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A average looking Ofuro seen in .Hack//Quantum.

An Ofuro is a type of Japanese bathroom which is accommodated specifically for Furos. Unlike western bathrooms, Ofuros are made only for bathing and don't have a toilet or sink in them and instead have a separated Bathtub and a Shower with a drain on the floor. Ofuros begin with a Changing Room that seperates the bathroom with a stained glass door. The most average bathtubs seen in Ofuros are Built-In Bathtubs such as Unit Bathtubs, Hinoki Bathtubs and Undermount Bathtubs but on rare instants can have Bathing Pools or more western style Freestanding Bathtubs such as a Clawfoot Bathtub.

The subcategories section below lists characters that have bathed in an ofuro and below that lists any bathing scenes in which an ofuro is shown.

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