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A Shower of Angst seen in Trinity Blood episode 3.

Angst Bathing is a type of bathing scene where the character of focus seems to be in emotional distress. The tone of these scenes are most of the time not comical and the bather is mostly having a monologue in their head, reflecting back on something that is bothering them or crying. Since the bather is not in a good mental state in these scenes, sometimes they don't even bother taking their clothes off. This kind of scene usually leads to the bather having flashbacks in between their moments of the bathing scene where they reflect on the issue that is troubling them. A Shower of Angst is the most term for these types of scenes specifically focusing on the Shower being the bathing method their use. Sometimes characters that are showering in these scenarios will either be hunched down or leaning against the wall. Sometimes the character will not even be standing but just sitting down curled up in the Bathtub of a Shower Tub Combo and on occasion have the Bath filled up as well. A Shower of Rage is when the character's depression comes from anger and will lead to them punching the shower wall. A Bath of Angst will usually have the depressed character who is taking a Bath will be curled up have their head dunked into water. Sometimes when this goes to the extreme it could lead to a Suicide or Suicide Attempt happening.

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