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Bathing Trope Glossary

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This is a current master list of accessories and tropes seen throughout bathing scenes.


Trope Example
Accessory Throwing Dragon Ball episode 2
When an angry bather throws various bathroom accessories they have access to as means of defending them self and warding off unwanted company intruding on them while they are bathing. Most commonly used to punish anyone who is peeping on them and done this way so they don’t have to stop bathing and to prevent them from coming closer or seeing more than they already saw. Soap bars, shampoo bottles, rubber ducks, scrub brushes and bath buckets are among the most common assortment of accessories that are thrown during these moments.
Dragon Ball 2 32.png
Accidental Bathing Majokko Megu-chan episode 64
When a character ends up bathing by accident and not intentionally. This is usually done by them accidentally falling into a filled bathtub or under a running shower on accident. Another example is when a character ends up losing their clothes and then ending up skinny dipping by falling into an outdoor source of water or ends up getting rained on.
Majokko Megu-chan 64 1.png
Accidental Peeping The World God Only Knows: Goddesses Arc episode 2
When a character ends up peeping on someone unintentionally. Often times even though it was unintentional they still get punished for it. Common trope during a bathing first impression.
The World God Only Knows Goddesses 2 10.png
Angry Splash Cat's Eye episode 25
When a bather expresses their anger towards someone by splashing water directly at them. Often done to peepers or at another bather that is angering them during a conversation. Splash Fight is the playful version of this trope.
Cats Eye25 10.jpg
Angst Bathing Trinity Blood episode 3
A type of bathing scene where the character of focus seems to be in emotional distress. The tone of these scenes are most of the time not comical and the bather is mostly having a monologue in their head, reflecting back on something that is bothering them or crying. Since the bather is not in a good mental state in these scenes, sometimes they don't even bother taking their clothes off. This kind of scene usually leads to the bather having flashbacks in between their moments of the bathing scene where they reflect on the issue that is troubling them. A Shower of Angst is the term most used for these types of scenes specifically focusing on the shower being the bathing method their use. Sometimes characters that are showering in these scenarios will either be hunched down or leaning against the wall. Sometimes the character will not even be standing but just sitting down curled up in the bathtub of a shower tub combo and on occasion have the bath filled up as well. A Shower of Rage is when the character's depression comes from anger and will lead to them punching the shower wall. A Bath of Angst will usually have the depressed character who is taking a bath will be curled up have their head dunked into water. Sometimes when this goes to the extreme it could lead to a suicide or suicide attempt happening.
Trinity Blood 03-02.jpg
Arm Resting Aika Zero episode 1
A position done when taking a bath where one or both arms are leaning over the edge of the bathtub. This usually shows a sign of relaxation or can also be a way for the bather to hold themselves up and even a way of getting out of the bath.
Aika Zero 1 2.png
Arm Stretching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode 44
A position where the character bathing raises their hands high above their head and stretches as far as they can. It is commonly with both arms and they will sometimes have both their hands together as they do it. It almost serves no actual purpose other than showing sign of the bather’s relaxation in the bath.
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 44 2.png
Arm Washing Genji Tsuushin Agedama episode 27
The action of a bather shown washing their arm. It is a simple action consisting of a character rubbing there hand down their arm. Sometimes if soap is involved they will rub it back and forth. It is one of the most simple signs used in bathing scenes that shows the character is thoroughly washing them self.
Genji Tsuushin Agedama 27 1.png
Astral Ocean To Love-Ru Darkness episode 9
An illusionary plane of liquid that is similar to an ocean that many characters have been shown skinny dipping in during a dream sequence.
To Love-Ru Darkness 9 39.png
Audience Acknowledgement Sabagebu! episode 6
When the bather breaks the 4th wall and acknowledges that they are in a bathing scene and talks or gestures directly at the viewer with some of them being seductively confident or others finding some way to block themselves from the viewer stopping the bathing scene.
Sabagebu 6 3.png
Awkwardly Placed Bathtub Bubblegum Crisis episode 6
When a conventional bathtub is located in a non-private place where a bathtub would typically not be in such as a kitchen, living room, office, classroom, outdoor garden or balcony.
Bubblegum Crisis 6 2.png


