura
Kanzashi Sarashiki
Lingyin Huang
Houki Shinonono
Cecilia Alcott
Laura Bodewig
Tatenashi Sarashiki
Situations Peeping (victim)
Breast Covering
Crotch Covering
Gender Reveal
Towel Holding
Getting In
Hair Down Bath
Mixed Bathing
Bath Bonding
Back to Back
Leg Arching
Leg Curling
Breast Pushing
Off Screen Bathing
Tied Hair
Wash Cloth on Head
Bathtub Sharing
Breast Grabbing (grabber)
Accessories Used Towel
Colored Bathwater
Wash Cloth
Shower Curtain
Bubble Bath
Towel Headband
Rubber Duck

Charlotte Dunois is a character from IS: Infinite Stratos. She lives in a dorm that has a Stand Up Shower.

IS: Infinite Stratos (novel)

Volume 2

IS: Infinite Stratos (anime)

Episode 6

She takes a Shower.

Episode 8

She takes a Bath with Ichika Orimura.

Episode 10

She bathes at an Onsen Off Screen and is seen wearing a Spa Robe.

IS: Infinite Stratos 2


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