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009-1 (ゼロゼロナイン・ワン Zero Zero Nine-One) is a manga series by Shotaro Ishinomori serialized in Weekly Manga Action that was adapted into an anime series by Ishimori Entertainment.

Bathing Scenes

January 11th, 1968 "009-1/Chapter 06"
009-1 ch 06.jpg
Mylene Hoffman goes Skinny Dipping.
March 14th, 1968 "009-1/Chapter 08"
009-1 ch 08 1.jpg
Mylene Hoffman takes a Shower in a Multi-Shower.
April 18th, 1968 "009-1/Chapter 09"
009-1 ch 09 3.jpg
There is an unconscious Skinny Dipping scene.
June 13th, 1968 "009-1/Chapter 10"
009-1 ch 10 4.jpg
Mylene Hoffman goes mixed Skinny Dipping in the Ocean.
April 10th, 1969 "009-1/Chapter 21"
009-1 ch 21 1.jpg
Mylene Hoffman takes a Shower.
May 29th, 1969 "009-1/Chapter 23"
009-1 ch 23 5.jpg
There is a Simultaneous Bubble Bath and Shower scene.
September 25th, 1969 "009-1/Chapter 28"
009-1 ch 28 1.jpg
Mylene Hoffman takes a Bubble Bath in an Unspecified Freestanding Bathtub.
October 16th, 1969 "009-1/Chapter 29"
009-1 ch 29.jpg
Mylene Hoffman takes a Bubble Bath in a Flat Bathtub.
November 14th, 1974 "009-1/Chapter 38"
009-1 ch 38.jpg
Mylene Hoffman bathes Off Screen in a Hinoki Bathtub.
October 12th, 2006 "009-1 009-1/Episode 2"
009-1 2 04.png
Mylene Hoffman is shown in her apartment on Christmas eve taking a Bubble Bath in a Flat Bathtub while having her Shower run on her. She ends up answering a call from her boss Number Zero asking her for her to report for duty. She then turns the shower off and gets out of the tub covered with soap suds and leaves the bathroom wearing a blue Bathrobe.
October 20th, 2006 "009-1 009-1/Episode 3"
The assassin known as Egg who has a routine he always goes by reveals that he takes a Shower at 6:00pm. Later on, while Mylene Hoffman was out in the rain, she takes an Off Screen Shower when arriving to her hotel room.
July 25th, 2014 "009-1 Digital Collection Volume 5 Cover"
Show Girl 009-1.jpg
Mylene Hoffman is shown Skinny Dipping in the Ocean alongside a bunch of fish.

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