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Bubble Bath or Bath Foam is a very soapy substance that remains floats above the water. It is usually created by pouring in the substance from a bottle into the running bathwater. Bubble baths aren't very common in Japanese culture and are more of a product seen in western culture. They tend to make the bath more relax and often can be used in playful manner such as Bubble Bath Blowing. The soap suds created from the bubble bath are usually seen as useful product for Convenient Censoring in bath scenes. Sometimes during bubble bath scenes many bubbles can be seen floating around the bathroom.

List of Bubble Bath Scenes

Date Anime Episode or Movie/Manga Chapter
October 23, 1941 Walt Disney's Dumbo
Dumbo is given a Bubble Bath in a Barrel by his mother.
October 13th, 1973 "Cutie Honey Opening Credits"
Cutie Honey OP 1.png
Honey Kisaragi is seen Bath Kicking, being Peeped at and blowing the bubbles while having a bubble bath.
April 15th, 1974 "Majokko Megu-chan episode 3"
Majokko Megu-chan 3 6.png
Megu Kanzaki is seen having a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub at the beginning of the episode where she is first seen underneath the bathwater and sticking her legs out doing Bath Kicks.
September 2nd, 1974 "Majokko Megu-chan episode 23"
Majokko Megu-chan 23 9.png
Megu Kanzaki takes a Bubble Bath in a yellow Clawfoot Bathtub which ends up being rigged with wheels to drive out being controlled by Chou. When Megu discovers the tub is about to move she tries to get out with the bubbles Conveniently Censoring her chest but she ends up falling back in. While the tub drives around town, all of the bubbles in the tub end up flying out eventually.
January 3rd, 1975 "Hurricane Polymar episode 14"
Hurricane Polymar 14 2.png
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March 5th, 1986 "Dragon Ball episode 2"
Dragon Ball 2 18.png
Bulma Brief decides to relax in a bubble bath in the Unit Bathtub of her capsule house. After Son Goku walks in on her, she hides under the bubbles telling him to get out and eventually starts throwing things at him to get him out.
June 28th, 1986 "Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ episode 18"
Gundam ZZ 18 3.png
Elpeo Ple has a bubble bath in a Unit Bathtub. The bubbles are blue in this scene.
August 23rd, 1986 "Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ episode 25"
Gundam ZZ 25 1.png
Elpeo Ple takes one in a Blow Up Pool. The bubbles are blue in this scene.
November 28th, 1986 "Dirty Pair: Project Eden"
Dirty Pair Project Eden 19.png
While on a mission, both Lovely Angels, Kei and Yuri have bubble bath breaks while Neighbor Bathing after finding an old abandoned bathing facility. While the Lovely Angels are both relaxing and conversing with each other, Carson D. Carson falls clothed into Yuri's tub and is Bath Kicked into Kei's tub right after. While the Lovely Angels are still in bath Towels questioning Carson, aliens begin attacking them and during the fight, Yuri falls back into one of the bubble baths while still wearing her towel.
January 13th, 1990 "My Daddy Long Legs Opening Credits"
My Daddy Long Legs OP 1.png
Judy Abbot is seen playing around in bubble bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub in the opening cinematic for My Daddy Long Legs.
April 15th, 1990 "My Daddy Long Legs episode 11"
My Daddy Long Legs 11 6.png
Judy Abbot is given a bubble bath by the wife of George Semptleton, who walks in on them and gets embarrassed seeing her.
May 23rd, 1990 "Dragon Ball Z episode 49"
Dragon Ball Z 49 8.png
Bulma Brief has a bubble bath in her capsule house while hiding out on planet Namek. The bubbles provide Convenient Censoring when Bulma stands up and bends over after hearing from news from her father over a Communication Device that Goku is on his way to Namek.
December 12th, 1990 "Dragon Ball: Ssawora Son Goku, Igyeora Son Goku"
Korean Dragon Ball 4.png
Bulma Brief has a bubble bath in her capsule house.
October 15th, 1993 "Mobile Suit Victory Gundam episode 29"
Victory Gundam 29 27.png
Uso Evin was put into a Clawfoot Bathtub filled with Bubble Bath while handcuffed after he was captured. Lupe Cineau comes into the bubble bath with him and tries to interrogate him which ends up starting a fight as he tries to escape the bathtub.
January 8th, 1995 "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing episode 4"
Gundam Wing 4 3.png
Treize Khushrenada has a bubble bath in a Bathing Pool outside. The bubble bath was prepared for him by Lady Une.
January 8th, 1999 "Outlaw Star episode 11"
Outlaw Star 11 2.png
Suzuka relaxes in a bubble bath in the Bathing Pool of a hotel she was staying in as she wears a towel on her head and listens to the announcements of the space race on the TV.
January 8th, 1999 "Cowboy Bebop episode 11"