Trope Example
Back Floating R.O.D the TV episode 9
An action where a character that is taking a bath is floating in the bathwater on their back. This is usually in bigger bodies of water such as bathing pools and hot springs but can be done in smaller bathtubs if the character is a smaller size.
Read or Die 9 17.png
Back Leg Stretching Sengoku Busho Retsuden Bakufu Doji Hissatsuman episode 3
When a bather lays in the bath on their front and does leg stretching but with the back sides of their legs sticking out of the bathwater behind them instead.
Hissatsuman 3 6.png
Back to Back Please Twins! episode 7
When two bathers are bathing together but facing away from each other with their backs together. This is sometimes common in situations of involuntarily mixed bathing on both sides to respectfully not look at each other's naked bodies.
Please Twins 07-1.jpg
Back Washing Tsukimonogatari episode 1
An action where a character is washing another characters back. This is mostly common in an ofuro or a public bath. It is usually done with a sponge or a wash cloth but can be done with a scrub brush or bare hands as well.
Tsukimonogatari 1 90.jpg
Back Washing Line Maicching Machiko-sensei episode 4
When multiple bathers during a furo session all line up and wash each other's backs at once.
Barrel Bathtub PriPara episode 23
A circular bathtub made out of wooden barrel. Unlike regular barrels, they are more spacious and function just like normal bathtubs do. Oil drums are a metal equivalent of a barrel bathtub.
Pripara 23.png
Bath Ai Yori Aoshi episode 22
A body of water which is used to submerge into for both cleanliness and relaxation. Baths are typically filled into a type of container known as a bathtub which holds the water in. While taking a bath it is typical that one strips naked and then gets into the bathwater but depending on culture you may first need to wash outside before getting in. In order for relaxation, most people prefer their baths to have hot water rather than cold. Baths can be taken in places other than bathtubs such as hot springs or any natural body of water can be used to go skinny dipping in. Any body of liquid can be used for baths such as milk baths which use milk instead of water.
Ai Yori Aoshi 22.png
Bath Bonding El-Hazard: The Alternative World episode 6
When two or more characters bathe together and have conversation. In Japanese households, it is not unusual for more than one person to occupy the ofuro at a time and converse. Since the bath is a place where everyone is usually naked, social ranks don’t exist in this environment and everyone is considered to be on equal terms. This kind of situation can apply to almost any variation of bathing. Community bathing facilities like public baths, shower rooms, onsens and saunas are designed for this kind of thing. Other ways this is often perceived is through bathtub sharing where they are in the same bathtub together or in separate neighbor bathtubs.
El Hazard Alternative World 6 2.png
Bath Broom Strike Witches 2 episode 6
A branch of fresh birch leaves used to hit yourself while in a steam bath most prominently used in Russia and Finland. While it sounds painful it's actually pleasant feeling similar to a massage and provided that the branches are fresh enough, you can use a fair amount of force without hurting yourself. The leaves which should be wet not dry, cushion the impact nicely. The fresh birch also leaves behind a pleasant scent. Prior to refridgeration, were a rather seasonal luxury. In Russia they are refereed to as a banny venik (банный веник) and in Finland they are called vasta or vihta depending on the region.
Strike Witches2 06BD-040.jpg
Bath Bucket Sekirei episode 10
A wooden or colored plastic bucket used in Japan that has a few purposes while bathing. One use is for it to be used as a holder for other bathing accessories when going to bathe somewhere such as a public bath. Another use is as a stool to sit down on during furo sessions. Another common use is to scoop water from the bathtub or body of water that your intending to bathe in, onto your body so you can rinse off after washing before you get into the water. Bath buckets also commonly play a role in anime and manga as an improvised weapon by throwing them when a character is being peeped at.
Sekirei 10 3.png
Bath Cleaning Darling in the Franxx episode 8
A chore that is needed to be done in order to keep a bathing facility clean and still usable. One of the most primary tasks done is cleaning the bathtub when it is empty and drained. In large bathing facilities such as public baths and onsens, it is cleaned with a large broom. The person cleaning the bath is almost always clothed while doing it but sometimes they may wear a swimsuit. The cleaner may sometimes end up in a situation of accidental peeping if bathers arrive and start bathing being unaware that a cleaner wasn't finished yet.
Darling in the Franxx 8 16.png
Bath Cleavage Street Fighter Alpha: Generations
When a female characters breasts are seen floating above the bathwater when they are taking a bath. This is generally used as tame fanservice for more mainstream series. In most scenes especially ones with bubble bath, the water covers their nipples only showing us cleavage but all rules regarding this can be ignored in more mature bathing scenes.
Street Fighter Alpha Generations 1.png
Bath Destruction Maoujou de Oyasumi episode 4
When a bathtub breaks or an entire bathing facility gets destroyed.
Maoujou de Oyasumi 4 20.jpg
Bath Kick Dirty Pair: Project Eden
An action of using a leg stretch as a method of attacking someone. Often done in comedic situations but has been shown to be an effective defense measure in some serious context.
Dirty Pair Project Eden 35.png
Bath Mat Mobile Suit Gundam episode 37
A small towel or rug that is in front of the bathtub or shower for the bather to step on after getting out so the ground doesn't get wet.
Mobile Suit Gundam 37 8.png
Bath Running Ryoko's Case File episode 10
When a bath is being filled with water from the faucet of the bathtub.
Ryoko's Case File 10 2.png
Bath Slippers Cowboy Bebop episode 21
A type of really soft and thin slippers that are usually accompanied with wearing a towel or bathrobe after bathing.
Cowboy Bebop 21 4.png
Bath Stool Ano Natsu de Matteru episode 1
A stool kept in bathrooms. While such things have been used to prop feet up for using the toilet, they are generally known in anime to be used to sit on during furo sessions. Sometimes an upturned bath bucket can be used as one.
Ano Natsu De Matteru1 2.jpg
Bath Tray Mobile Suit Gundam F91
A small tray that is set onto a bathtub where certain objects can be placed. They are usually on freestanding bathtubs since they are not attached to walls that can have edges that can support the accessories and are not used in Japanese culture since they don't use bathing accessories while in the bathtub.
Gundam F91 1.png
Bather Love Hina episode 21
A term used to describe the characters that are bathing during a scene.
Love Hina 21 19.png
Bathing Ryuuou no Oshigoto! episode 2
An overall term referring to any method of washing ones naked body with liquid mostly water. It may be practiced for personal hygiene, religious ritual or therapeutic purposes. A bath is the most basic form of it which requires submerging in a large body of liquid but has evolved into other forms such as a shower which involves being sprayed with it.
Ryuuou no Oshigoto2.jpg
Bathing Attempt Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk episode 2
A situation where a character was just about to bathe or get into a bathtub but something ends up happening that stops them and they don't end up bathing.
Tower of Druaga 2 1.png
Bathing Fight Sekirei episode 2
When a character is attacked while bathing and they are forced to fight back in some way while still being naked and vulnerable. This may involve them having to pull a weapon out or it can result in them trying to be drowned in their bath water.
Sekirei 2 16.png
Bathing First Impression Ranma ½ episode 1
When characters end up meeting each other for the first time while atleast one of them is bathing. If the characters of the opposite sex of each other than the scene may end up being an accidental peeping scene and the characters initial interactions may be a bit awkward because of it. Common set up for many romantic comedies.
Ranma 1 10.png
Bathing Introduction Black Magic M-66
When a character's first ever piece of screen time is when they are naked in a bathing scene.
Black Magic M-66 01.png
Bathing Pool Inuyasha episode 58
A large built-In bathtub that is designed to accommodate a large amount of bathers. It is often at ground level and is mostly seen as part of public baths and sometimes the private bath for rich characters.
Inuyasha 58 8.png
Bathing Tent Valvrave the Liberator episode 3
A tent that is used to shelter a form of temporary bathing facility usually for some form of military related use. While some bathing tents in old fantasy settings usually have just some form of bathtub inside, modern military ones are structured more like a public bath and can include showers in them.
Kakumeiki Valvrave 3 3.png
Bathing with Animals Mahou no Idol Pastel Yumi episode 9
When a humanoid character bathes with a small animal like creature. This can range from regular household animals to aliens, Digimon or Pokemon, large animals or other strange creatures. They usually get a pass and are allowed to bathe with characters of the opposite sex since they aren't of the same species.
Pastel Yumi 09 05.png
Bathrobe Noir episode 8
A cloth jacket usually worn after bathing and made for drying off, serving the same purpose as wearing a Towel. Bathrobes are more modest and cover up more.
Noir 8 1.png
Bathroom Remodel ClassicaLoid episode 16
When a bathing facility is physically changed in-universe permanently or even temporarily sometimes through magic or scientific means. Realistic versions of this involve a bathing facility getting old or damaged and it being replaced with a new one often times changing the bathtub.
ClassicaLoid 16 5.png
Bathroom Scale Minami-ke: Tadaima episode 5
A device that is usually in a bathroom or the changing room of an ofuro that measure's someones weight. Hot baths are a way of burning calories so it is typical that many characters will use it to weigh themselves after bathing and is sometimes used to imply off screen bathing.
Bathtub A Certain Magical Index II episode 18
A container or area that holds a body of liquid that is used to take a bath in. Bathtubs come in many different sizes, forms and shapes depending on the resources and place of origin.
A Certain Magical Index II 18 02.jpg
Bathtub Alteration Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? episode 3
When an adaptation alters the physical environment of a bathing scene such as changing the type of bathtub or layout of the bathroom. Most adaptations commit to this change for recurring bathing facilities and some times the source material may change their original design to match the design used in an adaptation.
Gochiusa 3 1.png
Bathtub Car Osomatsu-san episode 18
A bathtub that is on wheels.
Osomatsu-san18 1.jpg
Bathtub Cover Sankarea episode 4
A cover that is placed on top of a filled bathtub to keep the heat in when the tub isn't being used. The most common kind are rectangular covers that fold and are used for unit bathtubs for an ofuro. Freestanding bathtubs are usually covered with a cloth.
Sankarea 4 22.png
Bathtub Sharing Asobi ni Iku yo! episode 3
Two characters bathing in the same normal sized bathtub together at the same time. Usually they bond together over conversation and the fact that they are sharing the tub with each other already shows they have a good friendship.
Asobi3 17.png
Blood Bath Karakuri Circus episode 25
A bath that has blood in it which can be achieved in two ways. One way is to bathe in nothing but a body of pure blood usually from victims. The other may be for a person to get cut and bleed out into the bathwater making it bloody commonly found in most suicide scenes. Sometimes characters may also end up being seen bathing in blood during an illusion or nightmare a character has.
Karakuri Circus 25 3.jpg
Body Sponge Girls Bravo episode 11
An act involving one bather rub their soapy body against another bather as an erotic way of washing them. It is an act usually done in soaplands.
Boiling Water Bath Joshiraku episode 1
A challenge in which a bather takes a bath consisting of extremely hot water and is tested to see how long they can last. This is a popular challenge on Japanese game shows where a see-through bathtub is used and some ice is seen available for afterwards. When this is on a live TV show, the bathers will end up having to wear swimsuits. It is also seen as a method of training.
Bowl Dokkiri Doctor episode 16
A device that is intended to be used for food to be eaten out of but may end up being used as an improvised bathtub for characters who are very small or have ended up in a scenario where they have been shrunken down. Exact same situations to how cups get used as bathtubs.
Dokkiri Doctor 16 5.png
Breast Covering Robot on the Road
An act of covering ones breasts done by female characters who are bathing naked. This is typically done when the female bather may have been peeped at and is embarrassed thus they cover their breasts with either one or both of their arms to prevent the male from getting a detailed view of them. There are two variations, one where the cover with both of the hands and one where they cover their breasts with one hand and cover their crotch with their other one.
Robot on the Road15.png
Breast Grabbing Senran Kagura episode 8
When females end up having their breasts grabbed while they were bathing. It is often by either their fellow female friends to see how big their breasts have gotten or by a male who by accident or intentionally ended up grabbing a hold of them.
Breast Pressing High School DxD episode 8
When female bather pushes her breasts up against another bather's back during a bathing scene. This is mostly done towards male bathers as a way of teasing and seducing them and mandatory for doing a body sponge.
High School DXD 8 14.png
Bubble Bath Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead episode 7
A substance that makes the bathwater full of very soapy foam. It is usually created by pouring in the substance from a bottle into the running bathwater. Bubble baths aren't very common in Japanese culture and are more of a product seen in western culture. They tend to make baths more relaxing as the bubbles help the bath retain its heat longer. The soap suds created from the bubble bath are usually seen as useful product for convenient censoring in bath scenes. Sometimes during bubble bath scenes many bubbles can be seen floating around the bathroom.
Kore wa Zombie of the Dead 7 3.png
Bubble Bath Blowing Bayonetta: Bloody Fate
A playful action where a character who is taking a bubble bath scoops some of the suds and blows it in the air making bubbles fly around the bathroom.
Bayonetta 12.png
Bubble Bath Dissipation Walkure Romanze episode 4
When a bubble bath starts to show signs of dissolving with only a few clumps of bubbles left with the rest bathwater becoming clear.
Walkure Romanze 4 2.png
Bubble Wand Project A-ko 2: Plot of the Daitokuji Financial Group
A small little wand meant for blowing a soap like substance into bubbles. They are sometimes seen used by anime characters in the bath.
Bucket Boat Twin Angel Break episode 8
When a smaller bather or animal creature sits in a bath bucket that is floating on top of the bathwater. In some instances the bucket may also be filled with water serving as a tiny bathtub for them.
Twin Angel Break8 2.jpg
Bucket Pouring Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid OVA
When a bather pours a bath bucket full of water onto themselves to rinse off. This is done during Japanese furos to rinse off any soap and shampoo. Sometimes the water is scooped out of the bathtub but in more modern ofuros the water is from a separate faucet outside of the bathtub.
Maid Dragon OVA 33.png
Bucket Shower Flip Flappers episode 4
An improvised version of a shower head that involves a bucket or can with holes in it to sprinkle water on the bather.
Flip Flappers 4 1.png
Butt Floating Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Purezza episode 1
When a character who is laying in the bath has their buttocks sticking out of the bathwater. Typically down while they are edge leaning and sometimes if they end up unconscious and facing down.
Butt Touching Keijo episode 3
When a bathers butt ends up getting touched by someone else.
Keijo 3 17.png


