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.hack (or .hack//) is an anime franchise by Bee Train that has spawned off through many forms of media such as manga and video games.

Bathing Scenes

April 11th, 2002 ".hack//SIGN/Episode 02"
Mimiru mentions that she logged off earlier because she took a Bath Off Screen.
June 20th, 2002 ".hack//SIGN/Episode 12"
Just as Mimiru ends a conversation with Tsukasa about his sense of smell, Tsukasa makes a remark to Mimiru as she's leaving telling her that she should take a Bath because he can tell.
unknown date, 2002 ".hack//Legend of the Twilight/Prologue Chapter"
Hack legend of the twilight prologue chapter.jpg
The title page to the chapter has a colored spread of Rena Kunisaki and Mireille Skinny Dipping in a Pond with Grunty. Another Grunty is seen behind Rena with a wooden Bath Bucket on top of it's head that has a white Wash Cloth in it. Shugo and Balmung are seen hiding behind a tree as to what looks like Peeping with Rena who is Standing In The Bath and Mireille who was Grunty in her lap seem to be unaware of.
February 12th, 2003 ".hack//Legend of the Twilight/Episode 6"
Hack Legend of Twilight 6 1.png
Hack Legend of Twilight 6 13.png
While Shugo's group ends up in a cold mountain area, they discover an Onsen. Mireille gives the idea that the party have this Outdoor Winter Bath and she says its a rare opportunity for anyone in "The World" to enjoy a Hot Spring. After Mirielle and Ouka tease Shugo about he is afraid of Mixed Bathing, the girls then start Stripping. The scene then skips to Hotaru along with Grunty, Mireille and Ouka enjoying the Bath while Ouka washes her arm and then scoops some water. Shugo is bathing on the other end of the spring with his back turned to the girls while Mireille then calls over to Shugo telling him to come closer to them. As Shugo decides that he guess its ok, Mireille makes a comment on how nice Ouka's body is as a partial submerged and heated Grunty floats over to Shugo surprising him thinking that it was Ouka's buttocks.

As Shugo and the rest notice the sound of someone else bathing in the hot spring whose moving over to them, Shugo sees that it is Rena Kunisaki who they were looking for in the first place. Shugo then gets embarrassed to see her frontal bare body but as they are touched from their reunion, Rena comes over to Shugo and hugs him while they are still in the bath naked. Shugo then discovers that she is not really Rena and is an imposter and that Rena wouldn't act like that which then the fake Rena transforms into an old man which then reveals to them that the onsen was an illusion as well.

November 16th, 2003 ".hack//GIFT"
Hack Gift 7.png
There is an Onsen scene.
December, 2010 "Megami Magazine/Chapter 127"
Hack Quantum Megami Magazine.jpg
There is a poster based off of .hack//Quantum which features Skinny Dipping in a Hot Spring.
February 25th, 2011 ".hack//Quantum/Episode 2"
Hack Quantum 2 10.png
There is an Onsen scene.
March 25th, 2011 ".hack//Quantum/Episode 3"
Hack Quantum 3 4.png
There is a Bath in a Unit Bathtub and later an Onsen scene.

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