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Fairy Tail (フェアリーテイル Fearī Teiru) is a manga series by Hiro Mashima that is serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine published by Kodansha with a long running anime series aired on TV Tokyo and produced by the studio A-1 Pictures partnered with Satelight and later Bridge.

Franchise History

The Fairy Tail series was first created by Hiro Mashima through the manga serialized started in Weekly Shonen Magazine on August 23rd, 2006. The series took many influence and likeliness from an earlier one-shot he drew known as Fairy Tale in his Mashima-en collection and from his previous long running series Groove Adventure Rave.

A long running TV anime adaptation directed by Shinji Ishihara and written by Masashi Sogo started in October 12th, 2009 on TV Tokyo produced by the studios A-1 Pictures and Satelight. During the animes run, a few OVAs were released on the side starting on April 15th, 2011 adapting some of the manga's omake chapters as well as some original material as well. The series received an anime original feature film titled Fairy Tail: The Phoenix Priestess which was first released in Japanese theaters on August 18th, 2012.

When the TV anime reached 175 episodes, the series went on hiatus on March 30th, 2013 where it later was revived a year later on April 5th, 2014 with the studio Bridge co-working with A-1 Pictures instead or Satelight and produced episodes 176 through 277 going back on hiatus on March 26th, 2016. On July 16th, 2014, Hiro Mashima started a monthly prequel manga series known as Fairy Tail Zero and on the same day another monthly prequel series known as Tale of Fairy Tail: Ice Trail by Yuusuke Shirato both spin-offs going until July 17th, 2015. On August 24th, 2014 another Fairy Tail spin-off called Fairy Tail: Blue Mistral started in Nakayoshi and is drawn by Rui Watanabe and written by Hiro Mashima which went until December 1st, 2015. On November 20th, 2014 a spin-off called Fairy Girls started in Magazine Special written and drawn by BOKU went for 21 chapters ending on August 20th, 2016. On July 30th, 2015 a spin-off titled Fairy Tail Gaiden by Kyouta Shibano started telling 3 side stories and lasted until September 14th, 2016.

The series received a second anime film titled Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry which was first released in Japanese theaters on May 6th, 2017. When the Fairy Tail manga ended on with 545 chapters on July 26th, 2017, it was confirmed that the TV anime will be continuing in 2018.

Brief Plot Overview

In the kingdom of Fiore, society primarily revolves around magic and guilds. Lucy Heartfilia who idolized the kingdoms most rowdy guild, Fairy Tail gets tricked and almost forced into slavery by an imposter who claimed to be a wizard of Fairy Tail but is saved by a real Fairy Tail mage known as Natsu Dragneel and his talking cat sidekick Happy. Lucy is then invited to join Fairy Tail and moves to the town of Magnolia to do so where she is accepted by the guild master Makarov Dreyar. Together Natsu, Lucy and Happy go on various adventures together with some help from Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet and many of the other guild members. The guild as whole must also deal with trouble from dark guilds, the remanants of the evil wizard Zeref and the mystery behind the dragon slayers pasts along with the disappearing dragons.

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