Trope Example
Candle Aria: The Natural episode 9
Sticks of wax that are light with fire and create light and scents. They are commonly used to create the mood for a relaxing bath in a dark room.
Aria the Natural 9 9.png
Captive Bathing Mobile Suit Victory Gundam episode 29
When a character bathes at a place that they were brought to against their will. It is usually in a scenario where they are being prepared for an event they were kidnapped for such as an involuntary wedding or a sacrifice.
Victory Gundam 29 2.png
Changing Room Eromanga-sensei episode 12
A room that leads into an ofuro, public bath or onsen that is designated to stripping and storing belongings before going out to the actual bathing area. It also can serve to any after bathing grooming. Household changing rooms typically have a sink and mirror as well as the washing machine and dryer where clothes will get washed. Locker rooms are technically this as well for shower rooms.
Eromanga Sensei12 2.jpg
Clawfoot Bathtub Nana episode 28
A freestanding bathtub that has four legs on the bottom which keep the tub elevated. Originating in Holland during the mid 1800s as a luxury item only the wealthy had. The tub became popular throughout Europe especially in England as bathing was already becoming more widespread around the time. They were very prominent in western homes in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Even though they are designed for western style baths, a few Japanese Ofuro's have been shown to have them on rare occasion since most bathrooms in Japan aren't big enough to have one.
Nana 28 21.png
Clothed Bathing Zombieland Saga opening credits
When someone is inside of bath or under a shower while wearing clothing. Usually a character ends up doing it by accident such as falling in. When it is intentional they often wear a swimsuit. Bathers usually bathe clothed on purpose during a mixed bathing session.
Zombieland Saga OP.jpg
Clothing Loss Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R episode 8
When a character who is swimming accidentally loses their swimsuit resulting in an unofficial skinny dipping scene. This also goes for situations where clothed bathing occurs but then the clothing ends up getting destroyed. Sometimes not all the clothing is destroyed but enough to make them indecent making it a partially clothed bathing scene.
Komugi-chan R6 10.jpg
Cold Bath Shinryaku! Ika Musume episode 8
A bath that is cold. Since it is a common practice for baths to be hot as it makes them relaxing, cold baths are commonly considered uncomfortable. Sometimes cold baths are seen as a training method to tolerate the cold. Most skinny dipping locations such as lakes, ponds, rivers and swimming pools are going to be cold. A cold shower can be used to fight arousal or to wake oneself up. Ice baths are an extreme variation of this trope.
Shinryaku Ika Musume - 08 - Large 02.jpg
Colored Bathwater One Punch Man episode 1
Bathwater that is a different color rather than the typical colors of clear or blue. Most average reasons for colored bathwater is the result of a bath bomb or bath salts being used with green being the most common abnormal color for baths.
One Punch Man 1 3.png
Comical Censoring Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei episode 5
When a completely out of place image is placed over a nude character's private areas. Unlike Convenient Censoring where the censorship is caused from something that is in-universe and believable in the situation, comical censoring is done with something goofy like a picture of an animal face that only the viewers see.
Communication Device Detective Conan episode 706
Any form of communicating to an outside area by the use of some form of object. The most common communication device is a phone. Some communication devices can be radios or big monitors. Other types of communication devices that can be seen are mystical such as a crytal ball.
Detective Conan 706 2.png
Convenient Censoring Witch Craft Works episode 5
When something such as an object, long hair, steam or soap suds is strategically placed by the creators that is intentionally covering a characters private areas. This isn't a means of editing but actually part of the scene. It is done to keep the scene tame and so the work doesn't get a higher age rating because of it and can sometimes be for comedic effect.
Witch Craft Works 5.png
Corner Bathtub Doraemon: Nobita's Little Star Wars
A type of built in bathtub that is meant to curve around two walls and have a round corner.
Doraemon Star Wars 17.png
Cramped Bathtub Motto To Love-Ru episode 2
When a bathtub exceeds the amount of bathers that it is capable of holding. Most average sized bathtubs can seat two humanoid bathers but once three or more are in the tub, then it is uncomfortable to sit in and there isn't enough space to fully immerse into the bath.
Motto To Love-Ru 02 37.png
Crotch Covering Lupin III episode 3
An act of covering ones bare pelvic region where their penis or vagina is located depending on the bather's sex. It is mostly done if they end up seen by someone of the opposite sex. It is common for this to be done through towel holding as well. If female bathers do this its usually with one hand while their other one is covering their breasts.
Lupin III 3.png
Crotch Grabbing Mahou Sensei Negima! episode 20
When character ends up grabbing the crotch of another character. This scenario is mostly comic relief and ends up being an element used in a sex reveal situation during bathing scenes but can also be intentionally erotic possibly escalating to intimate bathing.
Negima 20 11.png
Cup 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku episode 5
A device that is intended to be used for drinking liquids out of but may end up being used as an improvised bathtub for characters who are very small or have ended up in a scenario where they have been shrunken down. In rare situations, a giant cup can be seen used as a bathtub. Exact same situations to how bowls get used as bathtubs.
30-sai no Hoken Taiiku 5 5.png


Trope Example
Double Slipper Bathtub A Certain Magical Index the Movie: The Miracle of Endymion Promotional Artwork
A design for a slipper bathtub where both of the ends are sloped. This conveniently gives two bathers a place to lay against. Some versions of the double sided tub will have the faucet located in the center rather than the front.
Toaru Majutsu no Index Endymion no Kiseki – Dengeki Bunko Magazine.jpg
Drain Chrono Crusade episode 6
A passage that is used to remove used and old bathwater. They are located on the bottom of a bathtub which will get plugged up if the user is taking a bath. Bathtubs also have a drain that is just below the faucet as a way of regulating the water level. Drain's can also be outside of bathtubs in ofuros and shower rooms which are bigger and cannot be plugged up.
Chrono Crusade 6 5.png
Dream Sequence Kindaichi Case Files R episode 33
When a character bathes in a fantasy or dream. This can be derived through many scenarios such as sexual desires of other bathers, desires of wealth and luxury, existential sequences in an astral ocean or nightmares sequences that result in bathwater turning to blood. Certain storylines take place entirely in dreams which would make every bathing scene in that setting count as a dream sequence bathing scene.
Kindaichi Case Files R 33 13.png
Drink Outlanders
A beverage that can be drank by characters while relaxing in a bath. A cold drink is a good contrast for anyone who is in a hot bath. Alcholic drinks are typically the ones that get drunk during these scenes as a good way to loosen up. Sake and cups are often seen in hot springs on top of floating bath buckets and private bathtubs while usually have a drink on a side table next to the tub or held by a servant.
Drinking Bathwater Ane Log: Moyako Neesan no Tomaranai Monologue episode 1
An act that involves drinking the water that was used in another character's bath. This is usually something that a perverted character desires and the bathwater that is usually desired from is attractive characters.
Ane Log1 14.jpg
Drop-In Bathtub Birdy the Mighty Decode episode 6
A type of bathtub that is placed inside of a solid built-in surface that surrounds it on all four sides.
Birdy the Mighty Decode 6 3.png
Drowning Attempt Adventures of Kotetsu episode 1
When the bather almost dies from losing their breath when underwater. It can be from a character intentionally trying to drown them but failing or the bather by accident getting stuck in a situation where they couldn't easily get back up to breathe.
Adventures of Kotetsu 1 13.png


Trope Example
Edge Leaning Madlax episode 24
When a character who is taking a bath leans all the way up to the edge of the bath and has their arms and head over its rim.
Madlax 24 1.png
Empty Bathtub Blood Lad episode 7
A scenario in which a character is seen inside or on a bathtub that is empty with no water running.
Blood Lad 7 End Card.jpg


