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Anime Shower Special/Issue 2

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Anime Shower Special/Issue 1

Anime Shower Special/Issue 3

Anime Shower Dirty Pair Art 2.jpg
Official English Title Anime Shower Special 2
Kanji Title
Rōmaji Title
Release date December 1992
Media Artbook
Studio or Magazine IANVS Publications
Scene Type Bath & Shower
Sex of Bathers Male & Female
Timestamp or Pages
Segment Book

Anime Shower Special Issue 2 is part of the Anime Shower Special magazine series that features several original bathing scene artwork as well as recapping several bathing scenes from an assortment of previously released anime and manga.


The magazine has chibi versions of the magazines writers wearing White Towels towards the beginning. There is a short comic for Ninja High School where Ichi-kun Ichinohei attempts to use the Feeple household's Shower because she is sweaty and starts Stripping. Jeremy Feeple comes in wearing a White Towel once Ichi-kun is down to her panties and after covering her breasts embarrassment, Ichi-kun decides they might as well just take a shower together to save water. The final panel of the comic is Chris the editor of Ninja High School at a drawing table yelling at the author Ben Dunn over the phone saying that he is going to ruin the series and his career. There is a piece of original artwork featuring an unnamed woman in a Tube Bath being peeped on by a group of soldiers. An artwork by Jason Waltrip of a woman taking a shower with the words "Metal Bikini" on it. Adam Warren had a piece of artwork for Dirty Pair featuring Shasti taking a Bath in a Clawfoot Bathtub while listening to a walkman and holding a Rubber Duck. Fan art of Nene Romanova from Bubblegum Crisis Standing In The Bath with her hair in a ponytail and holding a Wash Cloth. Two pieces of fan art for Star Riders, one with Tabada opening up the Shower Curtain to Leroy in the Shower cover his crotch in embarrassment while holding a Scrub Brush and wash cloth and the other one being Tabada taking a Bubble Bath in a transparent Tedestal Slipper Bathtub while holding a toaster. There is also a piece of fan art of Lum Invader from Urusei Yatsura in the shower dropping a Soap Bar as she covers her breasts and crotch in embarrassment, Ranma Saotome from Ranma ½ Skinny Dipping and Lufy from Gall Force naked with a white towel over her after some implied Off Screen Bathing with her crotch being conveniently censored by the corner of another piece of fanart which is of Cleopatra Corns from Cleopatra D.C. taking a bubble bath in a Sunken Bathtub and washing her leg while Leg Stretching.

Anime and manga scenes that are recapped in this magazine in order are:


Appearing Tropes



This issue first released in North America sometime in December 1992.


  • None of the bathing scenes featured in this magazine issue were released in 1992, the year it came out. Mobile Suit Gundam F91 which came out on March 16th, 1991 was the most recent bathing scene featured in this magazine.

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