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* [[Double Slipper Bathtub]]
* [[Double Slipper Bathtub]]
* [[Flat Bathtub]]
* [[Flat Bathtub]]
* [[Leggra Bathtub]]
* [[Leggera Bathtub]]
* [[Pedestal Bathtub]]
* [[Pedestal Bathtub]]
* [[Shower Tub Combo]]
* [[Shower Tub Combo]]

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A slipper bathtub shown in Nisemonogatari episode 4

Slipper Bathtub is a model of Freestanding Bathtub that has atleast one sloped end to create a more comfortable lounging position for the bather to lay in. The look seems very classy and appealing for a bathtub and usually likes to be a sign of elegance.

Role in Japanese Culture

Even though they are designed for western style baths, a few Japanese Ofuro's have been shown to have them on rare occasion since most bathrooms in Japan aren't big enough to have one. In Japan, they have somewhat risen in popularity in the 21st century.

Design Variations

Double Slipper Bathtub seen in Toaru Majutsu no Index artwork.

Slipper Bathtubs are most commonly Clawfoot Bathtubs but have also ended up being Flat Bathtubs and Pedestal Bathtubs. Washtubs can also have slopes making them slipper tubs as well. The most common shape of slipper bathtubs one end sloped while the other end is where the faucet would be located. The non-sloped side either has a round end or a flat end. A Double Slipper Bathtub is a design where both ends are sloped conveniently giving two bathers a place to lay against. Some versions of the double sided tub will have the faucet located in the center rather than the front. A Leggera Bathtub is a four sided slipper tub.

A slipper tub used as a shower in Tekken: Blood Vengeance.

The most average color slipper tubs come in are white. In western cultures slipper tubs commonly have a Shower Head over it and Shower Curtain around it as part of a Shower Tub Combo since Ofuro's aren't in those cultures, the user has to pick between a Shower or a Bath rather than getting both in one bathing session. An uncommon design seen in some slipper tubs are ones that will have a figurehead at the front of the tub like a head or statue similar to the front of a boat.


"The bath here is a real pain... This is a real freaky house. It's plenty high tech, but the bath... It's not automatic. It's kind of out of place."
~Hanako Tanaka (Zetman chapter 90)
"Can't really install these in Japan..."
~Kore Yamazaki (The Ancient Magus' Bride volume 4 extra)

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