Trope Example
Faucet Side Sitting Neon Genesis Evangelion episode 2
When a bather sits on the side of the bathtub that the faucet is located. This is the less comfortable side of the tub and when bathtub sharing occurs, somebody will inevitably have to get stuck on sitting on this side. In some instances, a solo bather will sit on this side for unknown reasons but could possibly be to have quicker access to the faucet to change the water temperature. This trope does not apply to any tubs that have a faucet directly in the center of the tub.
Neon Genesis Evangelion 2 7.png
Filth The Sacred Blacksmith episode 7
The dirt, dust, food, grease, mud, slime and sweat that gets on the characters which usually results in them needing to have their bath & shower scenes to wash it off. Sometimes it is other characters that force them to bathe because they don't want to be around them when they are covered in filth and it may result in them having to have to borrow the household's bathing facility as a guest to clean up. A mud bath is where characters intentionally bathes in filth.
Flashback Tegami Bachi episode 17
A bathing scene that is presented as a past tense moment and only shown as a flashback rather than a present event. Sometimes bathing scenes that are presented as a current event can be appear as a flashback later on but that is referred to as a recap.
Letter Bee 17-01.jpg
Flat Bathtub Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu episode 24
The most basic type of freestanding bathtub that is just flat on the bottom sitting on the ground rather than being held up on four legs like a clawfoot bathtub or having a flat platform on the bottom like a pedestal bathtub.
Nanatsu no Taizai S2 24 1.png
Floral Bath Warau Salesman NEW episode 1
A bath that is covered in flowers that is also referred to as a Mandi Bunga. It is originally done as a ritual by the Chinese to dispel bad luck. A common form of floral bath involves the usage of rose petals. It can also be used in a medicinal bath which consists of a some form of healing substance such as herbs as the bath itself focuses more on the purpose of curing a person than hygiene. Most medicinal baths have different colored bathwater because of the substances put into it.
Warau Salesman NEW 1 3.png
Food Bathing Koufuku Graffiti episode 3
When a character is shown bathing in food as if it was a bath. It is often presented as a dream sequence to act as a metaphor for how good the food they are eating is. It can also actually happen in universe. Hot soup is the most common type of food to see characters bathe in.
Koufuku Graffiti 3 End Card.jpg
Foot Bath Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid OVA
When a clothed character uses a hot bath to only dip their feet in and not fully bathe. Many hot spring towns have areas like these around outside.
Maid Dragon OVA 1.png
Foot Dipping Shinkon Gattai Godannar episode 4
When a character is shown dipping their foot into bathwater before getting in. It is also a way for them to test the water to make sure the water isn't too cold or too hot.
Godannar 4 2.png
Forced Bathing Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~ episode 1
When a character is involuntarily bathed by force. They could be someone that dislikes bathing but someone who is taking care of them needs them to bathe. Sometimes characters want to bathe by themselves without any assistance but the servant insists.
Freestanding Bathtub Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou episode 7
A type of bathtub that is a stand alone object rather than being attached to the ground like a built-in bathtub. There are several variations of freestanding bathtubs such as a basic flat bathtub and the clawfoot bathtub which is heightened on four legs. A pedestal bathtub is a freestanding tub that is heightened by a base on the bottom of it. There are also many different shapes for the tubs such as the flat end tub where one end is rounded and the other end is flat. The double ended model is rounded on both sides. The slipper bathtub has one end raised up and the double slipper bathtub has both ends raised up.
Modern Magic 7 1.png
Furo Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu episode 10
The japanese term for bathing which is commonly used to describe their specific style of taking a bath. It usually starts with the bather taking their clothes off in a separate changing room and then coming into the bathing room referred to as the ofuro which has an already filled bath and a separate washing area outside the tub. The must first wash outside of the tub and then shower them self off, afterwards they enter the tub to relax. This style of bathing is done to keep the bathwater clean for other bathers and conserve water. This style of bathing is also easier for more than one person to use at a time as they can trade off between the tub and shower.
Minami Kamakura 10 21.png


Trope Example
Getting In Jojo's Bizarre Adventure episode 18
The action of a character entering a bath. This is commonly starting by foot dipping. Another way is by a character grabbing onto the rim of a bathtub and lifting one leg into the tub and then the other one right after. This is then sometimes accompanied by standing in the bath first and then sitting down and easing their body into the water. Sometimes a character may use more exciting means to get in the bath such as jumping.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 18 5.png
Getting Out Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale
The action of a character leaving or exiting a bath. This is usually started by standing in the bath and walking out of the water or can be from grabbing onto the rim of a bathtub and lifting them selves up out of it. A common view is too show one leg step out of the bath and then the other one follow afterwards.
Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale5.png
Goemonburo Steel Angel Kurumi episode 6
A type of built-in undermount bathtub that has a circular iron inside that is heated from a small furnace at the bottom and commonly covered by a wooden lid when not used. It is named after the famous thief Ishikawa Goemon who was killed by being boiled alive in a cauldron.
Steel Angel Kurumi 6.png
Guest Bathing Bleach episode 116
When a character is visiting someone else's residency and given the hospitality of using their bathing facility. In Japanese culture it is very common to bathe at night so when someone is staying the night, it is polite to let them be the first to bathe if they don't end up bathing together. Another circumstance is that a character could end up getting filthy at or near someone else's house and they end up having clean up at this person's house.
Bleach 116 6.png


Trope Example
Hand Dipping My Hero Academia episode 41
When a character dips just their hand into bathwater. The character could be running a bath and feeling the temperature or needed a way to warm their hands up and choosing to dip them into a nearby full bathtub to heat them.
My Hero Academia 41 11.png
Hands Behind Head Video Girl Ai episode 4
When a character who is taking a bath put there hands behind their head as they are lounging. It is usually a sign that the bather is comfortable and relaxing in their bath.
Video Girl Ai 4 11.png
Hair Down Bath A Channel episode 2
When a long haired character takes a bath with their hair down completely. When a character usually has their hair tied up when out in their lives, the bath can be one of the rare instances when they have their hair down in the bath to completely relax. Sometimes this isn't the case, in Japanese culture it is common for people to tie hair when entering the ofuro so they don't end up leaving pieces of their hair in the bathwater that others will use so it may be somewhat rare for long haired bathers to take baths with their hair completely down.
A Channel 2 9.png
Hair Dryer Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen-mae Hashutsujo episode 260
An electrical device that shoots out hot air used to dry wet hair faster. It is often used after bathing, especially when a character bathes before bed and doesn't want to get their pillow wet. In some bathing scenes they may be in some part of a special kind of high tech shower that blow drys them off after they are finished showering. Hair dryers are sometimes a threat in some bath scenes that may result in them accidentally falling into the bathtub potentially shocking the bather.
Hinoki Bathtub Ikkitousen episode 1
A Japanese styled bathtub that is made out of wood. Water is usually drawn into a hinoki bathtub from a small stream that continually runs into the bathtub. It usually plays the same role as a unit bathtub but made out of wood and can often be even bigger than one even to the point of being the size of a bathing pool.
Ikkitousen 1 1.png
Hip Bath Daisougen no Chiisana Tenshi: Bush Baby episode 38
A type of small Victorian bathtub that is similar to a chair. It is like a pedestal slipper bathtub but small and shallow meant for taking sitz baths. It can be considered a more high class version of a washtub.
Daisougen no Chiisana Tenshi Bush Baby 38 11.jpg
Hot Spring Frame Arms Girl episode 11
A natural body of water that is filled with hot water that was geothermally heated and is almost exclusively used by many to take baths in. Japan most notably has a large amount of hot springs with most of them now being commercialized and have been turned into onsens and uchiyus. Out in the wild they are the most ideal place to go skinny dipping because its the only natural source of hot water which sometimes will be occupied by monkeys in the area.
Frame Arms Girl11 15.jpg
Hot Spring Creation Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team episode 7
The act of using some means of making a natural body of water into a hot spring to go skinny dipping in. It is done with use of magic in many fantasy setting but is also seen through technology in other settings.
Gundam 08th MS Team 7 8.png
Hot Spring Monkeys Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda episode 9
Japanese macaque which inhabit the areas that hot springs are located. They bathe in the hot springs and even some human run onsens. They bathe even if humans are around and the human bathers typically leave them alone.
Sekai Seifuku9 15.jpg
Hose Shower Umisho episode 5
A shower that is done with a regular garden hose mostly outdoors. This is mostly a poverty situation for bathing and the water from these showers are presumably cold since they aren't meant to be used for bathing.
Hotel Bathroom Umisho episode 5
A private bathing facility in a hotel room for the guests of that specific room to bathe in. In many scenarios in fiction, when characters stay in hotels and Inns it is usually to rest up and taking a bath or a shower is usually one of the things they do and to some characters that are constantly traveling it is mostly seen as there only or most prominent method of bathing. Hotels are known for having either very luxurious bathrooms or having old rundown ones. In love hotels they are usually used in turns preparing for intimacy.
Amagami SS - 04 - Large 27.jpg
Hugging Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi episode 10
A friendly embrace between to bathers. During moments of bathers bonding, one may show comforting support by giving them a hug. In a different context mostly with character of opposite sexes this will be an implied escalation to intimacy.
Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi 10 81.png


Trope Example
Ice Bath Dororon Enma-kun Meeramera episode 9
A type of cold bath that has at least a few cubes of ice in it making it cold. They can vary between having ice cubes or be a bath that has been frozen solid into one singular block of ice. Characters that are ice yokai known as Yuki-onna are given bath scenes that are typically in ice, some of the powers to turn hot baths into ice baths. Also characters who end up getting their kidneys stolen may end up waking up in a bath like this.
Immodest Exit Sailor Moon episode 123
When a character who finishes bathing leaves the bathing area and even the changing room and is completely naked and uncovered without wearing a towel or bathrobe into an area that wouldn't be acceptable to be naked in. Most of the time, the uncovered bather is usually not embarrassed but the ones who they appear naked in front of are.
Sailor Moon 123 18.png
Inflatable Pool Combat Mecha Xabungle episode 24
A small portable swimming pool that requires to be filled up by air. It is sometimes used as an improvised bathtub when there is no proper bathtub around.
Xabungle 24 1.png
Intimate Bathing Joshiochi!: 2-kai kara Onnanoko ga... Futtekita!? episode 5
The act of two people showing physically affection towards each other while they are in a bath or under a shower. This can vary from kissing to sexual acts. Soaplands are bath houses dedicated to experiencing intimate bathing.
Joshiochi5 10.png


Trope Example
Jacuzzi Bubblegum Crash episode 2
A bathtub that has jets that massages the bathers and can even create some bubble bath and are part of more modern and high tech bathtubs. In the west jacuzzis are mostly outdoors alongside swimming pools and swimsuits are usually worn in them but getting naked in them still occurs. They make noise when on and the water and bubbles are usually seen constantly flowing.
Bubblegum Crash 2 1.png
Jumping Aozora Shoujotai episode 4
An enthusiastic leap into or out of bath. It often causes splashing and temperature-testing usually does not precede it. In onsens and public baths it is frowned upon and considered rude and childish.
Aozora Shoujotai 4 4.png


Trope Example
Kamaburo Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku episode 9
A type of Japanese bathtub that has a design similar to an iron kettle with edges to the sides. It is heated from a small furnace at the bottom. An oil drum bath is an informal improvisation of this type of bathtub.


