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A Bathing Attempt is a situation where a character was just about to bathe or get into a Bathtub but something ends up happening that stops them and they don't end up bathing.

List of Bathing Attempt Scenes

Date Anime Episode or Movie/Manga Chapter
March 15th, 1989 "Dragon Ball episode 149"
Dragon Ball 149 6.png
Chi-Chi attempts to bathe in a Hot Spring that Uranai Baba is already bathing in. While she starts to Strip, a crowd of pigs end up crowding around a peep hole and end up breaking the shack causing her to freak out and before she even gets her shirt off. She doesn't end up taking the bath and the Hot Spring ends up being drained.
April 15th, 1989 "Ranma ½ episode 1"
Ranma 1 10.png
Akane Tendo attempts to take a Bath in her house when she thought Ranma Saotome was a girl. Unaware that Ranma actually transforms into a boy when touching hot water, she walks into the Ofuro and sees that there is a boy in there and decides to leave before freaking out.
April 11th, 2008 "Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk episode 2"
Tower of Druaga 2 1.png
Jil wakes up in a house and opens the curtain to a room revealing Kaaya, naked and just about to step into a little washtub to bathe in it. She slowly decides to abandon doing this a gets dressed.

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