Cowboy Bebop 11 3.png
Faye Valentine has a bubble bath in an Slipper Bathtub. She is reading a Book and gets bitten by a black creature aboard the ship. The bubbles are pink in this scene.
July 24th, 2003 "Soul Eater prologue 1"
Soul Eater ch 0.1 6.jpg
Blair has a bubble bath in her Clawfoot Bathtub while using her Scrub Bush Brush-san with magic. The soap suds do function as Convenient Censoring but not very much because of Blair's large bust. Soul Eater Evans ends up falling into this bubble bath Clothed.
May 29th, 2004 "Cutie Honey (live-action film)"
Cutey honey movie 3.png
The film opens up with Honey Kisaragi soaking in a bubble bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub.
July 21st, 2004 "Ninja Nonsense episode 3"
Kaede Shiranui is shown having a bubble bath in Shinobu's fantasy. Later on in Onsokumaru's fantasy, both Kaede and Shinobu are in a bubble bath.
October 19th, 2004 "School Rumble episode 3"
School Rumble 3 4.png
Mikoto Suou, Eri Sawachika, Tenma Tsukamoto and Akira Takano have a big bubble bath together while having a sleep over at Tenma's house. Mikoto, Eri and Tenma are all shown to playing around in it while Akira is calm in the corner saying that they overdid the bubble bath.
January 5th, 2005 "Grenadier episode 11"
Grenadier 11 2.png
Rushuna Tendo has a bubble bath in the golden Clawfoot Bathtub that was in the room she stayed in at Tenshi's palace. The bubbles from the bath Conveniently Censor Rushuna's private areas as she tricks a guard that she knocks out using a Scrub Brush.
March 10th, 2005 "Girls Bravo episode 18"
Girls Bravo 18 2.png
Nancy Thompson is shown having a bubble bath that she was going to be attacked in on the movie Nightmare on Elm Street which the characters of Girls Bravo were watching.
October 21th, 2006 "009-1 episode 2"
Mylene Hoffman is seen in a bubble bath in her Non-Clawfoot Bathtub while having the Shower run on her and talking through a Communication Device. As Mylene gets out of the bath to put her Bathrobe on, the soap suds from the bubble bath play a role in Convenient Censoring.
January 14th, 2007 "One Piece episode 293"
One Piece 293 8.jpg
Kalifa has a bubble bath in the Bathing Pool in the center of her room as a form of taunt while Nami barged in to try to fight her. The soap suds in the bubble bath are all under Kalifa's control because of her devil fruit power which causes her to be a soap lady. All the soap suds that were all over the room as well held Nami prone to the ground as Kalifa enjoyed her bath.
May 30th, 2007 "Murder Princess episode 3"
Murder Princess 3 2.png
Falis who is in Alita Castilia Arago Forland's body has one in a Clawfoot Bathtub.
April 7th, 2008 "Soul Eater episode 1"
Soul Eater 1 5.png
Blair is seen having a bubble bath in her Clawfoot Bathtub while she sings and uses her magic Scrub Brush. Soul Eater Evans ends up falling into this bubble bath after flying through the window and landing in Blair's breasts.
April 28th, 2008 "Soul Eater episode 4"
Soul Eater 4 2.png
Blair is seen having a bubble bath in the Clawfoot Bathtub at Maka Albarn and Soul Eater Evans apartment out of boredom.
September 6th, 2008 "Ryoko's Case File episode 10"
Ryoko's Case File 10 7.png
Ryoko Yakushiji has two bubble baths.
January 4th, 2012 "Fairy Tail chapter 265"
Fairy Tail ch 265 1.png
Erza Scarlet is seen having a bubble bath in a strange flower shaped bathtub while she is Singing and crossing her legs at the sleeping quarters of the Honeybone Lodge.
January 17th, 2013 "Kotoura-san episode 2"
Kotoura-san 2 2.png
In a Dream Sequence, Haruka Kotoura takes a bubble bath in a Slipper Bathtub. Kotoura who is playing with the bubbles ends up getting caught by the wind and all the bubbles ending up flying out of the tub which causes her to be embarrassed.
February 8th, 2013 "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure episode 18"
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 18 6.png
Lisa Lisa takes a bubble bath in her Slipper Bathtub though the bubbles were already showing signs of Dissipating when she first dipped her foot in the Bath all the way to when she got out from AC/DC trying to attack her with Suzy Q's possessed body.
February 9th, 2013 "Fairy Tail episode 168"
Fairy Tail 168 2.png
When Rufus shows Eve's memories during their battle in the Grand Magic Games, it shows one of him accidentally seeing Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki taking a Bubble Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub.
March 3rd, 2013 "Senran Kagura episode 9"
Senran Kagura 9 12.png
After Hibari gets captured, she is put into a bubble bath by Haruka who joins her and blows some of the bubbles in Hibari's face and then gets close to her and puts her face up to her breasts.

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