Trope Example
Lake El-Hazard: The Wanderers episode 23
A natural large body of cold water. This can be a type of environment that characters go skinny dipping in.
El Hazard Wanderers 23 1.png
Leg Arching Sankarea episode 2
A position that is done when relaxing in the bath that involves the knee of one leg is sticking out of the water while the other leg is completely submerged.
Sankarea OVA 2 2.png
Leg Crossing Tower of Druaga: Sword of Uruk episode 10
A position that involves a character having one leg folded across the other leg while laying in a bath. Leg crossing is sometimes initiated after some leg stretching. The position usually implies that the character is relaxed and is usually holding this position by arm resting or having their hands behind their head. It can also be done with the legs dangling over the edge of the bathtub.
Leg Curling Romeo x Juliet episode 3
A position where the bather has both of their legs parallel against each other in the bath. The view of this is usually showing both of the knees raised out of the bathwater. While this position is not very eventful and casual on many occasions, there are times when it is used as a way of expressing vulnerability by curling up. Sometimes it is also a way of showing discomfort from bathing in a small area or trying to make room for a second bather to get into the other side of the bathtub.
Romeo x Juliet 3 1.jpg
Leg Dangling Black Cat episode 16
A position in which the bather is lounging with their legs dangling outside of the bathtub that they are taking a bath in. This is bad posture because the bather is not sitting in the tub properly but sometimes the reason may be that the tub they are bathing in is too small.
Black Cat 16 1.png
Leg Folding Soul Eater episode 1
A position in which the bather's full leg is sticking above the bathwater but folded down. This is often a movement that transitions into leg stretching but also can be used as a seductive pose.
Soul Eater 1 1.png
Leg Spreading Devilman: Crybaby episode 3
A position in which both the bather's legs are spread far apart from each other. This is the most casual lounging position and most vulnerable. In some scenes it can be intended to be provocative.
Devilman Crybaby 3 3.png
Leg Stretching Lupin III: Alcatraz Connection
An action which involves a person in a bath extending their leg up and having it stick out of the bath water. This is usually done to show that the bather is relaxed or sometimes when they are washing their leg. Leg Stretching may also be used as a way to kick somebody.
Lupin III Alcatraz Connection 1.png
Leg Washing New Cutie Honey opening credits
When a bather is seen washing their leg either with soap or with water. If a character is in the bath doing this then they most likely will be leg stretching or leg folding.
New Cutie Honey OP 3.png
Leggera Bathtub Nisekoi: episode 1
A modern style of a freestanding slipper bathtub where there are sloped ends on all four corners. Unlike other models of freestanding bathtubs, these can't have clawfeet and are only available as a flat or a pedestal bathtub.
Nisekoi S2 1 3.png


Trope Example
Middle Sitting Nisemonogatari episode 4
When a bather sits in the middle section of the bathtub and not sitting against the two ends of the tub. This is not the normal or intended way bathtubs are meant to be sat in and usually the bather may be forced to leg curl or leg dangle in this position since the space is usually not big enough to fully fit in. This may also be needed of one of the bathers if three or more bathers are sharing a tub that was only intended for a maximum of two.
Nisemonogatari 4 135 BD.png
Milk Bath Master of Mosquiton '99 episode 11
A bath that has milk in. The idea behind milk baths is to preserve beauty and good for skin.
Master of Mosquiton 99 11 08.jpg
Milk Drinking Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S OVA
When a character drinks milk after they finished bathing. This commonly happens after getting out of public baths or onsens as vending machines in the changing room or lobby will have milk readily available. Females believe that drinking milk after a bath will help increase their breast size.
Mirror Dirty Pair Flash episode 5
A flat object used to show reflection. They are commonly seen in bathrooms as they are useful for hygienic management. In Japanese Ofuros they are very prominent for bathing during furo session as the bather typical sits in front of it as they are washing.
Dirty Pair Flash 5 3.png
Misogi Aikatsu Friends! episode 14
A type of ritual bathing that involves showering under a waterfall only wearing a thin white bathing gown.
Aikatsu Friends14.jpg
Mixed Bathing Sailor Moon episode 40
When people of both sexes bathe together. Some older onsens out in Japan's countryside known as Konyoku have mixed bathing. While many male characters fantasize about the idea of being able to take baths with girls, most mixed baths end up being disappointing to them and full of elders. Usually during mixed baths at onsens everyone wears a towel in the hot spring to maintain modesty in front of each other. Mixed bathing can also happen informally within' households. It isn't uncommon for a person to bathe with someone of the opposite sex who is significantly younger than them. Onsens and public baths don't have any problem with kids bathing in the opposite sexes side to be with their parent of guardian. It is also common for couples who are in a relationship to bathe together as a time of romantic bonding which can sometimes escalate to intimacy. Sometimes when people of the opposite sex who aren't in a relationship end up in a situation where they have to bathe together, they often try to be considerate and be faced in the opposite direction and try to be distant from each other. There are also situations where a character may accidentally fall in or start using a bath that they didn't know was being used by the opposite sex.
Sailor moon 40 2.jpg
Money Bathing Hime-Sama Gyoujin episode 12
When a character takes a bath in a bathtub full of some kind of currency. It is generally used to show off money a characters has. This is often a desire for greedy characters and most of these scenes are dream sequences.
Hime-Sama Gyoujin 12.png
Morning Bathing The Ancient Magus' Bride episode 12
When a character bathes in the morning. The intention of bathing in the morning is mostly just for hygienic purposes and getting ready for the day. Taking a shower in the morning is more common than a bath because its quicker method of washing. Bathing in the morning is pretty uncommon in Japanese society as night is usually when most people bathe.
Mahou Tsukai no Yome 12 8.png
Mud Bath Avatar: The Last Airbender episode 35
A type of bath that is of mud instead of water intended for detoxing. It is a service provided at spas. The bather gets showered off afterwards.
Avatar 35 3.png
Multi-Shower 009-1 chapter 8
A type of modern and sometimes futuristic luxury shower that has multiple shower heads spraying the bather in several directions.
009-1 ch 08 1.jpg
Murder Umineko no Naku Koro ni episode 3
When a bather's life is taken from them while they are bathing. They can be stabbed turning their bath into a blood bath, shot, electrocuted from them dropping an electrical appliance in their bath or they can be pushed underwater making them drown.
Murder Attempt Devilman OVA episode 2
When a character is attacked while they are bathing with the intention of killing them but end up failing. Unlike a bathing fight, the character is generally helpless and the murder ends up failing usually from some outside involvement.
Devilman OAV2-20.jpg


Trope Example
Neighboring Bathtubs Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen episode 3
When bathers have separate bathtubs next to each other that they get to themselves. Though the situation is very rare since most places wouldn't have two bathtubs next to each other or even in the same room, these are typically common at unique public bathing facilities and spas. This is a bit more common when it comes to oil drum bathing since an average barrel can barely fit two bathers and it would be more simple if they just bathed in seperate ones if the resources are available.
Utawaramono 2 3 6.png
Night Bathing Wizard Barristers episode 2
When a character bathes at night. In Japanese culture, night time is the most common time of the day for people to bathe as it is a routine that people do before bed to take their time to relax and unwind.
Wizard Barristers 2 1.png


