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Anime Shower Special/Issue 1

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Anime Shower Special/Issue 2

Anime Shower Bubblegum Crisis Art.jpg
Official English Title Anime Shower Special Issue
Kanji Title
Rōmaji Title
Release date October 1990
Media Artbook
Studio or Magazine IANVS Publications
Scene Type Shower & Bath
Sex of Bathers Female & Male
Length 34 Pages
Timestamp or Pages Pages 4-9, 12-18, 4 misnumbered pages, 19-21, 23, 25, 27, 29-33, 35
Segment Book

Anime Shower Special Issue 1 is part of the Anime Shower Special magazine series that features several original bathing scene artwork as well as recapping several bathing scenes from an assortment of previously released anime and manga.


There is artwork for The Gates of Pendragon by Michel Gareau of Helene Skinny Dipping and Michael Peeping without her noticing. There is Ninja High School artwork by Ben Dunn which features a Public Bath scene with Leeanna, Mimi, Sammi, Itchy Koo and Asrial. There is also Bubblegum Crisis fanart by Don Yee which depicts Priscilla Asagiri taking a Bath in a what appears to be a rounded Undermount Bathtub. There is also Dirty Pair artwork by Adam Warren which features the american comic versions of Kei, Yuri and Mughi taking a Shower while Kei is Singing and Yuri is about to turn the shower valve.

Anime and manga scenes that are recapped in this magazine in order are:


Appearing Tropes



This issue first released in North America sometime in October 1990.


  • Between Pages 18 and 19 there are 4 misnumbered pages on smooth paper that labeled 11-14. These misnumbered versions of 12-13 are the only pages in color which features screenshots of Macross: Do You Remember Love?, Top wo Nerae! episode 2, Fight! Iczer One episode 1 and the Outlanders OVA. Macross was the only series that didn't show up in any pages prior to this.
  • Dirty Pair is the only series in this magazine to have featured Recap Footage and also have original fanart in it. It is also the only series to receive fanart in all three issues of Anime Shower Special.
  • None of the bathing scenes featured in this magazine issue were released in 1990, the year it came out. Top wo Nerae! episode 2 which came out on October 7th, 1988 was the most recent bathing scene featured in this magazine while Urusei Yatsura chapter 13 which came out sometime between 1978 and 1980 is the oldest bathing scene featured in this magazine.

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