Trope Example
Ocean Rinne no Lagrange episode 7
A giant body of salt water that surrounds the Earth as well as many other fictional worlds. The ocean is seen to be a popular place for swimming as well as skinny dipping which sometimes is achieved on accident due to losing a swimsuit.
Rinne no Lagrange 7 23.png
Off Screen Bathing Neon Genesis Evangelion episode 9
When a character takes a bth or a shower but it is not visually shown on screen. It can given through a character stating that they are going bathe or that they have just bathed. Strong hints of off screen bathing are the character walking out of the bathroom wearing a towel or bathrobe. Other hints are when a character can be seen running their bath or when a character is Stripping or getting dressed in their ofuro's changing room. Usually when characters are at an onsen, you can see some characters wearing spa robes that you didn't see in the actual bathing scene itself. In scenes with a public bath or shower room, you can sometimes see clothed characters leaving the facility holding their bathing accessories implying that they used before the scene started. Off screen bathing is usually caused by pacing within' the story as the bathing session they had may not have had any relevance to the plot and didn't need to be shown. There are times when the source material will have a moment implying off screen bathing and a later adaptation will add extra filler scenes showing the bathing.
Neon Genesis Evangelion 9 2.png
Ofuro Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! episode 1
A type of Japanese bathroom which is accommodated specifically for furo sessions. Unlike western bathrooms, Ofuros are made only for bathing and don't have a toilet or sink in them and instead have a separated bathtub and a shower with a drain on the floor. Ofuros begin with a changing room that seperates the bathroom with a stained glass door. The most average bathtubs seen in ofuros are built-in bathtubs such as unit bathtubs, hinoki bathtubs and undermount bathtubs but on rare instants can have bathing pools or more western style freestanding bathtubs such as a clawfoot bathtub.
Kono Bijutsubu1 4.jpg
Oil Drum Future Diary episode 23
A type of liquid storage container is a metal version of a barrel. It is often used at times as an improvised Bathtub in poor country side environments. This is a very informal version of the goemonburo and kamaburo. Usually water is poured into it and the drum is held up over a fire where the water can be heated.
Mirai Nikki - 23 - Large 03.jpg
Oil Massage Slow Start episode 9
A method of bathing in which the bather lays down naked and has oil or lotion rubbed all over their body by another person. It is a common treatment received at spas and is sometimes done after or before the person has had a bath.
Slow Start9 6.jpg
Onsen Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san opening credits
A public bathing facility centered around a hot spring. They are located in more rural areas and most have them have the hot spring split in half dedicated one side to females and the other for male bathing.
Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san OP 1.png
Outdoor Winter Bath Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On episode 17
The act of taking a bath outdoors in a snowy setting mostly it being a hot spring.
Monster Hunter Ride On 17.jpg
Overflowing Birdy the Mighty episode 1
When a filled bath is so full that water starts spilling out of the sides most commonly when the bather gets into the tub.
Birdy the Mighty 1 15.png
Overheating Ginban Kaleidoscope episode 1
When a bather stays in a hot bath so long that they start getting dizzy or turning red. This is dangerous as sometimes it may lead to becoming unconscious.
Ginban Kaleidoscope 1 6.png


Trope Example
Partially Clothed Bathing Yatterman episode 22
The act of bathing in a state of almost being undressed to the point of not being all the way naked but barely being clothed even less than what a swimsuit would have. For females this would be only wearing panties with no top or vice-versa.
Pedestal Bathtub Aquarion Evol episode 12
A type of freestanding bathtub that is heightened by a base on the bottom of it.
Aquarion Evol 12 2.png
Peeping Arakawa Under the Bridge episode 2
When someone ends up seeing someone bathing. It is usually done by males seeing females and they get put in a shocked and embarrassed state. This is usually ends in them getting angry and screaming and sometimes them physically harming their peeper. This is not always done on purpose and often times done on accident. Sometimes the bather may be unaware of being peeped at.
Arakawa 2 6.png
Photographed Hagane Orchestra episode 1
When a picture gets taken of a bather while they are in the middle of bathing. This is either for black mail or a pervert or stalker's private collection. Sometimes a character who is famous in universe may be consenting to it as part of a photoshoot or some form of ad. Recording is the video equivalent.
Hagane Orchestra1.jpg
Pillow Laughing Target
A soft cushion to rest a persons head on. Sometimes it can be seen used for a bath in a bathtub. There are also specially made pillows for baths.
Laughing Target 3.png
Platform Bathtub Un-Go episode 9
A bathtub that is built inside of a raised plaform.
Un-Go9 4.jpg
Pond Rune Soldier episode 4
A small body of natural water that characters sometimes go skinny dipping in. A lake is a bigger version.
Rune Soldier 04 4.png
Pre-Intimacy Bathing Gintama episode 34
When a character is bathing just before they are about to engage in intimate activities with another. This is usually done in turns leading the bathers to be in anticipation for the sex they are about to have. In a lot of animes, this down time leads to hesitation that results in the intimacy not going through. Love hotels are common places for these types of scenes.
Gintama 34 1.png
Psycho Parody Ojousama Sousamou
A shower scene that is a parody or homage to the 1960 live-action film Psycho. In the original film, the bather Mario Crane takes a shower and a silhouette behind the curtain murders her with a knife. Parodies of this scene usually happen in horror movies that are being watched by characters in universe but there are often comedic sequences that subvert the expectation.
Debutante Detective Corps 5.png
Public Bath UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie
A communal bathing facility where many bathers go to have their bath together. They can come in many different forms and were very popular among the Romans and to the Japanese. In anime and manga, many dormitories or other organized group bases have the same general concept for the many members to bathe. In Japan, the bath bouse or sento is the most common form of public bath which is where people who don't have bathing facilities at home go to bathe. They have a bathing pool and a row of showers. The baths are separated by gender where all the males go to one bath and all the females go to another on the other side of the wall. People first pay money then go into the next room where they strip their clothing off and then enter the bathing area.


Trope Example
Rain Shower Adventures of Kotetsu episode 1
When a nude character is outside when it is raining it is technically a shower.
Adventures of Kotetsu 1 20.png
Reading Sket Dance episode 60
An activity that some bathers do during prolonged baths. They can read things such as books, computers, magazines and newspapers.
Sket Dance 60-02.jpg
Recap Footage A Certain Scientific Railgun episode 22
A flashback to a bathing scene that has already been shown using the same footage from the original scene. Sometimes there are effects around it to make appear as a flashback. This also can refer to times a bathing scene was shown in an episode recap.
Railgun 11 7.png
Recorded Haunted Junction episode 5
When a video gets recorded of a bather while they are in the middle of bathing. This is either for black mail or a perverted character or stalker's private collection. Sometimes a character who is famous in universe may be consenting to it as part of a form of TV ad or movie scene.
Haunted Junction5.jpg
Recycled Footage Charady's Daily Joke episodes 9, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25, 32, 38, 40, 46, 50, 53, 59, 81
When a video gets recorded of a bather while they are in the middle of bathing. This is either for black mail or a perverted character or stalker's private collection. Sometimes a character who is famous in universe may be consenting to it as part of a form of TV ad or movie scene.
Charady 4 1.png
Rim Sitting Strawberry Panic! episode 15
When a character sits on the edge of a bathtub, hot spring or a bathing pool with edges.
Strawberry Panic 15 3.png
Ritual Bathing Rune Soldier episode 1
When a bathing is done as some kind of purification ceremony or for preparation for a ritual.
River Seikon no Qwaser episode 7
A natural body of water that is a long linear stream that skinny dipping can happen in. Waterfalls can go down into them and the can lead down them as well.
Seikon no Qwaser 7 41.png
Rotenburo UQ Holder! episode 2
A type of outdoor onsen resort where you don't bathe directly in the hot springs but in big hinoki bathtubs and bathing pools that the water from the hot springs flow into.
UQ Holder 2 47.png
Rubber Duck Shokugeki no Soma episode 4
A toy duck that floats in bathwater. They usually squeak if they are squeezed. They are usually yellow, and sometimes wear hats. They often seem to serve no purpose in bath scenes except for just being there.
Shokugeki no Soma 4 9.png
Ryokan March Comes in Like a Lion episode 36
A type of Japanese Inn that has communal baths such as Onsen and Rotenburo that have private baths in their rooms.


Trope Example
Scalding Hot Bath MM! episode 2
When a bath is so hot that the bather leaps out of it.
MM - 02 - Large 01.jpg
Scar Reveal Inuyasha episode 29
When a character that is bathing is shown to have some sort of scar on them that was never shown before implying some dark past event.
Inuyasha29 3.png
Scrub Brush Gokinjo Monogatari episode 36
A brush used for scrubbing yourself primarily hard places to reach like the back. Can also be used as a blunt object to hit peepers with.
Servant Hayate no Gotoku! episode 22
People that are hired to serve someone. It is common for servants to be seen helping someone bathe, mostly for wealthy characters.
Hayate no Gotoku22 3.jpg
Sex Reveal Toriko episode 55
When a character's sex is revealed to the audience or another character through a bathing scene. Many characters may first appear as the opposite sex as who they really are but them being naked in a bathing scene reveals that they are actually the opposite and it even throws off other characters to an awkward interaction.
Shampoo Cardcaptor Sakura episode 6
A type of soap used specifically for washing hair. It is sometimes followed by another substance for hair known as conditioner. In Japanese culture, shampoo is applied outside of the bath during a furo session and rinsed off under a shower. A sign of a character using shampoo is a big cloud of soap suds in their hair and usually their hands rubbing it.
Shampoo Hat FLCL Alternative episode 4
A hat worn during a bathing that can keep shampoo from getting into the bathers eyes.
FLCL Alternative 4 23.jpg
Shaving Himote House episode 11
The removal of body hair while bathing usually on the face, arms, legs or even private area. Shaving cream is applied on the body before doing it and sometimes when not being careful may accidentally cut them.
Shower Occult Academy episode 2
A method of bathing that involves a person to stand naked over a running water source that sprays water onto their body. Showers are typically taken by using a device known as a shower head which will spray many small streams of water onto the bather at high pressure and is usually done so over a floor that has a drain on it so the water doesn't flood the area. Unlike baths which are used for both cleansing and relaxing, showers sole purpose is for cleansing and is usually considered to be a lot quicker and more clean that a bath. Showers have become the most standard method of bathing by the late 20th century in western culture. Most bathrooms in the west have a shower tub combo which places a shower head over a bathtub where the user stands in an empty bathtub that is closed off by a shower curtain to take a shower. In Japanese culture, the shower is usually separated from the tub and it is utilized as part of a bath during a furo session where they would shower first before getting into the bathtub to keep the bathwater water clean. Showers can still be taken out in the wild such as through rain or a waterfall while skinny dipping.
Occult Academy 2 2.png
Shower Cap Urusei Yatsura episode 152
A hat that prevents hair from getting wet used during showers though the hat is sometimes worn during baths as well. It is often not seen in anime and manga as much since most characters instead will just wear a towel on their head.
Urusei Yatsura 152 5.png
Shower Curtain Death Parade episode 5
A long cloth that is used during a shower to prevent water from being sprayed out into the rest of the room and also serves as means of privacy for the bather and are sometimes closed even when the bather is taking a bath instead. Shower curtains are often shown to be somewhat transparent in shower scenes to show a silhouetted shadow of a character who is showering as well. Though some shower curtains are typically plain with a single color, they are seen to come in many different designs such as ones with hearts or polka dots. Shower curtain's aren't completely common in Japanese culture as the average method of household showers are part of the furo session and would generally only be seen in western style bathrooms or in some communal showers.
Death Parade 5 1.png
Shower Head 009-1 episode 2
A device that is used for taking a shower which is what sprays water onto the bather. It can also be used during a bath to rinse soap and shampoo off of the bather.
009-1 2 01.png
Shower Room Idol Memories episode 1
A large room filled with showers suited to be a place where multiple people can shower in the same room together. They are typically put in locker rooms or some sort of group base. Similar to public baths, they are usually separate rooms for each gender. Some have a design of having everyone in one giant open room with showers along the walls and others will have a series of shower stalls where each bather is standing in a separated space for them.
Idol Memories 1 8.png
Shower Sharing Zoids: Chaotic Century episode 8
When characters shower together under the same shower head or in the same shower stall.
Shower Stall Occult Academy episode 8
A small enclosed area that is dedicated to a shower for a single person to use. Many of them are together in shower rooms so multiple bathers can shower at the same time with each person having there own individual area.
Occult Academy 8 1.png
Shower Tub Combo Fairy Tail: The Phoenix Priestess
A type of bathroom fixture that places a shower head over a bathtub. The design is for smaller bathrooms to conserve space. To take a shower, the bathtub must be empty to stand in and unplugged while a shower curtain or door is closed off so water doesn't fall out. These are the most common bathing facilities in western societies in the late 20th and 21st century.
Fairy Tail Movie 7.png
Side Table 7th Garden chapter 11
A standalone separate table that is outside of a bathtub. Objects such as drinks, communication devices, books or other bathing accessories are often placed here to give the bather easy access to them without having to get out of the tub.
7th Garden ch 11 1.jpg
Simultaneous Bath and Shower Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon episode 5
When a character takes a shower while they are already sitting or standing in a bath full water.
Anti-Magic Academy5 4.jpg
Singing Ace wo Nerae! episode 6
An act that involves the utterance of a melody through words, humming or whistling. It can often be seen done by characters who are bathing or showering as a sign of them enjoying themselves.
Ace wo Nerae 6 4.png
Sitz Bath One Piece episode 136
A shallow bath that mostly only covers the lower body. Any bath that is in a washtub or a hip bath qualify as a sitz bath. In modern day it is mostly done for medical purposes.
One Piece 136.png
Skinny Dipping A Time Slip of 10000 Years: Prime Rose
When a character swims in a lake, river, ocean or any natural body of water naked. This is common for traveling characters because they are usually in areas where a formal bath isn't around. However, the water is usually cold and they are out in the open meaning any common person could end up watching them. Sometimes the character may get lucky and end up finding a Hot Spring to skinny dip in. Skinny dipping can sometimes happen in a swimming Pool or if a character is out swimming in a swimsuit and they accidentally lose it and end up naked.
Prime Rose 1.png
Sliding Shower Door Archie's Girls Betty & Veronica chapter 255
A sliding glass door that is attached to a shower tub combo instead of it having a shower curtain.
Archie's Girls ch 255 2.jpg
Slipper Bathtub Romeo x Juliet episode 3
a model of Freestanding Bathtub that has atleast one sloped end to create a more comfortable lounging position for the bather to lay in. The look seems very classy and appealing for a bathtub and usually likes to be a sign of elegance.
Romeo x Juliet 3 3.jpg
Slipping Okusama ga Seitokaichou! episode 6
A scenario that happens in bathing scenes because water and other liquids reduce friction and grip that people have on the surfaces they stand on. Sometimes it also happens because of oily lubricants like Soap, or characters may walk on and slip on a slippery bar of soap or a round cannister of shampoo. Slipping is when people lose their sense of balance and fall or slide in ways they did not intend due to the slipperiness. It can include falling off one's feet, or even when already lying down, they may fall into a posture they did not intend.
Okusama ga Seitokaichou6 14.jpg
Smoking Nana episode 10
When a bather smokes a cigarette, cigar or any other smokeable onject while they are bathing.
Nana 10 4.png
Soap Bar Akazukin Chacha episode 21
The most common form of soap which comes in the form of a solidified object which is used to help clean a persons body from rubbing it on them. Sometimes when it is in bar form, a character may comically slip on it if left on the ground.
Soap Suds Tenchi Muyo! The Night Before the Carnival
The result of a bather using soap to wash their body and later rinsed off with water afterwards. The suds created by soap end up becoming a form of convenient censoring during bathing scenes.
Tenchi Muyo OVA 7 28.png
Spa DC Super Hero Girls episode 30
A type of business that offers relaxing services to people. Many known services that have been known to occur at these types of places are baths, mud baths, massages, steam baths and showers along with various beauty treatments. Jacuzzi's are the most common types of baths at spas that aren't mud baths. The visitors of spas wear bathrobes around when waiting and walking over to the services. In Japan, public baths and onsens are considered to be types of spas.
DC Super Hero Girls 30 1.png
Splash Fight Witch Craft Works OVA
An activity that involves bathers splashing each other back and forth while bathing. This is meant to be playful and others will get initiated in if they end up getting splashed.
Witch Craft Works OVA 8.png
Sponge Asobi ni Iku yo! episode 3
A cleaning device made from specific foamy material. It can be used while bathing as a way to help scrubbing soap on ones body. Sponges are generally squishy and can be squeezed to rinse out soap and water.
Asobi3 12.png
Sponge Bath Goblin Slayer episode 2
A method of bathing in which a person must have wet cloth or Sponge rubbed across their body to clean. It is usually used on characters or seem to be sick or injured that would have difficulties having a regular bath. Usually in the case of the injured or sick another person will be rubbing them down with it and not all the time do they need to be completely naked as they will sometimes just need to be in their underwear. Another scenario in which sponge baths are used would be in environments where water is scarce and a full bath or shower would take too much water.
Goblin Slayer2 1.jpg
Standing in the Bath Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water episode 20
A situation in bath scenes where a bather would stand up leaving their private areas completely exposed. Often times the camera shows these situations from the rear only exposing the character buttocks rather than the front. Often gets weird reactions when other bathers are involved since they are sitting at level that puts their face right at the same height that the persons whose standings crotch area is. At more subtle or serious moments, it is simply showing that the bather is getting ready to get out of the bath.
Nadia 20 26.png
Steam Bath Outlaw Star episode 22
A method of bathing involving a bather to be inside of a small room known as a sauna or steam room that is heated and the bather sweats. Similar to a public bath and a shower room, multiple other people of the same gender may be in this room as well and are commonly available at public facilities.
Outlaw Star 22 4.png
Stripping School Rumble 2nd Semester episode 4
The act of taking off ones clothing until they are completely naked, in preparation for bathing. It is usually done in private so to avoid unnecessary things, but is sometimes done in front of those of the same sex if they are in a public bathing area. Those of the opposite sex (usually a couple) would strip in front of each other when they decide to bathe together.
School Rumble 2 4 3.png
Suicide Gantz episode 6
An act where someone makes the choice to end their own life. It can be seen during an Angst Bathing scene to depict a characters depression. The bath is shown as an easy place to commit suicide as you are vulnerable. The most common way is through cutting yourself and sitting in the bath to bleed out which ends with a corpse in a blood bath. Other ways are from putting an electrically appliance in the bath to shock yourself or by simply drowning yourself. Almost all suicide bathing scenes are tragic but are sometimes prevented from someone else discovering them and stopping them in time.
Gantz 6 17.png
Suicide Attempt King of Thorn
When a bathing suicide scene is interrupted and the victim gets saved.
King of Thorn-03.jpg
Sunken Bathtub 1+2=Paradise episode 1
A type of bathtub that is sunk into the ground.
1+2=Paradise 1 44.png
Swim Ring Joshiochi!: 2-kai kara Onnanoko ga... Futtekita!? episode 8
A flotation ring meant for swimming but is sometimes seen used in larger baths to emphasize how pool like it is. Sometimes a swimming character may end up losing their swimsuit in the pool and they will use the swim ring as a form of trying to hide their nudity.
Joshiochi8 4.jpg
Swimming Pool To Love-Ru episode 12
A giant body of water made for public recreational swimming. It is not normally used for bathing as swimsuits are usually worn in one but it can be used as a place for skinny dipping.
To Love-Ru 12 20.png
Swimsuit Pokemon Diamond & Pearl episode 63
An article of clothing designed specifically for swimming activities. They can be seen being used in a bath as means to not expose the wearers body usually for mixed bathing or simply because the bather is not comfortable showing their naked body in front of others.
PokemonDP063 2.jpg


Trope Example
Tan Lines Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! episode 8
When a bather has a tan but not on all of their body so the marks of where their clothing or swimsuit was is shown when they are naked.
Chuunibyou 8 9.png
Television Watching Shinkon Gattai Godannar episode 4
When a bather watches a Television Screen while they are bathing.
Godannar 4 5.png
Teppouburo Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Special
A type of wooden Japanese bathtub that is long and oval shaped and has a lid for when its not used.
Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Special 1.png
Tied Hair Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan episode 2
A state in which a character with long hair has their hair tied up when they take a bath. It prevents loose pieces of hair from getting into the bathwater especially since in Japanese culture the bathwater needs to be kept clean because others use it. A shower cap or a towel on the head is an alternative to this.
Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan2 5.jpg
Tied Up Sabagebu! episode 12
When a character has to bathe with being tied up or handcuffed. This is similar to being captive but sometimes they are tied to another character.
Sabagebu 12 2.png
Tomato Juice Bath My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode 11
A bath that has tomato juice in it instead of plain water. This is always used as a way of getting rid of the stench from being sprayed with a skunk.
MlpTwilight in bath after bee fiasco S1E11.png
Towel Zoids Genesis episode 42
A long cloth used to dry off after bathing. It is also used for bathers to cover up their naked body.
Zoids Genesis 42 4.png
Towel Bathing Love Hina episode 3
When someone bathes while they wear a towel. This is mostly done in onsens.
Love Hina 3 5.jpg
Towel Bikini Majimoji Rurumo episode 10
A method of wearing two small towels to cover in the style of a bikini.
Majimoji Rurumo10 6.jpg
Towel Dropping Akiba's Trip The Animation episode 2
When a character is wearing a Towel and then drops it. Sometimes this happens as a character is surprised or caught off guard and unable to react quick enough to prevent it from happening. In some instances, a female character for example can be outside after finishing bathing and wearing a towel to cover up in front of a male character but in a comedic fashion may accidentally drop it giving the male an unexpected view and causing the female to be embarrassed. Another example would be a male character in a towel and it accidentally dropping stunning anyone else in the room with the site of him naked.
Akiba's Trip2 5.jpg
Towel Drying Hair Fairy Tail episode 3
When a character is seen drying their hair off with a towel after they finished bathing. If the bather used an ofuro, this kind of thing happens outside of it in the changing room. Most bathers tend to do this after of before they put on a towel but on some instances they do it after getting fully dressed.
Fairy Tail 3 2.png
Towel Headband Sugar Sugar Rune episode 6
A towel that is worn on the head but rather than having it cover all of the bathers head, it instead only partially covers their head and worn like a headband.
Sugar Sugar Rune 6 2.png
Towel Holding Ranma ½ OVA episode 12
When a bather doesn't wear a towel but holds it while taking a bath.
Ranma OVA 12 3.png
Towel on Head Murder Princess episode 2
When a bather is shown wearing a towel on top of their head. It is usually seen for long haired characters who just finished washing their hair on put it in to help it dry, as an alternative to a hair dryer. While soaking in the bathtub, it can be done to avoid getting hair into the bathwater and making it messy.
Murder Princess 2 5.png
Towel Rack Desert Punk episode 11
A device seen that is used to hang towels for them to avoid getting wet and too easily grab one when they are needed.
Desert Punk 11 3.png
Towel Stealing UQ Holder! episode 2
When a bather has their towel involuntarily taken from them giving them nothing to cover up with giving the thief the chance to see the bathers body.
UQ Holder 2 62.png
Towel Wearing Yuri Kuma Arashi episode 5
High Towel Wearing is a method of wrapping a single towel to cover up the chest all the way over to the lower buttocks to be modest in front of others before or after pursuing some form of bathing. This is primarily the way females wear towels but sometimes have been worn this way by males who are effeminate. Often times, women with larger breasts have a harder time covering themselves like this because they end up leaving a large amount of cleavage visible and sometimes towels are a bit small and end up leaving some of their butt showing.

Low Towel Wearing is the method of wrapping a single towel to cover the lower body in front of others before or after pursuing some form of bathing. This is primarily the way males wear towels but sometimes have been worn this way by females who are less modest.

Yuri Kuma Arashi 5 8.png
Tube Bath Dirty Pair: Affair on Nolandia
A type of bath which a person is naked and submerged with in some kind of liquid inside of a tube. Usually this can be done for characters who are inhuman and may have been artificially developed in a science lab or can also be a futuristic type of healing tank.
Dirty Pair Affair on Nolandia 5.png
Turning Off Shower Agent Aika episode 1
The obvious act of a character who is taking a shower to take their hand and push or turn the switch which then shuts the water off. It mostly consists of a common view in which it focuses on the shower's faucet where only the bathers hand is visible and turning it off. Turning on shower also counts on this topic.
Agent Aika 1 3.png


Trope Example
Uchiyu Ai Yori Aoshi episode 16
A type of onsen that is indoors.
Ai Yori Aoshi 16 1.png
Unconscious Bathing Samurai Champloo episode 12
When a character is in some sort of bathing scenario but they are not awake or conscious. This can happen when fallen asleep, drugged, knocked out, or other ways. Sometimes characters fall asleep and are then put into a bath by others. Other times they may fall asleep and fall into a bath. Other times they enter a bath awake and fall asleep while in the bath. Sometimes characters wake up while in the bath, and other times they remain unconscious until removed from the bath by other means.
Samurai Champloo 12 6.png
Undermount Bathtub Code Lyoko episode 1
A type of built-in bathtub that is rectangular and made of some form of masonry usually being the same material as the floor such as stone or tile. They are mostly in Japanese ofuros but are also in public baths but bigger.
Code Lyoko 1 3.png
Underwater Inuyasha episode 3
When a character is submerged fully underneath the bathwater they are in. This sometimes done if the bather is in deep thinking but also if they are in a state of drowning or almost drowning.
Inuyasha 3 8.png
Underwater Bubble Blowing Aozora Shoujotai episode 4
When a bather sinks their face underwater and blows causing bubbles to fly up. It also happens if someone is submerged for an amount of time and exhales.
Aozora Shoujotai 4 20.png
Unit Bathtub Doraemon: Nobita's Great Battle of the Mermaid King
A standard square shaped bathtub that is built into the ground. It became the most common bathtub by the late 20th century especially in modern Japanese ofuros.
Doraemon Mermaid 11.png


Trope Example
Wall Punch Fairy Tail episode 23
When a bather punches the wall in the bathroom they are in usually during a shower. This mostly happens when showing they are thinking about something that is making them frustrated.
Fairy Tail 23 8.png
Warming Up Hakumei to Mikochi episode 3
When a character bathes after getting soaked or being out in the rain. This is to prevent them catching a cold and is even offered if they are visiting someone else.
Hakumei to Mikochi3.jpg
Wash Cloth Motto To Love-Ru episode 3
A small towel made as a tool for washing (similar to a sponge) and can also be used to put on someones head for balancing temperature while taking a hot bath. It is also used for giving sponge baths.
Motto To Love-Ru 3 5.png
Wash Cloth on Head Love Hina episode 7
The act of wearing a wash cloth on ones head while taking a bath. It is used to cool the bathers head to counter balance the hot bath.
Love Hina 7 2.png
Washtub Gun Frontier episode 6
A short rounded bathtub usually not meant for bathing but may end up being so on occasions where a normal bathtub isn't available. In many historical settings characters will tend to have a sitz baths in these since most average people who did bathe ended up only bathing in one of these. Washtubs may seems like suitable bathtubs for smaller or younger characters but for more grown-up characters they seem a bit small usually not having enough space for their entire body to be submerged and sometimes have to have legs sticking out. These tubs are typically made of wood but can also be tin.
Gun Frontier 6 2.png
Water Scooping Najica Blitz Tactics episode 2
When a character is bathing and they scoop some of their bath water into their hands. They usually look at their reflection in the water of just splash it in their face to wash it. The way water scooping is done is very similar to the way bubble bath blowing is started.
Najica Blitz Tactics 2 2.jpg
Water Slide Plastic Little
A slide that has water flowing down serving as an alternate method of diving so someone can ride it into a body of water. They are not normally in baths and usually shown in very abnormally unique public baths.
Plastic Little 12.png
Water Transformation Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. 2nd Season episode 1
A type of bathing scene in which a character does some sort of transformation where they end up naked and get engulfed by water during it.
Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou S2 1 4.jpg
Waterfall Shower Outlanders
When a characters takes a shower underneath a running waterfall. This usually happens while skinny dipping but some high class baths may have a constantly flowing waterfall that can be used to shower under. Some japanese onsens and spas have a type of waterfall shower that flows out of bamboo shoots.
Weapon Gundam X episode 7
A tool usually used to hurt someone, usually a gun, sword or knife being the most common. Paranoid bathers seem to have one nearby just in case someone tries to attack them or to threaten someone who is trying to peep on them.
Gundam X 7 5.png
Window Viewing Sailor Moon episode 30
When a bather looks out the window of their bathroom while they are bathing. Many bathrooms have a window positioned over the bathtub so it is easy to look out of it while in the tub but some might be high enough that they need to stand up.
Sailor Moon 30 1.png